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Charlie Puth contributes refreshing presence to pop music in ‘Voicenotes’

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After the smashing success of songs such as Attention and How Long, Charlie Puth has put out his sophomore studio album, Voicenotes. When comparing his previous album, “Nine Track Mind”, this one is much more original and unique. He applies a unique jazz and funk swagger to his music unlike anything currently on the radio.

Feature Art No. 15 – Oil Painting

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Description: At end the school year, students are given a page torn out of a dictionary and told to find a word they could draw and animate on the page. Using oil pastels and chalk to add depth and effect to their work. It is their interpretation of the word, how they see it or how it makes them feel. This is an extension of an exercise that they have done throughout the year, they were given a word and asked to draw their interpretation of it.

Marvel’s Infinity War ties the MCU together

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Most people have either seen or heard of a Marvel movie, whether it is Captain America: Civil War or Black Panther, a lot of people have at least heard of these movies. This is one of the reasons why Marvel’s Infinity War became so popular: this movie is the culmination of over a decade of build-up, including 18 movies.

Book Review: Once an Arafat Man

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Once An Arafat Man, a memoir by Taysir Saada, provides a fresh look into the changing worlds of warfare, terrorism and religious beliefs in the Middle East. From page one, Saada draws a distinct line between his old life of hate and his new life in Christ. Born to Palestinian parents in the Gaza Strip, he lived only three years in his hometown before his family fled.

Broadway Aladdin combines theatrical talent with modern comedy

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Performed live in the New Amsterdam Theater on Broadway in New York City; Disney production Aladdin brought a classic story to life using comedy and extravagant actors. Aladdin the Disney movie was originally made in 1992. The musical has been on Broadway for four years since 2014 in the New Amsterdam Theater. The team who made the play has won over 20 Tony Awards in a collective amount.

Theatre Review: Legally Blonde fails to meet expectations

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The movie version, featuring Reese Witherspoon is a well known and classic movie. Unfortunately CMT’s theatre version pales in comparison. From the costumes to the singing the show was a disappointment, even though there wasn’t much to look forward to after seeing Annie in December.

Feature Art No. 14 – King of the jungle

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Description: This piece is done with a scratchboard. The technique is to use sharp knives or tools to engrave into a layer of white china clay that is often coated in black India ink. Unlike many drawing media, where the artist adds in the mid-tones and shadows, with scratchboard the artist is working by adding in the highlights, the way they do this is by removing or scratching the ink off the paper or board to reveal the surface below.

The Phantom of the Opera draws in audience

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Phantom of the Opera recently celebrated its 30 year anniversary, making it the longest running show on Broadway ever. The show is based on the horror novel by French author Gaston Leroux, and has then since been adapted into several films.

Thirty Seconds to Mars releases ‘America’

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After a five year period of silence, Alternative rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars recently released their fifth studio album, America. I had never listened to the band prior to the album and I was shocked to see it was led by Jared Leto, who I recognized from "Suicide Squad" when he played The Joker. He also starred in movies such as "Dallas Buyers Club", and Blade Runner 2049.

Fortnite offers free, cross-platform gaming

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Popular game dominates the Battle Royale genre Fortnite allows you to play with up to four friends for free in a Battle Royale style match with players from around the world. In an era of increasing technological integration, virtual pastimes have become more popular. One of the most recent popular video [...]

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