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College trip to SoCal, explore universities

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Juniors and seniors took their annual College Trip, March 3-4. Ten students attended along with Academic advisor Michelle Warkentin, Andrea and Scott Donaghe. The group visited four different universities in southern California along with a famous ice cream parlor for dinner. The first college the group visited was the University of Southern California. The school first opened in 1880 to 53 students. The students were amazed by the architecture and the size of the campus.

Get to Know: Andrew Guthrie

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Senior Andrew Guthrie gave his testimony during chapel, Jan. 22. Guthrie shared about the trials he has endured throughout his life. He specifically spoke about his junior year when his mother and three of his grandparents passed away. Guthrie encouraged the crowd to lean on God's strength during difficult times.

Beatriz Foth reflects on 13 years of service

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Retired Spanish teacher shares her favorite memories Beatriz Foth and Greg Stobbe celebrate Cinco de Mayo, May 2014. Half way through first semester, FC's Spanish teacher of almost 13 years, Beatriz Foth, retired. She taught elementary and high school students everything from beginner's Spanish to Spanish III. Foth did not only teach [...]


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Nathan Mount, '18, left, and Jaden Ventura, '18, created a folder explaining how photosynthesis works, Jan. 28. Sophomores Nathan Mount, left, and Jaden Ventura create a folder explaining how photosynthesis works, Jan. 28. In Karen Walter's 3rd period biology class, her students learned about how plants use photosynthesis by drawing pictures to describe how it [...]

Publications enrich audience through social media

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The Feather continues to use social media to reach their audience. Not only is The Feather a daily online newspaper, it is also an active user of social media. More and more often you will see newspapers actively posting to websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The Feather uses all three [...]