Featured art, No. 1, 2018-19

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Description: First year art students were asked to find 25 words, in different fonts, that described themselves. The students used perspective, positive/negative space in layering their words and color schemes on their project. The medias used for this project were ink pen and colored pencils.

Feature Art No. 15 – Oil Painting

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Description: At end the school year, students are given a page torn out of a dictionary and told to find a word they could draw and animate on the page. Using oil pastels and chalk to add depth and effect to their work. It is their interpretation of the word, how they see it or how it makes them feel. This is an extension of an exercise that they have done throughout the year, they were given a word and asked to draw their interpretation of it.

Feature Art No. 14 – King of the jungle

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Description: This piece is done with a scratchboard. The technique is to use sharp knives or tools to engrave into a layer of white china clay that is often coated in black India ink. Unlike many drawing media, where the artist adds in the mid-tones and shadows, with scratchboard the artist is working by adding in the highlights, the way they do this is by removing or scratching the ink off the paper or board to reveal the surface below.

Feature Art No. 13 – La Lacertilia

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Description: This piece was created with of colored pencils, water color pencils, and watercolor paint within the five sections of the circle. Palacios specifically chose specific colors to give it a warm and vibrant feeling when looking at it. I was required to choose a reptile and so I decided to choose a bearded dragon after the one I own named Lazarus. 

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