Book Review: Under a War Torn Sky

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Under a War torn Sky by L.M. Elliott is a historical fiction that tells the story of American Air Force pilot Henry Forester during WW2. Based in Europe and tasked with flying through enemy territory to bomb strategic locations, Henry is faced with the terror of the infamous German Luftwaffe. On one of these raids Henry and his fellow airmen are shot down behind enemy lines deep in German occupied France. 

Book Review: No Mission Is Impossible

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No Mission Is Impossible by Michael bar Zohar is the story of the Israeli special forces and the missions of this group. A relatively new country to the world around World War II, Israel was often hated by many of its neighboring countries. The story illustrates multiple stories from that time in history and how individuals dealt with these problems.

Book Review: A Princess of Mars

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Few writers possess the ability to craft Science Fiction writing such as Edgar Rice Burroghs. Burroughs, creator of the character Tarzan, also created the universe of Barsoom, the setting of “A Princess of Mars”. In this book, Burroughs’ imagination transports the reader to another world of war, culture, and mystery. In “A Princess of Mars”, readers observe the precipice of human creativity and the possibilities of science when one person asks “what if”.

Book Review: The Escape Artists

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The Escape Artists by Neal Bascomb illustrates the true story of Allied prisoners of war breaking out of the best German prison during World War 1, Holzminden. Constantly overshadowed by the brutality of the concentration camps of World War 2, POW camps during WW1 in Germany may not have had the atrocities of its successors camps but they were infamously hard to break out of. 

Book Review: Indianapolis

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Indianapolis, written by Lynn Vincent and Sara Vladic, details “the true story of the worst sea disaster in US naval history and the fifty-year fight to exonerate an innocent man.” The USS Indianapolis a survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor was conducting a mock bombardment during the attack saving the ship from destruction. After notching victory after victory in the Pacific Theatre and she is sent on a highly classified mission to deliver parts fundamental in the building of the atomic bombs .

Book review: Goodbye, Darkness

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War memoir concludes powerful messages about love, courage and society On December 7, 1941, the United States was attacked by Imperial Japan at Pearl Harbor. Today, America idolizes the Greatest Generation, and rightly so. They grew up in a world scarred by WWI, tempered by the Great Depression, and as teenagers and college [...]

Book Review: Men of Iron

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Men of Iron written by Howard Pyle develops the story of a young boy and his path to knighthood. Myles Falworth, a young squire under the service of the house of Beaumont learns. Under the watch of Sir James an old knight in the castle Myles learns how to fight in the way of knights and how to conduct himself in the age old life of knights. z