Hearts to Serve: Alumnus Alex Rurik shares lessons learned from trip to Ecuador

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Service can be shown with material things, such as building homes or wells for poor communities. It can be relational, where you build community with adults and children and pour into them. And the list goes on and on

FC alumnus Tim Swift strives for excellence, seeks wisdom

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Life is a series of stepping stones; first from one school to the next, then from one job to the next. Through each of these experiences people hope to learn and accomplish something. Mechanical engineer Tim Swift has done just that. Seeking to be the best, rather than settling for less, his insatiable desire to invent and make the world a better place has led to the invention of several noteworthy products.Tim Swift is currently the business owner of Otherlab Orthotics. He has attained numerous patents, and currently lives in the San Francisco area. However how did he come to find such accomplishments, and what was the key to his success?

COLUMN: FC welcomes community to 31st homecoming

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In just one short week, we will be opening the doors (or rather the gates) of Fresno Christian to welcome current students, their families, staff, alumni and community members to our 2015 homecoming celebration, Oct. 16. In essence, we are welcoming them to the place we call home on a daily basis, and a place they may have called home at one point. When you visit someone's home, what expectations do you have? What does hospitality mean to you? For some of us it is a warm welcome. For others, it it is a good meal. How about knowing where things are when you visit- bathroom, where to put your things, where the main activity will take place?

Alumna Heather Carr: life with professional athlete

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Many FC alumni move on to bigger and better things, taking what they have learned from their years in high school and applying them to life in the real world. Very seldom do we discover that some of those alumni end up being in the spotlight. Former FC alumna Heather Carr graduated with the class of 2008, and went on to marry current NFL Oakland Raiders quarterback and former Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr. During high school, Heather (Neal, '08) Carr discovered her passion for cheerleading, hoping to pursue it in college. However at the time she attended Fresno State, the cheerleading program did not exist due to the absence of a cheer coach.

Emily Krieghoff blood drive, March 20

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Student leadership is taking a more active role in promoting student involvement throughout this school year. Please return to read about how FC students are actively learning, serving and promoting teen events on and off campus in this weekly article series. After alumna Emily Krieghoff, '09, was injured in an auto accident, student [...]

Blood drive

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Recently, one of our alumni was in an horrific car accident. Emily Krieghoff, '09, was rushed to Community Hospital where if it wasn't for the grace of God, the surgeons hands, and pints of blood she would not have survived. The Emily Krieghoff Blood Drive will be held in the FC parking lot from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m., March 20.

Blood drive honors FC alumna in recovery (VIDEO)

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The FCS community is again gathering support in a blood drive for Emily Krieghoff, March 20. Please donate for an Eagle alumna. In the late hours of Saturday Feb. 21, FC alumni Molly Griffin and best friend Emily Krieghoff were victims of a fatal DUI accident. Molly Griffin was killed on site while [...]

Eunie McEntee Cheer Scholarship

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Alumni Katie Mendenhall, '93, announced the new Eunie McEntee Cheer Scholarship at the winter sports award banquet, Feb. 23. Alumni Katie Mendenhall, '93, announced the new Eunie McEntee Cheer Scholarship at the winter sports award banquet, Feb. 23. The scholarship will go to a deserving cheerleader every year to help lighten the load. [...]