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“You are the only Bible some unbelievers will ever read.” - John Macarthur. Logan Lewis, ‘20, aspires to pursue a career in ministry or sound engineering. Over the summer, Lewis studied camera, computer graphics, lights and sound while volunteering 7-10 hours at Peoples Church a week. When he’s not behind the soundboard, he’s playing on the varsity boys basketball team. While Lewis was a junior high cabin leader at Calvin Crest, he learned patience and leadership, and plans on continuing volunteering through CSF and as a mentor in the campus Brother to Brother program. This is Lewis’ second year participating in The Feather, and is passionate about making videos for social media, as well as managing the Feather Twitter account. Lewis is considering majoring in divinity or audio production.

COLUMN: Why La La Land is my favorite movie

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A lot must be considered when considering your choice for your favorite movie. Everyone loves to ask the question, but I was unable to come up with a definitive answer until I saw the film La La Land. La La Land (2016) is Damien Chazelle’s romantic, jazzy musical in which he stars Ryan Gosling (Sebastian) and Emma Stone (Mia) to play the main protagonists. This is his second major film, following the success of Whiplash (2014).

The Greatest Showman Reimagined seeks to captivate listeners once more

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When The Greatest Showman released in Dec. 2017, it was vaulted wildly into success thanks to its beloved soundtrack. The original motion picture soundtrack received numerous prestigious awards, with This Is Me proving the stand out song.

The magic of Christmas music

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At this time of year, stores, malls and coffee shops all across the nation will likely be blasting Christmas music. Music plays a key role in the holiday experience, whether people realize it or not. Throughout the year, people look forward to things that make the wait for December worthwhile, such as Christmas lights, decorating sugar cookies and listening to the classic holiday tunes. Christmas music adds a little flair and excitement to what makes Christmas so special. The jingling of the bells, the catchy lyrics and the iconic artists create what we know today as Christmas songs.

Boys soccer kicks off under new head coach

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Del Campo plays for the Fresno Foxes, after playing for other professional teams. He looks to further his coaching abilities as the new FC boys soccer coach. From the Fresno FC Foxes comes Ramon Martin Del Campo III. Written by Logan Lewis Del Campo plays for the Fresno Foxes, as well as other professional teams, and is looking to further his coaching abilities as the new FC boys soccer coach.

LANY stays true to their identity with latest release

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If you want to listen to California heartthrobs deliver heart-wrenching, yet relatable lyrics over a synth blanketed pop album, LANY has got you covered with their sophomore, full length album, Malibu Nights.

Bird Scooters take over the United States, and now Fresno

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Are Bird Scooters the future or a fad? Popular cities all over the U.S have been invaded by Birds, but not the aviary type. Bird is a Scooter Sharing Company based out of Santa Monica, California. Founded by the former executive of Uber and Lyft, Travis VanderZanden aims to bring a new form of city transportation to the table.

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