Micah Friesen

About Micah Friesen

Bravely jumping into the world of journalism as a freshman, Micah Friesen hopes to strengthen his skills in writing, photography and videography. As long as he can remember, his love for the ocean has motivated him to chase after a degree in marine biology. Educating people and preserving the oceans, utilizing a camera as his tool, excites him. Micah is no stranger to overcoming challenges. At the age of eight his decision to amputate his foot from a condition he was born with has strengthened his resolve to never give up. One obvious place he showcases this is on the back of his motorcycle, his favorite place to be.

Dirt bike accident alters Cooper Saelzler’s life

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While many students participate in math clubs, soccer teams and art class after school, others prefer to test their stamina in the world of dirt biking. Freshman Cooper Saelzler experienced the thrill and perils of this high-powered activity. In August 2018, the second day of his eighth grade year, Saelzler was involved in a dirt bike accident, causing him to miss more than half of the school year.

Mason Beal pursues professional horse breeding

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The aspirations of most high school sophomores consist of distant goals which they hope to take on beyond high school. However, Mason Beal, ‘22, spends each school day keeping up with friends, school work and finishing his day on the family ranch, pursuing his goal of becoming a professional horse breeder. Beal, a fifth-generation trainer at Beal’s Quarter Horses, chases a career as a horse breeder and hopes to major in equine reproduction. Growing up on his family ranch provided Beal with first-hand experience and knowledge about breeding, training and ranch maintenance.