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Matthew Sue, ‘18, wishes to pursue his passion of history and earn a doctorate in history. He enjoys learning from the stories and lessons antiquity teaches. In addition, Sue also enjoys various clubs such as CSF and mentoring in Brother to Brother. Sue remembers his first year of journalism and how much he wanted to quit, but he endured through the challenges writing brought and it strengthened him. This reminds him of this quote by Peter Marshall: “When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.” Sue acknowledges that all the praise and glory goes to God his creator. This writer can be reached via email:

Senior Reflection: Matthew Sue

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Life is a series of steps, from one responsibility to another, from one friend to another. Senior Matthew Sue says it is a series of trades and moves. In all these steps there are almost always good things and bad things. Often times with more freedom there comes more work, or as it has been said, "to whom much has been given much is expected." Often times there are steps that are bigger and more important than others and these are often the ones that define us the most.

Marvel’s Infinity War ties the MCU together

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Most people have either seen or heard of a Marvel movie, whether it is Captain America: Civil War or Black Panther, a lot of people have at least heard of these movies. This is one of the reasons why Marvel’s Infinity War became so popular: this movie is the culmination of over a decade of build-up, including 18 movies.

John Walsh shares tragedy, teaches from loss during SJV Town Hall

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Television icon and victims advocate, John Walsh shared his story at the San Joaquin Valley Town Hall at William Saroyan Theater, April 18. Walsh is the former host of America’s Most Wanted, a TV show that ran on CBS for 25 years.

Fortnite offers free, cross-platform gaming

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Popular game dominates the Battle Royale genre Fortnite allows you to play with up to four friends for free in a Battle Royale style match with players from around the world. In an era of increasing technological integration, virtual pastimes have become more popular. One of the most recent popular video [...]

Journalist Michael Pollan visits San Joaquin Valley Town Hall

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Renowned journalist, author and professor, Michael Pollan, gave a presentation on food and eating in the modern age held at the San Joaquin Valley Town Hall in the William Saroyan Theater, March 21. Pollan spoke about the food industry and the impacts of eating processed foods on one’s health.

Fresno City College Journalism Day provides insight into media

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Central Valley students attend publications workshop The Central Valley is home to a variety of high school publications and video production classes. The students of the San Joaquin Valley represent the future of the area, which is why Fresno City College hosted the second High School Journalism Day, an event designed to promote media literacy [...]

A spotlight on Fresno area student journalism

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One of the things many schools have in common is a school paper. A place where students can share with their school community their news, events and opinions. Whether its a small semesterly paper or an online daily edition, school newspapers serve as the voice of the campus and its community. 

Black Panther poses deep questions, rich action

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The latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is here: Black Panther. This action packed movie follows the adventures of T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), the Black Panther in the country Wakanda. The movie follows T’Challa as he becomes king and encounters various challenges against his country and throne. The movie explores his transformation from the protector of his people to the king of his nation.