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Campus ‘Lifer’ Megan LeBlanc, ‘20, decided to increase her involvement in the school by joining The Feather Online. Coming in as a first-year journalist, LeBlanc hopes to further her writing skills and connect with fellow classmates. You can find her on the volleyball court or on the soccer field where she loves representing her school and playing for the glory of God. While maintaining a 4.17 GPA, LeBlanc is also involved in leadership, a mentoring program for the junior highers and is a life member of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF). LeBlanc hopes to continue her education at a four-year university studying sports psychology.

Zamarripa gears up for last varsity season

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Coming from the tennis court and becoming a WSL champion, senior Ashley Zamarripa heads to the gym for one last basketball season. Ashley first played basketball for Upward Sports in first grade and continued playing when she enrolled at Fresno Christian her sixth-grade year. Zamarripa has played on varsity her past three years of high school and will continue her fourth year on varsity as well.  She tells her favorite thing about playing basketball and what she expects from her last season.

Luna Pizzeria serves Clovis meals for almost 50 years

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Located in the heart of Old Town Clovis, Luna Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant serves hearty Italian meals for almost 50 years. Original owners Franco and Carmela Liberta established Luna in 1969 with little money and no help.

Schmidt excels on the court for last season

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When push comes to shove, one senior shows the dedication and drive it takes to succeed in playing multiple sports. Coming from his first year of playing football, senior Griffin Schmidt heads from the field to the gym for his last season of basketball. 

COMMENTARY: Girl Talk-First Dates

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We all create the perfect idea of what our first date would consist of. Whether it is something extravagant such as a walk on the beach or something more calming such as getting coffee, the ideas girls design become limitless. The curiosity in girls mind build, contemplating who, when, where and how their first date will occur. Written by: Megan LeBlanc

BREAKING: First soccer game, Nov. 20

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With the fall sport season coming to an end, winter sports jump into action this upcoming week. The football field gets repainted and set up for the upcoming soccer season. The teams prepare for their first preseason game Nov. 20, and hope for a positive start toward the season. Written by: Megan LeBlanc

Sister to Sister develops relationships, builds life skills

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Since 2004, high school and junior high girls gather for the mentoring program called Sister to Sister. This idea started as a peer counseling class when teacher Molly Sargent noticed the difficulties that many junior high girls faced. Her intentions for starting this program was to provide the junior high girls with an older role model and for the high school girls to learn life and communication skills. Written by Megan LeBlanc.

COMMENTARY: Girl Talk–Trust

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Walls go up and barriers surround us as we hesitate to give our trust to others. It seems simple yet obstacles hold us back from previous experiences. As new people enter our lives, our trust in them is sometimes non-existent. Over a period of time, they begin to prove that we can trust that individual entirely and without hesitation. When trust is expected in a relationship, it can change the whole dynamic for worse or for better. People’s trust evolves and becomes earned after a period of time but can be broken within an instant. As everyone goes throughout their daily lives, they trust in one way or another. Trust is an aspect that continually occurs, ranging from something microscopic to something huge. Without trust, a relationship can possibly not survive through the rough patches.

Alina Davila wins West Sequoia League match with doubles partner

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Coming out of the WSL (West Sequoia League) tournament as champions, Captain Alina Davila, ’19, and her doubles partner Ashley Zamarripa, '19 beat, Sarah Smith, '21, and Hannah Villines, '21, 2-1 in a best out of three match up.

COMMENTARY: Girl Talk–Sadies

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Juniors Annabelle Messer and Megan LeBlanc begin the blog series, "Girl Talk" covering issues spotlighting the triumphs and struggles from the female perspective. They begin publishing their first blog next week.  An 80-year tradition, Sadie Hawkins, continues in many high schools throughout the US and Canada. The idea first occurred as a comic strip in 1937, illustrating a women named Sadie Hawkin who got to choose whatever man she wanted to marry. The comic strip became very popular in the USA, as well as Canada. This empowered women’s rights as well as making an interesting dance idea, where girls ask guys in many high schools.

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