Onward provides family-friendly entertainment, strengthened sibling bond

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From the minds that created Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., and Toy Story, Disney Pixar released new animated film Onward onto Disney+, April 3. Disney originally planned to release Onward in theaters, however, the film was released on Disney+ due to COVID-19. Onward, directed by Dan Scanlon, takes place in the once fanciful city of New Mushroomton. The land once held wizards that used their magic to help people, providing light to villages, aiding heroes on quests and entertaining the many magical creatures roaming the world.

Entertainment media fills newfound time during COVID-19 quarantine

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With COVID-19 outbreak continuing its impact across the globe, students often find that excess free time starts to emerge. A hobby that has become popularized by the media is binging TV shows. There are many streaming services that have a wide range of original movies and tv.

The Rise of Skywalker provides action sequences, lacks plot line development

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After over 40 years of storytelling, the Star Wars saga that began in 1977 ended with the installment of “The Rise of Skywalker”, released Dec. 20, 2019. As of now, this movie brought in over $981 million internationally. After viewing this conclusion of the saga, many questioned whether or not Disney created a worthy end to these movies that millions of people enjoy.

“The Mandalorian” captures audiences with action, lore

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“The Mandalorian” takes place in the Star Wars canon timeline After the events of “Return of the Jedi”. At this point in time, the galaxy finds itself under the control of the new republic after they destroyed the empire. The area of republic influence fails to reach the outer rim of the galaxy at his time, leaving the area a sea of lawlessness.

Harriet unveils inspiring true story through historical heroine

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In spite of the major contributions and groundbreaking role that Harriet Tubman played as a historical figure, director Kasi Lemmons is the first to bring Tubman’s story to the big screen. “Harriet” hit theaters Nov. 1, grossing $12 million opening weekend, boasting a 73% from Rotten Tomatoes and an A+ rating from CinemaScore.

“Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” places dark spin on classic Disney story

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“Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” hit theaters, Oct. 18th. The film, produced by Walt Disney Studios and directed by Joachim Rønning, is a sequel to the original “Maleficent” film released in 2014, which grossed just under 800 million dollars. The film, like the first, follows the journey of the infamous Disney villain who first appeared in the original “Sleeping Beauty” movie from 1959. 

Avengers: Endgame provides a satisfying conclusion to the Infinity saga

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Avengers: Endgame is the 22nd film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and is directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, the brothers behind films Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War.

Captain Marvel features female lead, classic storytelling

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With the last Marvel Studio movie coming in last spring of 2018, it has been a whole year without a Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie. However, the popular studio returns to the big screen with a new superhero, Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel first opened in the box office March. 8.

The Lego Movie 2 provides unique storyline and self-affirming message

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Following its predecessor, The Lego movie 2: The Second Part, follows the “creative” storyline of first The Lego Movie produced by Warner Bros. The movie picks up following the adventures of Emmet Brickowski (Chris Pratt). After defeating Lord Business and his plans to glue the entire universe together, Emmet, his friends, and the city of Bricksburg find themselves under attack from Lego Duplo aliens.

“The Kid Who Would Be King” teaches kids to equip leadership skills

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The King Who Would Be King, a new fantasy adventure saga, hits theaters, Jan. 25. Distributed by 20th Century Fox and directed by Joe Carnish, the storyline follows twelve year old Alexander Elliot (Louis Ashbourne Serkis) as he stumbles across King Arthur's legendary Excalibur and then must save the world from ancient enchantress Morgan le Fayhas.