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“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself,” -- George Bernard Shaw. Working full time as an accountant in summer at his parents farm labor contracting company, Kyler Garza, ’21, plans attending Fresno State, earning a degree in business accountancy. Garza commits his time after school entering payroll for five-six hours every week. He balances his interest in math by accompanying the church choir, playing piano. Since eight years old, Garza has learned to play classical music by note and ear. In his second year mentoring junior high students in Brother to Brother, he commits two hours every month during lunch. Garza participated in the Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, by winning an essay contest in eighth grade. Garza views his first year on The Feather as an opportunity to grow in his writing skills and build a stronger work ethic.

Drama teacher expresses passion for the arts

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For the past four years, campus teacher Kyle Dodson has employed his passion for the arts to teach FCS drama and the improv class. FC drama benefits students by exercising and stretching different parts of the brain. The student becomes another person gathering their character's motivation, and what they are going through, according to Dodson.

Students share their successes, struggles in obtaining drivers licenses

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Driving offers opportunities, mobility A drive to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Questions appear on the screen and a passing score is achieved. Their picture is taken, and a permit is presented to the student driver. Top reasons student drivers fail their drivers test according to web site. FC [...]

Campus students impact community through service

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Fostering animals, helping the homeless, or serving food all contribute to the variety of activities campus students partake in to give back to their communities.  Whether during Serve Day or participating in serve club, students join together to make their school and city a better place.  President of the on-campus serve club, junior Marin Sue hopes to encourage her peers by helping and serving them. As they go out into the community on weekends, the members become more aware of the issues in their neighborhoods.

Discipline creates environment for success

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Challenges arrive everyday in different shapes and forms, teaching us how to improve. With discipline we learn to achieve the goals we set for ourselves, and learn how to achieve them efficiently. Students accomplishing their goals is not always impossible when they discipline, commit, and focus on what they want to achieve. Though his passion came with a promising future, Lewis attended Northwood University, earning his bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration and Management. Throughout his studies in college, Lewis never abandoned his enthusiasm for tumbling and tricking.

Join The Discussion: Christmas gifts, favorite moments

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As bells jingle, trees are put up, and lights shine, high schoolers give subtle or very obvious hints as to what they want for Christmas. For some parents they are left in the dark, with not knowing what they might want. The origin of Christmas began with Jesus‘s birth, as a symbol for all Christians that God gave up his son to save us. He gave a gift to us, as the wise men gave gifts to Jesus. In remembrance of what a God has done we give gifts to others.

Teen struggles: The fear of failure

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Teens discuss the pressures of balancing home and school Work piles up, responsibility begins to grow, and the stress for success gets stronger. Teens often struggle with the idea of failure and fearing they won't be able to achieve their goals.  The expectation to be perfect results in pressure from parents, teachers, [...]

BurgerIM provides an abundance of options

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New in north Fresno, BurgerIM provides burger options for their customers needs. The customizable burgers range from bases classic, vegetarian, chicken and turkey. BurgerIM's slogan states, “Over 40 million ways to build your burgers (No, Really)”. 

AP biology thrives in new classroom

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From filming stop motion videos to isolating DNA out of fruit, creating model cells out of play dough to regenerating flatworm bodies, AP biology provides a college-level study of biology, with various hands-on activities along the way. Written by: Kyler Garza

World history Berlin Conference studies Imperialism

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Students partition Africa in annual historical reenactment A room full of discussion, reason and debate. The world history classroom takes its 20th annual Berlin Conference activity Nov. 12-13, studying imperialism's effect on Africa. Students are challenged to debate over why they need certain countries in Africa for resources to supply their country's needs. [...]

Strength and conditioning, P.E. classes encourage competitiveness, physical growth

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With sweat on their brows, grunts of perseverance, and focus in their eyes, strength and conditioning students strive to be the athlete they imagined. Discovering the value of hard work, physical fitness, and a development of a healthy lifestyle, students discipline themselves everyday to reach their goals. Coach Michael Fuller is one of the high school and junior high P.E coaches at Fresno Christian. Coaching physical education along with strength and conditioning, he now helps lead the after-school FC barbell club. His favorite part of coaching is watching students to improve physically and mentally.

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