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Zeliang (Luke) Wu moved to Fresno, CA. in 2016 to study English at Fresno Christian High School as an international student. His hometown XI’an, Shaanxi, China, claim to fame is the famous Terracotta Warriors, the Fortifications of Xi’an, and the starting place of the Silk Road. Now, Wu lives with a family who assists him with adjusting to American culture. A love for geometry and mathematics are driving his interest in actuary and architectural design. Luke plays on the basketball team and enjoys soccer with his friends on the weekend.

COLUMN: Exercise apps replace gyms as citizens shelter-in-place

By |2020-04-21T13:21:49-07:00April 21st, 2020|Column, Home Feature 1, Opinions|

As an international student from China, I was deeply impressed by the United States and how much Americans love fitness. Not simply running, but dealing with weights and equipment. China has a huge population, a fast-paced life and stress. A large number of people do not have time to exercise.

COLUMN: International student Luke Wu shares misconceptions about Feather adviser

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On the first day of class my senior year, I opened the classroom door and the security guard sat there again. After some introduction and chat, I learned that he is the boss of this organization. Adviser Greg Stobbe is the great professor in the movies, even though I thought he was just a security guard. 

COLUMN: China-born senior reviews local Chinese food in Fresno area

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As a medium-size city in California, Fresno’s Chinese restaurants are spread throughout the city. For someone looking for authentic Chinese food, the task may be more difficult than first imagined. According to the Yellow Pages, there are 140 Chinese restaurants in greater Fresno.

COMMENTARY: LA Auto Show powers exotic, amazing experience

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Luke Wu visits automobile showcase Some of the cars featured at the LA Auto Show included Audi's SUV RS Q8 and Mustang's Mach E. In the past, my friends and I spent our Thanksgiving focusing on authentic Chinese food at big cities, sleeping in after playing video games most of the [...]

PROMO: Zoology class travels to Monterey Bay Aquarium, Nov. 21

By |2020-03-02T09:30:45-08:00November 19th, 2019|News|

In order to assist zoology students in understanding California's marine ecosystem and the ocean's biodiversity, teacher Nathan Case takes his class to Monterey Bay Aquarium, Nov. 21. In the aquarium, students will have a chance to see some of the animals they study class and study them. For example, students will observe starfish and their eating habits along with some fierce marine life like sharks, according to Case.

COLUMN: International student Luke Wu shares advice for students from foreign countries

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I arrived in America four years ago as an international student with the AmeriStudent homestay agency, spending my high school years in Fresno. I have been learning English and a new culture, including religion, and continue to face issues speaking and understanding English and respecting foreign culture and religion.

COLUMN: New world challenges, culture shock drive new resolve, pt. 2

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There is a saying in China: “When you get into college, you are free to do whatever you want.” However, there are consequences to every action. And that means completing assignments on time and at a high level before college. China has the world's largest population, four times more than the US has. So the competition in education is also much more competitive. Chinese education is very different than American. In the United States, education and college admissions use a holistic application review process, where US schools are about not only GPA, but also volunteering, social experience and teacher recommendations. Yet colleges in China only care about one thing: test scores.

COLUMN: New world challenges, culture shock drive new resolve, pt. 1

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"We only have seven days for Chinese New Year holiday,” my Chinese teacher told us during my ninth grade year. Most schools offer one month for the holiday, but my school required us to go back earlier to study, as I attended one of China’s top three junior high schools. However, during the same day, my dad came to me and said my uncle's son traveled to America to attend college. And he encouraged me to finish high school in America. So I agreed.