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Shazam surprises with lighthearted plot

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Shazam is the first DC Comics superhero movie released by Warner Bros. in 2019. The last DC Comics movie was Aquaman, Warner Bros.' biggest superhero movie in recent memory. Shazam will be the 7th installment of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

Scythe challenges players with complex gameplay

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Be the greatest leader in all of Europa in it’s time of disorder. Build war machines to inspire fear in opposing forces and hope in your people. Be the first one to enter the doors of The Factory and reveal the reason it was abandoned in the first place.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance provides addictive Tower Defense Game

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Few games have captured my attention as the Kingdom Rush series. These fantasy tower defense games bring creativity and complexity to a simple game format. I will only briefly go over the first 3 installments of the franchise. I’m mainly focusing on the newest installment, Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. Vengeance focuses on the storyline of Vez’nan (the villain from the first Kingdom Rush) finding that after returning from banishment, his old evil fortress had been turned into a carnival. Breaking from traditional games, in Vengeance, you play as Vez'nan’s general as you command the bad guys.

Brawl Stars encourages teamwork and competition

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Go toe to toe with friends and rivals in game modes ranging from 'steal the bacon' to soccer, while attempting to configure the ultimate team in the online game Brawl Stars. Currently the game has six game modes that cycle every day, Monday through Friday (showdown, bounty, gem grab, heist, brawl ball, and siege). On the weekends, three additional game modes are available to play (big game, robo rumble, and boss fight). Two of these weekend modes are three players against CPUs (computer controlled enemies) while the third is a five vs. one match up with real people. Every game mode has multiple maps that change as they come available.

Captain Marvel features female lead, classic storytelling

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With the last Marvel Studio movie coming in last spring of 2018, it has been a whole year without a Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie. However, the popular studio returns to the big screen with a new superhero, Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel first opened in the box office March. 8.

Golden Hour draws attention with high accolades

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After receiving a Grammy for album of the year, Apple Music’s album of the year, and CMA’s album of the year, I decided I had to listen to Kacey Musgraves’ fourth studio album, Golden Hour. If I didn’t know Kacey Musgraves was a country artist, I never would’ve considered this a country album. Country is my least favorite genre, but I decided to give this one a try.

The Lego Movie 2 provides unique storyline and self-affirming message

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Following its predecessor, The Lego movie 2: The Second Part, follows the “creative” storyline of first The Lego Movie produced by Warner Bros. The movie picks up following the adventures of Emmet Brickowski (Chris Pratt). After defeating Lord Business and his plans to glue the entire universe together, Emmet, his friends, and the city of Bricksburg find themselves under attack from Lego Duplo aliens.

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