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"Clothes don't make a man, but clothes have got many a man a good job." —Herbert Harold Vreeland, On weekends and summers, Max Muñoz works at his father’s skateboard shop, planning one day to expand and pursue a career in fashion. He possesses a high interest in fashion design and street and pop culture of the world. Muñoz plans to this year create his own blog, discussing and sharing his love of fashion with the local community. He plans to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where he will major in Menswear. Along with fashion, he continues to be a member of CSF and Brother to Brother, mentoring junior high boys. With The Feather’s help this year, Muñoz hopes to enhance his writing and develop a unique and responsible online media presence for young adults interested in fashion.

Spanish teacher Rachel Rodriguez orders Toledo’s food with class

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From taking trips to the grocery store to speaking Spanish at Toledo's Mexican Restaurant, Spanish teacher Rachel Rodriguez prepares her Spanish III classes for life outside of high school. Not only does she limit her teachings to just Spanish, but Rodriguez incorporates Christ into her daily lessons. Spanish teacher Rachel Rodriguez expands activities and activities each year for her three levels of Spanish classes. Throughout the year, Rodriguez teaches her students different conjugations and new Spanish vocabulary. Students learn to apply Rodriguez's teachings to real life situations like ordering food from a Mexican-based restaurant. These opportunities give students to experience how Spanish can be applied to real life situations.

Fall choral concert highlights FCS choirs, Oct. 22

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Campus JH choir, Cantiamo and Bellezza to perform Boasting 65 members this year, choral director Susan Ainley anticipates her group's first fall choral concert, Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. in the Peoples Church auditorium. Ainley works to prepare her ladies ensemble group, Bellezza, high school choir, Cantiamo and her junior high choir group.  Director Susan Ainley will [...]

Civil War Revisited brings guests back in time

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Each year, people throughout the Central Valley gather to witness the historical reenactment of Civil War era battles and figures. The Civil War Revisited features attractions for children and adults, including battlefield reenactments, military encampments and civilian towns. The Fresno Historical Society and The American Civil War Association work together to bring this event to life in Kearney Park, Oct. 20-21.

Journalism staffers, advisers share benefits of publication

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The key turns, the door opens, they roll the chairs to the table. Advisors and editors greet their staff peers. Laptops, cameras and phones serve the high school journalist as they seek truth, and the story behind each person in each article. The Feather strives to enlarge their audience. The Feather utilizes social media and it’s website to share campus, community and national news from a high school student’s perspective.

Freshman class looks to participate, compete in homecoming activities

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The class of 2022, takes on homecoming week, seeking new exciting experiences. The campus hosts it’s largest freshmen class in the past decade with 51 freshmen, determined to contribute to the 34-year long homecoming tradition. The week consists of events like float building, princess pageants, and dress up days. “Merica Day” (American wear), “Goofy’s Wide World of Sports Tuesday”, “Sleeping Beauty’s Wake-Up Wednesday” (PJ day), Moana’s Tropical Thursday” (Hawaiian day), and “Spirit wear / Sports team wear” consist of this year’s homecoming dress up days.

Fresno Area College Night gives students options, provides information

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Community colleges, California State universities, and private school representatives from all over the country gathered at the Fresno Convention Center for Fresno Area College Night, Sept. 12. Each delegate prepared to answer questions from the thousands of students and parents that visited their booths. High school students, ready to explore the available opportunities, bussed in from around Fresno County. The ages ranged from freshmen getting a taste for what their futures hold to seniors finalizing their decisions. Suky Cheema, ‘19, attended college night to see his options for the next chapter of his life.