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Suky Cheema aspires to earn Valley title

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From being the loudest student in the Nut House to senior captain on varsity basketball team, senior Suky Cheema is a person easily seen and heard around campus. Caring, considerate and understanding are words Cheema would use to describe himself. 

One Simple Thread, No. 2 – Flock of Crows

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There’s a famous horror movie from the seventies about non other than the devil’s son. A friend of mine played the role of a bully who confronts this devil child. Obviously, since it was a horror film genre, my friend was defeated. I didn’t watch the movie (I’m not a fan of devils, thank you) but I did watch his scene. In it he is stared down by the star of the movie and in turn raises his hands over his face as he screams in terror and dies. He told me that in order to prepare for the scene, the director of the movie told him to pretend he was being attacked by a flock of crows. When we played the scene back, the effect was amazing.

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