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About Vijay Stephen

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” - Eleanor Roosevelt. Cultivating his passion for the culinary arts, sophomore Vijay Stephen invests his time by interning at a local restaurant and baking for family and friends. Finishing off his freshman year with a 4.14 G.P.A., Stephen plans on attending the International Culinary Center in New York. Working for four years at Joe’s Steakhouse, Stephen observed and learned to create various desserts and pastries. Stephen’s other passion revolves around music, this year he continues to build on his knowledge from the last three years in school percussion. Last year they traveled to Magic Mountain to compete in the annual festival, earning first place out of 20 other participating groups.

Campus teachers share career inspiration

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With 3.7 million teachers employed in American public and private schools in 2018, teachers continue to play an important role during the developmental years of a child’s life. During these growing years, children are taught by educators who influence their ideas and beliefs.

Promo: Campus cheer teams to compete in Clovis Pep Classic, Jan. 26

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“I truly that the sport of cheer is the most important sport that a girl can do as far as growth,” Villines said. “It forces you to be out in front of a crowd and it forces you to make eye contact with people. You have to get over any shyness you have of performance. You have to be have confident enough to actually do the sport.”

Baskin Robbins updates store, leaves room for improvement

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Essentially, the new Baskin Robbins is just flashier with improved quality. The improvements, although good still don't make the place high-quality, they have just upped the standards to meet the high-standards of superior, locally-owned stores.

The Hate U Give highlights police shootings, shows perspective

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The story is crafted in a way that shows how even though the police shooting doesn't necessarily involves the gangs, it effects all those around and Starr’s testimony may have ramifications that could incriminate one of the gang bosses. Instead of only focussing on Starr and her close community, the book widens the view to include the rest of garden Heights.

Little Fat Dumpling offers quick Asian food to Fresno

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The only thing that was actually enjoyable were the egg custard buns. The bread was pliable and soft, that contained a great flavor on its own without diminishing the actual custard. The custard itself was a bright yellow color and contained a rich and unique flavor. The flavors combined perfectly and felt velvety in your mouth.

Join The Discussion: Thanksgiving

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“I do like Thanksgiving I think that it is a day where people purposely think about the things they are thankful for and it is just  a day where people spend extra time showing gratitude and gratefulness in their life. Traditionally we have big turkey and ham meal and any family that is available will come and we will all meet together and honestly just hang out together, playing  games, and laughing a lot.”

ABC30 producer shares view on media bias

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There are always ways to find news from various sources regardless of personal opinion. But sometimes a reporter’s opinion in an investigation can change the perspective on the stories, resulting in a spread of biased and even newly coined fake news. Although subtle, biased news impacts all those exposed.

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