The Feather Online earns Online Pacemaker Finalist nomination, continues publication excellence

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Over the past 14 years, The Feather Online earned several awards and recognitions from both the CSPA and NSPA. Ever since the 2005-2006 school year, The Feather has earned 6 Pacemaker awards from the NSPA and 8 Gold Crowns from the CSPA. Along with these various accomplishments, The Feather earned the Best of Show Online Publication Small School award in the 2013 school year.

Plagiarism affects teachers, unprepared students

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You arrive home late from your basketball game with three papers due tomorrow, and finals within the next two days. Daunted by the seemingly impossible task ahead, you turn to searching published works on the internet. Copying and pasting three or four different phrases, you doubt your teacher will even notice.

Professionals, students share impact of social media on college admissions

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As students begin thinking about college opportunities, they may start to question colleges' examination of their social media pages. According to College Raptor, they are. 

Join the Discussion: College Fair 2019

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College representatives, students and staff members gather in the PC gym to engage in the annual college fair at lunchtime, Oct. 15. 24 private, state, community and military colleges from California to Colorado arrived on campus to connect with students and inform them of college opportunities. The campus fair is the first part of a day of college immersion. Christian colleges from the FC fair and others from around the country visit Hope Lutheran Church for the North American Coalition for Christian Admissons Professionals (NACCAP) fair, 6 p.m. Over 2,000 students attend the fair annually, refining their college searches and engaging with Christian college representatives.

COLUMN: New world challenges, culture shock drive new resolve, pt. 2

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There is a saying in China: “When you get into college, you are free to do whatever you want.” However, there are consequences to every action. And that means completing assignments on time and at a high level before college. China has the world's largest population, four times more than the US has. So the competition in education is also much more competitive. Chinese education is very different than American. In the United States, education and college admissions use a holistic application review process, where US schools are about not only GPA, but also volunteering, social experience and teacher recommendations. Yet colleges in China only care about one thing: test scores.

Campus freshman receives $3,000 in scholarship at Big Fresno Fair

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For the last eight years, 4.0 students benefit from the 4.0 and Above program and The Fresno Fair. This ninth annual event rewards Fresno County students with free entry tickets to the fair on opening day, as well as their name in a raffle for iPads, laptops, giftcards, scholarship money, and this year, a 2020 Toyota Corolla. FC freshman Amanda Johnson took advantage of the free fair ticket. Johnson expected not to win anything, but entered the raffle anyway and proceeded to enjoy the fair.  

Seniors: Applications, tests, deadlines. Oh my!

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In the academic counselor’s office, senior meetings kicked off the 2019-2020 school year. Academic counselor for the past two years, Evangelina Tello guides students of all ages through their high school and junior high careers.  With college application deadlines approaching, Tello advises students to keep deadlines in mind. She also shares the importance of seniors starting and finishing their year strong. The consequences to a poor second semester may result in a rescinded letter of acceptance

Dr. Karen Walters intertwines faith, science in the classroom

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In a world where science and the Christian faith find themselves at war, scientists in Christian education find ways to incorporate both into their teaching. AP Biology, biology, and zoology teacher Dr. Karen Walters encourages her students to dig into places where faith and science collide.

Professionals visit campus, discuss value of math

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Engineers show importance of math through example During his visit to FCS, David Kwalwasser showed detailed maps of his work on the High-Speed Rail. Taking a break from their work on California’s High-Speed Rail, David Kwalwasser and Mauro Weyant visited Angie Counts’ math three classes this Wednesday, Feb. 27. Bringing [...]