The Hate U Give highlights police shootings, shows perspective

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The story is crafted in a way that shows how even though the police shooting doesn't necessarily involves the gangs, it effects all those around and Starr’s testimony may have ramifications that could incriminate one of the gang bosses. Instead of only focussing on Starr and her close community, the book widens the view to include the rest of garden Heights.

The Third Target offers suspense, while exposing ISIS’ plan

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The Third Target by Joel Rosenberg shares the fictional story of New York Times journalist J.B. Collins and his “adventure” in the Middle East. Head reporter of foreign affairs in Israel and it's neighboring countries, J.B. encounters multiple life threatening situations making the novel a thrilling story.

REVIEW: Lily Collins opens up in debut memoir

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Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me. is actress Lily Collins' debut memoir in which she shares the stories of her eating disorders, self-esteem issues, growing up in the spotlight and unhealthy relationships. This book allowed Collins to open up about her already public life in an even more candid way.

Fresno author shares inspirational story of hope, heartache and betrayal

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The Caleb Years written by David Ingerson shares the story of the incredible journey in his son life from difficulties at birth to problems in his early years driven by his Caleb's medical difficulties at birth. Caleb Ingerson emerged from the womb kicking. Hindered however, by a few major medical issues, he was immediately placed into medical care. He received assistance breathing and had surgery within his first month in this world.

Redemption: Deep waters

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Senior Kamryn Schultz finishes up her serialized book titled Redemption. Chapters will be revealed every two weeks. Make sure to check back twice a month and leave comments on what you think about it. If you missed the fifteenth chapter, read Trust. Interlaken reminded me of a fairytale my mom used to read me. There were these pixies, and they were trying to reach a mountain full of treasure. And just below the mountain, resting peacefully along the shallow waters, was a lake town.

Review: The Bitter Side of Sweet

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The Bitter Side of Sweet, by Tara Sullivan, shares the story of Amadou, a fifteen-year old boy and his eight-year old brother Seydou. Imprisoned on a cocoa farm that uses child labor in the center of Ivory Coast, Africa, the brothers fight to survive and reach harvesting quotas each day.

Book Review: Once an Arafat Man

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Once An Arafat Man, a memoir by Taysir Saada, provides a fresh look into the changing worlds of warfare, terrorism and religious beliefs in the Middle East. From page one, Saada draws a distinct line between his old life of hate and his new life in Christ. Born to Palestinian parents in the Gaza Strip, he lived only three years in his hometown before his family fled.

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