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Choir to perform in Cal Poly Choral Festival

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Elementary, junior high, high school and ensemble will all be leaving bright and early and travel to San Luis Obispo, March 27. Director Susan Ainley is taking the choir to perform in the Cal Poly Choral Festival from 9 a.m.-12 p.m., followed by going to the beach in Cayucos.

Megan Tatham speaks in chapel

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After battling and overcoming addition, FC alumna, Megan Tatham, returned to speak in chapel, March 26. FC alumna, Megan Tatham, now 29 years old returned to speak in chapel, March 26. Tatham was raised in Peoples Church and came to FC in fifth grade. Through out middle school and high school she switched [...]

Size scaling using mathematics

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Katie Reneau taught her 6th grade class size scaling using mathematics, practicing on how to make cracker boxes to scale, March 26. In Katie Reneau's 6th period class, they practiced on how to make items to scale, March 26. Reneau taught her students how to make things to size scaling using [...]

A day of relaxation

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Brenda Warkentin's elementary yearbook class has already turned in their final draft and celebrate by playing computer games, March 24. The elementary yearbook's deadline has passed and the entire book has been turned in, March 24. Secretary, Brenda Warkentin and her class can now take a day of relaxation. Warkentine and [...]