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“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart.” Colossians 3:23a -- Morgan Parker, ‘21, began a love for tumbling six years ago at Break The Barriers. Next year she plans to work as a gymnastics coach to guide young children. Through her tumbling experience, Parker gained All-American honors at FCC cheer camp, July 2018. She also plans to compete in cheer throughout high school and college. Besides cheer and tumbling, Parker continues to pursue piano performance. She also volunteers with CSF and Sister-to-Sister to mentor junior high students. In order to improve on her 4.0 GPA, Parker begins her first year on The Feather to enhance her writing, editing, interview and media skills.

Junior high leadership engages peers through planned activities

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As the school calendar fills up, junior high student leadership brainstorms ideas for upcoming events. Aiming to “love like Jesus loves”, the class takes time to create posters and plan middle school functions.

Macie Thompson achieves school record 1,000 points

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The campus girls basketball team beat Summit Charter, 63-33, Jan. 29. During the third quarter, senior Macie Thompson scored her 1,004th point of her high school basketball career. Thompson joins Kara Torchia (Ettner), '02, and Larissa Hensley, '09, as the only girls in school history to earn 1,000 career points. In addition to being a captain on the team and an FC lifer, Thompson sings on the worship team and ensemble. She also serves as an older sister for the campus’ Sister-to-Sister program and co-leads T.E.A. Talks. Except for 7th grade, due to a broken arm, Thompson has been playing the game of basketball since 5th grade.

Kelly Clarkson’s Meaning of Life Tour highlights new songs, old hits

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Grammy award winning artist Kelly Clarkson kicks off the second stop on the Meaning Of Life Tour in Fresno, Ca, Jan. 25. The sparkling lights and buzz of the crowd had devoted fans dancing and singing the night away. The highly esteemed pop artist engaged the crowds as she related to people with her own personal story.

Local farmers markets thrive in winter months

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California is the world’s fifth largest supplier of food, cotton fiber and other agricultural commodities, according to Dairy Moos. Fresh produce from around the Central Valley draws locals to farmers markets in Fresno, CA. Throughout the week, customers have the chance to purchase fresh produce and products in multiple markets around town.

Junior high girls soccer reflect on season

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As the number three seed in the division, girls participate in winter and spring sports to prepare for the season ahead. Junior high sports have shorter seasons than high school because Fresno Unified School District holds their sports per quarter, where high school has more of a seasonal duration. 

Join The Discussion: Terry Richards

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Teacher, mentor, and devoted Christian Terry Richards continues to impact Fresno Christian students and staff. As Richards is currently in the hospital, students reflect on their favorite memories and stories involving their science teacher. With the family requesting no visitors, prayers would be appreciated as he recovers. As well as running the Brother to Brother program on campus, Richards is the junior high Bible and science teacher. Entering his 58th year of teaching, Richards aims to impact students for Christ and encourage them to act as people of integrity. Teaching at FCS for 19 years, Richards continues to challenge students academically and spiritually.

Holiday Magic Studios features innovative, unique Christmas opportunity

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There is nothing better than seeing a child’s eyes light up to see Santa which is really why I love doing this so much,” DeYoung continued, “We call it Holiday Magic because there’s no other word to describe that moment and twinkle. I do this because it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is my personal commitment to show those that there’s a reason for the season.”

COLUMN: Morgan Parker shares perspective on happiness

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Journalist defines happiness, emphasizes importance Expressed through smiles, grins and giggles, happiness remains a foundational element in the human condition. Happiness is not only a word to describe something enjoyed, but also a feeling that one experiences. Journalist Morgan Parker, '22 explores the concept of happiness. Happiness, according to Oxford dictionary, [...]

Recent midterm legislation effects teens today

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The midterm elections just passed and the results that will likely affect students' futures is already in motion. Almost 17 percent more people voted in Fresno, CA, this year compared to 2014. The three propositions discussed in the article below are the most likely to affect high school students. Proposition 7 Morgan [...]

Professionals explore the significance of signatures

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Since the sixth century, signatures have been used to mark a person's involvement with an agreement, document, or idea. From the Constitution to everyday permission slips, signatures are used daily and are a unique part of a person. John Hancock signed his signature bigger above all others on the Declaration of Independence. As teenagers turn the legal age of 18 years old, signatures are required by countless organizations, businesses, and government documents. Driver’s licenses, letters, checks, and more demand the use of a signature. This one autograph will be used to represent an individual for the rest of their lives.

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