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Passionate about the culinary arts since childhood, junior and editor-in-chief Vijay Stephen balances his leadership skills in the kitchen and in the Feather lab. Producing pastries such as macarons and a croquembouche, Stephen’s interest in baking was spiked after his visit to the Culinary Institute of America, which he now hopes to attend. Previously, Stephen interned at a local restaurant from 2015 to 2019 as a pastry chef and prep cook while gaining real-world experience. Interviewing influential figures such as Pulitzer Prize winner, Sonia Nazario, and Washington Post Senior National Correspondent, Scott Wilson, Stephen aspires to impact his community through journalism and continue to write after high school. From walking out of school in support of gun control to his social media activism, Stephen’s other passion revolves around politics and the issues he perceives in America. Finishing off every school year with a 4.0+ GPA, Stephen also participates in CSF and has accrued over 400 volunteer hours.

Breaking: Seniors depart for annual senior trip, May 15

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Spending the next couple of days in Southern California, seniors will be embarking on the annual senior trip, May 14. Visiting theme parks and shopping, seniors will be finishing off the year a week and a half earlier than the rest of the student body. Graduation will take place a week after their return on May 23.

Promo: National Day of Prayer unites school, connects students through Christ

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With the school year finishing up, grades K-12 unite as one student body to celebrate the 2019 National Day of Prayer, May 2. Officially starting in 1952, the day of prayer was signed into law by Former President Harry S. Truman and has been continued since then. The all-school chapel also serves as the end-of-year convocation before school ends on May 23.

Campus music department earns top awards in WorldStrides Heritage Festival

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With the school year coming to end Fresno Christian's choirs and instrumental groups traveled to Anaheim, California to compete in the World Strides Heritage Festival, April 5. Bringing home a number of awards including the Choral Sweepstakes award, students Lindsay Weimer, '20, and Sarah Upshaw, '23, also won individual awards.

New Voices legislation seeks to restore student journalist rights

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With only 14 states giving press rights to student journalists, the Student Press Law Center (SPLC) is currently spearheading the fight for student press rights. The SPLC utilizes their access to attorneys and legal aides by introducing and reintroducing New Voices legislation to states around the U.S. This legislation protects a student journalists First Amendment rights and allows for responsible journalism.

Journalists share strategies for combating fake news

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Learning from the plethora of knowledge that professional journalists have gained, The Feather staffers attended the ‘Putting Fake News in the Rear View Mirror: How the Media Can Win Back the Trust of all Americans’, Symposium at Fresno State, Feb. 26. Keynote speaker and Editor-In-Chief of ProPublica, Stephen Engelberg, used various social examples to present relevant topics that related media to current political situations. Previously holding editor positions at both The New York Times and The Oregonian, Engelberg originally moved to ProPublica as founding managing editor and now editor-in-chief.

Professionals visit campus, discuss value of math

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Engineers show importance of math through example During his visit to FCS, David Kwalwasser showed detailed maps of his work on the High-Speed Rail. Taking a break from their work on California’s High-Speed Rail, David Kwalwasser and Mauro Weyant visited Angie Counts’ math three classes this Wednesday, Feb. 27. Bringing [...]

Professionals share importance of First Amendment freedoms

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“The First Amendment is the reason that you and I can post to Twitter without thinking about whether what we're saying could get us in trouble,” Fries said. “It's the reason that you can read an Op Ed in a newspaper that details a view completely different than your own. It's the reason that you can have arguments about your beliefs at a coffee shop. It's the reason that your parents can put political signs up on their lawns. The First Amendment offers us an immensely important protection to an invaluable right that allows us to express differences in beliefs.”

Promo: Campus cheer teams to compete in Clovis Pep Classic, Jan. 26

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“I truly that the sport of cheer is the most important sport that a girl can do as far as growth,” Villines said. “It forces you to be out in front of a crowd and it forces you to make eye contact with people. You have to get over any shyness you have of performance. You have to be have confident enough to actually do the sport.”