Subterfuge provides strategic challenge, team building with players

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Strategy, diplomacy, and cunning. Playing Subterfuge involves all of these traits and more. A weeklong game of alliances, takeover, and a large amount of planning, the mobile game Subterfuge won several Mobile game awards in 2015. Subterfuge’s creators are Noel Llopis and Ron Carmel.   

Fortnite offers free, cross-platform gaming

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Popular game dominates the Battle Royale genre Fortnite allows you to play with up to four friends for free in a Battle Royale style match with players from around the world. In an era of increasing technological integration, virtual pastimes have become more popular. One of the most recent popular video [...]

Nintendo releases first mobile app, ‘Miitomo’

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Have you ever looked at the social media out there and thought, "These are cool, but I wish there was a social media platform where I could dress up like a panda and answer bizarre and specific questions about myself." Okay, you probably haven't. But if this sound interesting to you, check out Miitomo, Nintendo's new social media and first mobile app: Miitomo. The app plays similar to Tomodachi Life, a title for 3DS in America (also on DS in Japan exclusively). Tomodachi Life gives the player and island to customize and move Miis to and watch them live and interact together. Miitomo is a social version of Tomodachi life but with fewer mechanics. Instead of a player controlling multiple Miis, users make one Mii to represent themselves. The app is available on iPhone and Android.

Forest app encourages productivity, preservation

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Stay focused by growing your own mini-forest. With a constant barrage of social media at our fingertips, focusing is harder than ever. It can be so tempting to grab that phone and check Instagram or Twitter. But that short check-up turns into minutes, then hours, and work is left forgotten. Sometimes all that is need to keep the phone down is accountability. Forest offers that. Boasting the tagline “Stay focused, be present”, Forest is an app aimed at keeping users off their phones when they don’t need them. Created by ShaoKan Pi, the app is available on iOS and Windows for 99 cents and free on Android phones. The app is also available free for the browsers Chrome and Firefox.

Snapimals app boasts tight design, pick-up-and-play

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Click. With a touch of the finger, a monkey in the jungle is photographed. Click. This time, a baboon trekking up a tree. Click This photo a picture antelope chasing a cheetah. All done on a phone or computer. No, I'm not describing a photography safari. All these things are possible in the game Snapimals. Snapimals is a free to play app by BebopBee, Inc for iOs, Android and Amazon. Made with the Unity engine, the colorful game takes many of it's gameplay mechanics from Pokémon Snap, a game released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64. In Snapimals the player travels through different areas of the island on a set path. The player is always moving and is not in control of the movement, much like an on-rails shooter. However, instead of shooting a gun, they shoot pictures of the various wild animals that live around the island.

Snapchat update, revolutionizes app

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Snapchat is a social media app used for sharing moments. Users can either take a photo or video, and send it to their friends, or add it to a story for all followers to see. Friends can view snaps for up to 10 seconds, and after 24 hours it disappears. Snapchat was launched in July, 2011, by CEO Evan Spiegel, and CTO Bobby Murphy. The two met as students at Stanford, where they collaborated on a project named "Picaboo". The name was later changed to Snapchat. Their purpose behind Snapchat was to create a unique form of social media that was different than its competitors.