Baskin Robbins updates store, leaves room for improvement

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Essentially, the new Baskin Robbins is just flashier with improved quality. The improvements, although good still don't make the place high-quality, they have just upped the standards to meet the high-standards of superior, locally-owned stores.

Little Fat Dumpling offers quick Asian food to Fresno

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The only thing that was actually enjoyable were the egg custard buns. The bread was pliable and soft, that contained a great flavor on its own without diminishing the actual custard. The custard itself was a bright yellow color and contained a rich and unique flavor. The flavors combined perfectly and felt velvety in your mouth.

BurgerIM provides an abundance of options

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New in north Fresno, BurgerIM provides burger options for their customers needs. The customizable burgers range from bases classic, vegetarian, chicken and turkey. BurgerIM's slogan states, “Over 40 million ways to build your burgers (No, Really)”. 

Crackin’ Crab Claw specializes in Louisiana style dishes

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Nestled in Woodward Village lies Angry Asian’s Crackin’ Crab Claw, a small restaurant specializing in Louisiana dishes and Cajun cooking. Crackin’ Crab Claw takes traditional southern recipes and brings them to fruition thousands of miles away from New Orleans.

Jabin offers fresh take on ice cream

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Jabin Rolled Ice Cream is a rolled ice cream shop located on the corner of Friant and Fort Washington. As the first of its kind in the Woodward Park area, Jabin provides handmade ice cream as soon as you order. Jabin held a soft opening to nail down technique, Jan. 9, followed by a grand opening celebration, Feb. 10. 

Kabob Land offers exceptional Persian dining

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If you’re looking for a delicious Persian dish to share with some buddies, Kabob Land is the place to be. This unique restaurant provides a relaxed dining experience while also serving excellent food. When I entered the facility, I was greeted by Stephanie, one of the waitresses. She got me a table, and I was immediately impressed by the plush, deluxe chairs. I could sit there for hours!

Boba: Lollicup USA Taiwanese bubble tea

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Lollicup is a Taiwanese bubble tea cafe located on the corner of First and Herndon. The first of its kind in Fresno, this location has been serving the local area for over 15 years. Their mission is to provide high-quality food and beverages made with only the freshest ingredients in a fun and welcoming environment.

Kuppa Joy provides welcoming atmosphere

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Kuppa Joy is a third wave coffee shop with three locations in the Fresno-Clovis area. Third wave coffee means purchasing coffee based on its origin and artisan methods of production. Started by ex Detroit Lions linebacker Zach Follet, Kuppa Joy aims to change the coffee culture in the Central Valley.

Mike’s Grill provides quality barbecue, reasonable prices

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Across the street from FC on the southeast corner of Cedar and Herndon lies Mike’s Grill, home to what many call the best tri-tip in Fresno. With such close proximity to campus, many seniors find it notably accessible for off-campus lunch while others can walk or drive to indulge themselves in great tasting food after classes end for reasonable prices.