KB impresses with new album “Today We Rebel”

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Kevin Burgess known as “KB” continues to impress with his recent album release “Today We Rebel”, following the release of his previous album, “Tomorrow We Live”. This album has impressed me thoroughly. I expected a lot from this project, but it surpassed my expectations with flying colors. KB set a very high standard with his previous album “Tomorrow We Live”. That was an album I still listen to, even though it released two years ago.  

‘Reputation’ showcases the deeper, darker side of pop genius

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For over a decade, most everyone agreed on Taylor Swift. Her exquisite love songs and breakup ballads combined with her elegant lyrics placed her in the national spotlight while she was still in her teens. Labeled “America’s sweetheart,” Swift personified the hopeless romantic. Swift’s “got a long list of ex-lovers” and every time she and one of her beaus split, she played the victim and wrote tear-jerking songs about the breakup, a characteristic cycle spanning five albums.

Recap: FC Choirs win big at Heritage Festival

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Last Thursday, March 30, the campus choirs, jazz band and Bellezza, left on a four-day adventure to Anaheim for the Worldstrides Heritage Festival at Fullerton College. Early Thursday morning they started their trip headed for Southern California.

Reflection presents generic songs, falls short

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Derek Minor, formerly known as, PRO, released his sixth album, "Reflection," Oct. 14. Minor is the co-founder of the record label, Reflection Music Group (RMG) but is also a member of 116 Clique. His latest album consists of 14 songs and features other artists such as, BJ the Chicago Kid and Hollyn. It was an anticipated album, but in my opinion, missed the mark. The first thing I noticed when I listened to the album was the constant theme described throughout the songs. Minor talked about his love for God and how he isn't ashamed for it and how he won't follow the world's ways.

Tauren Wells singles contain upbeat vibe

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As a an old era ends a new one begins, this is so true for the band Royal Tailor, a major Christian band that has disbanded. However as their legacy ends a new one begins as Tauren Wells, the former lead singer of this band, has emerged as a solo career. Wells recently came out with two new singles Undefeated and Love is action. In addition to these new singles Wells has also been featured in Tobymac’s Feel it from his new album This is not a Test.

MercyMe captivates Fresno crowd

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I walked briskly through the crowded fair lanes, past the various vendors and their fried delicacies. The air was heavy with the smells of frying food and smoke from the various BBQs. I made my way up the stairs into the auditorium where the concert was already in full swing. When I first came to this concert I had expected it to be simply mediocre, as the venue was not the best. However I was surprised by how unique and rather innovative the concert was and how this made up for the usual “smoke and lights effects” that weren't at this concert.

‘This Is Not a Test’ offers high tempo, positive music

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After a three year absence, Toby Mac released his 12th album, "This Is Not a Test," on Aug. 7. His previous album, "Eye on It," was at one point the No. 1 album on the Billboard 200. Producing an album with the same caliber as his previous one would be a challenging task, but in my opinion, Mac hit it off with his latest album. "This Is Not a Test" contains 15 songs and features other artists such as, Hollyn, NF and Capitol Kings. The first thing I noticed with this album are the upbeat and positive songs. My favorite out of these would be, "Til The Day I Die." It talks about how Mac will always praise God until he dies. It also features one of my favorite artists, NF.

Paul McCartney gives fiery performance at Fresno concert

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Almost everyone knows about the Beatles and former member Paul McCartney, and fans all around the globe wait for their turn to see him live on the One on One tour. Wednesday night McCartney appeared at the Fresno Save Mart Center for the first of his North America performances. The show started off with songs such as "Cant Buy Me Love" and "My Valentine", dedicated to his wife Linda who attended the performance. He pointed out his wife and daughter when a song written with them in mind came up, and made sure everyone knew who it was for.

TobyMac Hits Deep tour inspires, entertains crowd

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The rain pitter pattered on the ground, the night was dark, I walked quickly to the Save Mart center. I kept my head down trying keep the rain out of my face. I walked into the amphitheater the place was crowded I had to move past several people to get to my seat. I finally found my seat and collapsed into my it thankful that I had finally gotten past the crowd. The Tobymac hits deep tour includes many artist such as Hollyn, Colton Dixon, Capital Kings, Finding Favour, Building 429, Britt Nicole and Tobymac. These performers put on a diverse show, with music ranging from pop to rock and many other genres. The attendees of this concert were also surprisingly diverse, as both children and and elderly people attended this event. Colton Dixon was one of the first performers of the night. His performance consisted of deeper, more emotional music. I watched with fascination as Colton Dixon played a variety of songs. Eventually he played one of my favorite of his songs, Limitless from his album Anchor. After this song he went off the stage. Next was Capital Kings, whose music was fast paced and lively. The lights pulsated and shown brightly. I watched as the two man band moved in a frenzy between singing and managing their many props. Even though Capital kings had a short part in the concert they managed to provide a very entertaining and action filled section.

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