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Native from Brazil, first language Portuguese, senior Laura Rauscher, moved to America in her sophomore year with moderate English ability. She is trilingual in Spanish, Portuguese and English. As a first-year Feather reporter, Rauscher strives to improve her writing skills and to acquire better perception on how to be a journalist. Her goal is to major in business and become an international coffee trader. Rauscher earned a diploma and award while she completed a tasting and classifying coffee course in Brazil during the summer 2019. She also participated in an internship in a coffee company in Brazil and volunteered for child care in an orphanage, club H.A.N.D.S and experienced at Rauscher Traders how to make contracts.

COLUMN: Senior eyes Rauscher Traders entrepreneurship, coffee broker career

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From humble beginnings to successful businessman, Edgard Rauscher Jr. is a testament of hard work, perseverance and a never give up attitude that now affects and benefits his whole family and my future career as an entrepreneur.

COLUMN: Senior experiences Dubai from cultural, business perspective

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Dubai, considered the wealthiest city of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE), originated as a "land of sand". The city became rich when oil was found in 1966 and leaders jumped on the opportunity to expand and invest their money in tourism. Dubai is one of the few cities in the Middle East that is open to welcoming tourists. However, it must be noted that with the allowance comes the responsibility to be sensitive to the Islamic ways that dominate much of Dubai's culture.

Amazon fires continue to destroy rich Brazil biome

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Brazilian citizen and senior international student Laura Rauscher explores the fires and decimation of the Amazon rainforest in her following Feather article. The Amazon Rainforest (Amazônia) is the largest rainforest in the world, covering an area almost two thirds the size of the United States. However, the biggest biodiversity of the planet is prone to burn. [...]

Great Kindness Challenge Week inspires school-wide compassion, Jan. 27-31

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The Great Kindness Challenge is a nonprofit organization and is presented by Kids for Peace, co-founded by Danielle Gram and Jill McManigal in 2006. Starting as a neighborhood group of kids wanting to make the world a better place, it  has grown into an interconnected network of young peace-builders worldwide.

Sid Craig School of Business prepares students for worldwide business, opportunities

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Fresno State department offers business experiences, internships to campus students The Sid Craig School of Business at Fresno State University equips students with business experience and opportunities across the globe. While only 10 percent of Fresno Christian students attend California State University, Fresno, one of the reasons to stay in town [...]

Kabab City opens fourth location, offers unique menu items

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Opening its doors in Fowler eight years ago, Kabab City has been successfully growing and expanding to other locations, recently opening a brand new restaurant in Fresno, Aug. 2019. The eatery draws inspiration from authentic Middle Eastern cuisine mixed with Arabic, Armenian and Greek food. According to the Kabab City website, the ingredients used come from “farm fresh, never frozen & halal chicken." Halal meat refers to food that is prepared according to the Koran, Islamic Law.

ID requirements change, Americans apply for REAL ID

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The countdown continues for over 300 million Americans that still have not applied for a federally mandated REAL ID. Beginning Oct. 1, 2020, the federal government is changing ID requirements and millions of Americans have yet to conform. In order to fly within the US domestically and enter secure federal facilities like federal courthouses and military bases, travelers must have a REAL ID. The only exception is carrying their valid passport.

Fall concert introduces chamber choir, new music, Oct. 21

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As the leaves change colors and pumpkin patches pop up around town, the FC choir groups prepare for their fall concert, Oct. 21. Over 120 musicians plan to perform throughout the evening in the Peoples Church main auditorium, 7 p.m. The purpose of the fall concert is to present the songs that choir students have been learning since school started. Many singers gather motivation to prepare themselves for a performance in front of their home audience.

COLUMN: Language barrier, culture, grandparent death shape international student

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At fourteen years old, my parents surprised me with a conversation about studying abroad. My first reaction was excitement, but I really felt terrified and desperate. Without knowing the gravity of the experience I was about to face, I agreed to their idea. I noticed my parents weren't comfortable enough talking about this around me, but by hearing their tone of voice I could tell they were nervous and indecisive.

Spotlight Productions: Newsies musical open call campus auditions

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Directed by new drama teacher Megan Conner, the FCS drama program Spotlight Productions plans on performing Newsies, the Broadway musical, in February. Newsies, based on a true story, is a Disney musical inspired by a group of courageous and impoverished newsboys in 1899 who transform into unlikely heroes. Set during Franklin Roosevelt's presidency, Newsies tells the story of New York newsboys working under bosses Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph. Due to the  Great Depression, newspaper bosses increased paper costs and and decreased newsboys' wages. The injustice lead the boys to band together and strike against the powerful newspaper owners.