New Kikku Kitchen location exceeds expectations, expands menu items

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Kikku Kitchen opened their doors 19 years ago on 2336 Tulare Street by owners Sylvia and Andri Wahyudi. The restaurant was voted to win a restaurant remodel and decided to bring their signature spicy crispy chicken to the north of Fresno. The Wahyudis made the decision to expand after numerous customers requested a location in the northern part of Fresno. After the couple's children were old enough to attend school, the pair decided to take action in opening a new location. 

COLUMN: China-born senior reviews local Chinese food in Fresno area

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As a medium-size city in California, Fresno’s Chinese restaurants are spread throughout the city. For someone looking for authentic Chinese food, the task may be more difficult than first imagined. According to the Yellow Pages, there are 140 Chinese restaurants in greater Fresno.

Heirloom excites with farm-driven concept, disappoints with flavor

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The smell of the food hangs in all corners of the room, to the side of the room there is a mural of a plant growing in cupped hands. A symbolic reference of their locally grown food, Heirloom provides its meals from farms around the central valley

Kabab City opens fourth location, offers unique menu items

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Opening its doors in Fowler eight years ago, Kabab City has been successfully growing and expanding to other locations, recently opening a brand new restaurant in Fresno, Aug. 2019. The eatery draws inspiration from authentic Middle Eastern cuisine mixed with Arabic, Armenian and Greek food. According to the Kabab City website, the ingredients used come from “farm fresh, never frozen & halal chicken." Halal meat refers to food that is prepared according to the Koran, Islamic Law.

Farm Fresh Bowls provides variety of healthy options

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Originating in Visalia, Central Valley restaurant Farm Fresh Bowls moved to Campus Pointe near Fresno State University, Aug. 2016. Located at the end of the popular college strip, Farm Fresh Bowls offers various healthy breakfast and lunch options. Their menu ranges from açaí bowls to salads and seasonal options.  The restaurant provides a spacious atmosphere but includes very limited seating. Finding a table is easy depending on the time of day and day of the week. Saturdays present more of a challenge to find seating, but weekdays have more available space.  

Baskin Robbins updates store, leaves room for improvement

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Essentially, the new Baskin Robbins is just flashier with improved quality. The improvements, although good still don't make the place high-quality, they have just upped the standards to meet the high-standards of superior, locally-owned stores.

Little Fat Dumpling offers quick Asian food to Fresno

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The only thing that was actually enjoyable were the egg custard buns. The bread was pliable and soft, that contained a great flavor on its own without diminishing the actual custard. The custard itself was a bright yellow color and contained a rich and unique flavor. The flavors combined perfectly and felt velvety in your mouth.

BurgerIM provides an abundance of options

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New in north Fresno, BurgerIM provides burger options for their customers needs. The customizable burgers range from bases classic, vegetarian, chicken and turkey. BurgerIM's slogan states, “Over 40 million ways to build your burgers (No, Really)”.