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When I was a freshman, I had no desire to enter into the world of journalism. English was not my strongest subject in school so I thought, "Why should I join? I don't have the skill of writing!" After talking to the adviser, Greg Stobbe, he had brought to my attention that I did not have to be a great writer to become a journalist. When Stobbe told me that small portion of information, it gave me confidence in where my writing skills were at the time. The next day I had requested to be apart of The Feather. By the end of the year I had grown to love being apart of a team like this. In school my strongest subjects have always been Mathematics and Art. I have always been very good in school, when I entered into high school I looked for new ways to improve myself academically and socially. Being apart of the school newspaper was the best idea for me to excel in both areas. My family has always been very involved in the community and were very social. My brother, Noah, is a few years older than I am and he is very outgoing and I have always looked up to him in that area. Very often have I thought about what I would like to be when I got older and recently I was asked what it was and I told the person who had asked, “I want to be a diabetic counselor.” I have lived with Type 1 Diabetes since I was 22 months and, throughout the years of growing up, I had struggled with getting my health under control and expressing how I felt about the way situations had turned out. Being able to talk to an experienced diabetic would have helped in a lot of situations and it would have been some help to my parents as well. I would like to go into that position where I can help teens and parents who are hurting the same ways I was. The reason I joined The Feather was to get more involved in the school and in the community I live in. Being a third year journalism student has helped my not only become a better writer but to also become more aware of the things going on around me.

Senior reflection: Sydney Belmont

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This was my first year on the photojournalism team and my fourth year on The Feather. I started out knowing absolutely nothing, I didn’t even know how to hold a camera the right way. Making the decision to be on the team was one of my few good decisions of the year.