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Keith Zhu Yunxi, `18, a world traveler from China, plans on developing a new brand of international airline service. Zhu has explored 24 countries since he first traveled aboard by himself in 2015. by using his world wide travel experiences, Zhu brings foreign cultures and his travel stories through publishing on The Feather. “My goal is to have experienced cultures and photographed beautiful sceneries in the total of 80 countries before turning 25,” Zhu says. Writing stories at The Feather inspires Zhu to pick up a camera; he became a photographer in Oct. 2016. With his unique aesthetic standard, Zhu grows his photography skill through a routine of capturing images from around the world. “Yes, I am a world traveler, and I think I have already fallen in love with photography. However, the thing I really want to do in the future is to be an entrepreneur at aviation industrial.” Zhu attended summer course learning entrepreneurship in the summer of 2017 at Wharton Business School (a world’s top business school at the University of Pennsylvania which Donald John Trump graduates.) And will start a pre-MBA program at Harvard Business School in February 2018. Zhu also practices financial manage skill through drawing money to high-spending trips from his flat pocket. His dream schools are Wharton Business School and Harvard Kennedy School.

The Feather history: Award-winning trips, Pt. 2

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While those interested in The Feather Online history can read about the staff, advisers, awards, etc. in the About us, The Feather Online history and/or Achievement sections, the following article is the second article, part 2 in the series, which attempts to recount The Feather Online history under current advisers Greg Stobbe and Kori Friesen.

The Feather: Digital transformation, Pt. 1

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The NSPA Pacemaker and CSPA Gold Crown winner and nationally ranked online campus newspaper, The Feather Online, has been one of the elite teams in Fresno Christian students’ life. Before the 21st century, The Feather was a printed newspaper on campus. The print edition of The Feather began in 1982, five years after Fresno Christian Schools opened in 1977. Current adviser Greg Stobbe took over The Feather in 1995,and helped direct The Feather print edition until it ceased operations in May 2010, when it solely became a daily online newspaper.

The Feather takes NYC 2018: Day 3 Recap

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Morning snow flurries in the streets, which melts after contact with the pavement. Staffers endured a blizzard during last year’s trip to New York. Advisers encouraged journalists to wear their warmest clothing, in anticipation of the cooler temperatures. Feather staffers left Hotel Edison at 11:15 am, they took the metro to the Manhattan's Lower East Side to visit the Tenement Museum. The museum spotlights the lives of the immigrants that came to New York in the late 19th Century. On the way to the museum, advisor Greg Stobbe guided feather staffs walked in Little Italy and Chinatown.

Fresno County Blossom Trail welcomes international visitors

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The 30th Annual Fresno County Blossom Trail season kicks off, starting in mid-February through March. This 65-mile-long trail is made up of the pink peach and nectarine blooms, white plums, almonds and apples. The orange groves also bloom around the same time.

Breaking Through: Father (Lies on the Sickbed), Part Two

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By the time journalist Keith Zhu was 18 years old, he decided to write a short serialized novel, Breaking Through, reflecting on his life experience. Zhu wants to show his background and his dream through this novel, the unique points of his life and also the depression he experienced on the road to achieving his goal. Father stopped his job and moved to stay with us in early 2014 when I was 14-year-old; a 9th grader. In the beginning, I was always wondering when he was supposed to leave; and soon I got used to living with him.

Breaking Through: Father (Lies on the Sickbed), Part One

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By the time, Journalist Keith Zhu is 18 years old, he decides to write a short serialized novel, Breaking Through, reflecting on his life experience. Zhu wants to show his background and his dream through this novel, the unique points of his life and also the depression he had on the road to achieving his goal. For Keith’s first chapter, read Chapter One: Road Trace . For Keith's second chapter, read The old man on Waikiki Beach. I have never seen a family portrait in any of the five houses that my family has stayed, for 18 years since my birth, there have never been one. Mother said that we don’t have this kind of family tradition, and every time she tried to put her lens toward me, I just pushed her away. Now, when I look at those scattered old pictures that mother texted me, I could not even piece together a single moment of my childhood.

Breaking Through: The old man on Waikiki Beach

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I was singing along with my Swiss friend Brian’s Ukulele on the beach of Waikiki, waves lapping on the shoreline orchestrated and embellished my singing melodiously. The sun had faded from the horizon to another side of the Pacific Ocean, spilling twilight out, illuminating the broken clouds into purple and gold. The rest of the clouds were blue and stretched across the endless canopy of the sky.Purple was the sky fire; gold was the dusk, which backgrounded the magic of the cosmos. Our song ended. We laughed to appreciate this gorgeous memory that we shared, thinking that we would look back at this very moment years later. I cheered for us.

COLUMN: My discovery in the Islamic Republic of Iran

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I looked down and saw the Persian Gulf reflecting the amethystine asterism and the proper mystery full-moon that cannot be found in any other place than the Arabian world. Somehow, I could not wrap my mind around this emerald night. My anxiety came from realizing “this is the last joy,” what was waiting for me was not a fairytale land of Arabian Nights. It was one hour later this airplane landing on a Persian desert; in Iran, an isolated country, with my eyes wide open.

98th Fresno Veterans Day Parade seeks to honor veterans, recognize service

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The 98th Fresno Veterans Day Parade was held in downtown Fresno, Nov. 11. A Black Hawk helicopter and three vintage Air Force planes flew over downtown, beginning the parade just after 11 a.m. This year, Fresno’s celebration ranks as the largest Veterans Day Parade in the nation with more than 20,000 people participating, For years, the Fresno event was touted the largest west of the Mississippi River.

Campus fathers form support prayer group

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The Shoulder to Shoulder men’s groups held a monthly meeting on Nov. 1st at 6:30 a.m. This group plans meeting on the first Wednesday of each month. Groups are constituted by fathers of campus students from all grades, together on campus for morning prayer. Numbers of fathers from the Shoulder to Shoulder men’s group showed up on November’s meeting. They prayed over current campus events and specific individuals. There are currently 15 men in the group.