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During Peoples Church Breakaway 2016, sophomore Mackenzie Beckworth saw the faces of countless kids in need of care, which revealed a hunger to understand the human mind. Beckworth plans to major in psychology with a focus on children and mental health. She currently serves youth in her church children’s ministry and mentors junior high girls in Sister to Sister, furthering her exposure to young minds. Alongside supporting young people, Beckworth pursues a passion for piano by playing on the worship team at her church, learning from more experienced musicians. Using her musical talent, Beckworth produces songs and poetry which she shares on social media. She is determined to further her writing skills and gain confidence while engaging with peers and adults during her first year in The Feather.

COLUMN: The power of worship

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These days, people are hungry to experience the presence of God. People pack into concerts, drive from miles away and cram their playlists with joyful praises to encounter God in worship. Elevation Worship, Jesus Culture and Bethel Music, the list of popular worship music could go on and on. To worship God is your own personal choice, but during participation, the worshipper allows the Holy Spirit to move within their heart. The power expressed by praise clears your mind of the fog of the world. Circumstances often can fill our minds with clutter and noise, along with pressures, conflicts and trends.

Green Book portrays excellent view of loyalty and friendship

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However, positives overrule the negatives. Scored with 82%, it was rated highly by rotten tomatoes. Top critics said, "This is an expertly-acted, perfectly telegraphed message movie that knows the buttons it's pushing, and pushes them all, right on cue. This is not a knock against it, it's a compliment," and "Green Book is effective and affecting while being careful to avoid overdosing its audience on material that some might deem too shocking or upsetting."

Kristina Breshears thrives in high school atmosphere

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Arriving at FC in 2015, campus math teacher Kristina Breshears employs patience and kindness in her teaching style. After becoming a stay-at-home-mom to care for her three kids, Breshears decided to return to instruct math. After teaching for seven years at Central High East campus, she is entering her fourth year at FC.

COMMENTARY: Girl Talk- Trends and Expectations

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When it comes to outward style, girls easily allow themselves to conform to something fixed or molded into a general pattern of what others would expect. Even becoming a cookie cutter expression of someone else’s opinions. Since all of us love God and are continually maturing in His love for us, how can we venture out into some new clothing styles without getting vain? To develop our own style, but still enjoy the trends?

PROMO: ‘A Suite of Sweets’ highlights band’s performance abilities

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With the holidays rushing in and the cold weather settling in, FC band music department introduces 'A Suite of Sweets', a concert night filled with Christmas carols and desserts. Playing the flute ever since fifth grade and continuing to grow in her musical skills, Aimee Castaneda, '21, enjoys playing in the FC band and is excited for the upcoming Christmas concert.

Campus discusses engagement, interaction with social media outlets

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Social media provides news, connections to high school students Screens brighten, a swipe of the screen unlocks the device. A touch on screen opens an app. Feeds of friends, family and food greet the user as they scroll through their social media profile. With young people having access to many social media platforms, statistics shown [...]

Students share struggles with depression 

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Anxiety and stress, an ever-present obstacle among kids, effects 25% according to an article written by Elements Behavior Health. It's quite normal for teens to feel pressure, especially during this particular age. However, if it's not treated accurately at an age where adults can catch unusual behaviors at the start, every small insecurity that the child holds could turn into a drastic problem that can transform a life negatively and actually ends up being life-threatening. Depression, known to cripple the mind and leave people hopeless, not only gives a person the blues, but it prevents them from accurately performing normal everyday activities. One of the most common mental disorders, depression effects over 1.9 million young adults. From 2017-2018, the percentage of teenagers experiencing severe depression increased from 7.4% to 8.2%, according to Mental Health America.

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Global Handwashing Day

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Studies shown from many sources, such as Kaiser Permanente, show that hand-washing is the most important way to get rid of germs that are on your hands. We don’t realize what we touch throughout the day, since our hands do most of the work for us, but everything we handle with our hands carries bacteria, that if we don’t wash off with soap and water, could make us very sick.

89th Caruthers Fair: Big Dreams in a Small Town

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Colorful leaves scatter everywhere as people gather in the gates of the Caruthers Fair. The smell of funnel cakes and the sound of laughter bring families together as autumn settles in. This scene takes place annually in the small town of Caruthers, CA, every year at the largest free gate fair in California.

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