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Campus ‘Lifer’ Megan LeBlanc, ‘20, decided to increase her involvement in the school by joining The Feather Online. Coming in as a first-year journalist, LeBlanc hopes to further her writing skills and connect with fellow classmates. You can find her on the volleyball court or on the soccer field where she loves representing her school and playing for the glory of God. While maintaining a 4.17 GPA, LeBlanc is also involved in leadership, a mentoring program for the junior highers and is a life member of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF). LeBlanc hopes to continue her education at a four-year university studying sports psychology.

Sports Record Series: Volleyball

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The nets tighten and the courts are prepared as the determination for a winning season grows among the volleyball team. Moving from the West Sequoia League into the East Sierra League, the volleyball team competes for the Valley champions title. The varsity volleyball team begins their season with ten players, consisting of three seniors, five juniors, one sophomore and one freshman. With the team losing five seniors, this season's players prepare to step up and fill the spots left behind.

BLOG: Girl Talk-Stress

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Juniors Annabelle Messer and Megan LeBlanc, along with sophomore Mackenzie Beckworth continue the blog series, “Girl Talk”, covering issues spotlighting the triumphs and struggles from the female perspective. Check out their first blog article in the series read BLOG: Girl Talk–Sadies or the most recent, BLOG: Girl Talk-Preparations for formal. Even if you retain information well and can study [...]

Three-sport athlete, Aaron LaCroix, leads team via passion, work ethic

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As the baseball season heads into full swing, senior Aaron LaCroix gears up for his last sports season of his high school career. As a three-sports varsity athlete, LaCroix hopes to bring his athletic ability onto the baseball diamond for his final season of high school sports.LaCroix has been playing sports at Fresno Christian for four years, beginning his sports season with football. Coaching him three out of his four years, Russ Counts explains what he admires about Aaron and why he will be missed on next year’s team.

Sports Records: Baseball

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Current baseball players look to overtake school records This article is the third of the new series entitled “Sports Records”. For the last article, read Sports Records Series: Basketball. Follow The Feather for more articles in the series as they are published. As the diamond gets prepared, the baseball team gears up as their season heads [...]

Blossom Trail produces variety of flowers for guests

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Heading into the spring season, the Blossom Trail remains a major tourist attraction in the Central Valley for its many rows of infinite blossoms. For 31 years, the trail has reached over 62 miles, covering Sanger, Reedly, Orange Cove, Selma, Clovis, Kingsburg and Fowler.

Sports Records Series: Basketball

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This article is the second of the new series entitled "Sports Records". For the last article, read Sports Records Series: Soccer. Follow The Feather for more articles in the series as they are published. The sound of the net swishing and the squeaking of shoes on the court echo in the gym as the basketball players compete to surpass records before them. With both boys and girls basketball teams competing in the East Sierra League, they strive to earn the valley champions title and succeeded in doing so.

Lin Brown continues service in FC library

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After working in the library for 31 years, Lin Brown continues to contribute to the school through her job as librarian and teacher. Brown graduated from Sierra High School in 1963 and went to Fresno City College to get her degree. She transferred to Fresno State, graduating with a B.S. degree in Child Development and a minor in Sociology.