Hay Day takes virtual farming to the next level

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Hay Day starts off by providing a backstory telling the player how they came upon their new farm. The farm only consists of a farmhouse, barn, and silo all requiring a swipe of the player’s finger to fix up. A scarecrow by the name of Mr. Wicker guides the player through the beginning steps and introduces them to new things as they unlock them. 

The Battle of Polytopia shows creativity, strategy through simplicity

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Consisting of strategy, empire building, epic battles, and a touch of humor, “The Battle of Polytopia” exhibits everything I expect from a great game. Created by Midjiwan game developers, Polytopia won the “Excellence in Gameplay” award from the International Mobile Gaming Awards in 2017. When starting a game, players select a tribe, number of tribes they face, and the level of difficulty to play on. Each tribe looks different, and starts with a different tech than the others. Each tech comes from the in-game tech tree. For example, the Bardur tribe starts with the “hunting” tech pre-unlocked, allowing them to convert animals within their territory into population to level up cities.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance provides addictive Tower Defense Game

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Few games have captured my attention as the Kingdom Rush series. These fantasy tower defense games bring creativity and complexity to a simple game format. I will only briefly go over the first 3 installments of the franchise. I’m mainly focusing on the newest installment, Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. Vengeance focuses on the storyline of Vez’nan (the villain from the first Kingdom Rush) finding that after returning from banishment, his old evil fortress had been turned into a carnival. Breaking from traditional games, in Vengeance, you play as Vez'nan’s general as you command the bad guys.

Brawl Stars encourages teamwork and competition

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Go toe to toe with friends and rivals in game modes ranging from 'steal the bacon' to soccer, while attempting to configure the ultimate team in the online game Brawl Stars. Currently the game has six game modes that cycle every day, Monday through Friday (showdown, bounty, gem grab, heist, brawl ball, and siege). On the weekends, three additional game modes are available to play (big game, robo rumble, and boss fight). Two of these weekend modes are three players against CPUs (computer controlled enemies) while the third is a five vs. one match up with real people. Every game mode has multiple maps that change as they come available.

Brawlhalla Invites Players to Test Their Skill

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Brawlers from all over the world gather in the legendary halls of Valhalla for the fight of their lives in Brawlhalla. Brawlhalla provides a Wii-U exclusive Super Smash Bros.-like game for players who own a PS4, Xbox or computer. There are seven different ways to play Brawlhalla. Brawl of the week Couch party Custom online Online Ranked [...]

Super Smash Bros Ultimate offers immersive gameplay

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate released for the Nintendo Switch on Dec. 7, 2018. As the 5th installment of the series, plenty of fans were eager to pick up the game, including my brother. The game features an possibility of 8 players at one time. The game also features over 75 playable characters, which in the first installment, only 12 characters were available. This all happened in a span of 19 years, with the first installment, Super Smash Bros, released in 1999.

Settlers: Explorers and Pirates

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Settlers of Catan expansion challenges players with extended features Explorers and Pirates boasts five mini game modes with different ways to play the unexplored islands. Sailing the ocean with a crew of sailors, an epic battle with pirates on their home turf, and trade with foreign settlements is all possible in [...]

Subterfuge provides strategic challenge, team building with players

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Strategy, diplomacy, and cunning. Playing Subterfuge involves all of these traits and more. A weeklong game of alliances, takeover, and a large amount of planning, the mobile game Subterfuge won several Mobile game awards in 2015. Subterfuge’s creators are Noel Llopis and Ron Carmel.