Angel Ruelas eyes professional soccer career after Italian trip

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Whether playing around the Valley or traveling throughout Europe for training, Angel Ruelas, ’20, plays soccer with multiple teams over the years. During his time on the field, Ruelas has visited several countries to refine his skills and learn from foreign teams.  According to Soft Schools, over 250 million individuals engage in soccer year round. An Olympic sport since the year 1900, soccer or “football”, as it's known around the globe encourages team chemistry and unity. According to World Atlas, "the beautiful game" is known to be the most popular sport in the world.

Freshman Rachel Moate excels in varsity volleyball

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After her graduation from FCS in the 2018-2019 school year, Kamryn Schultz left her reputation on the volleyball court intact. Schultz, as a freshman, played volleyball for the varsity team. For a freshman, this opportunity only presents itself to a select few athletes. Joining Schultz on the list of those few athletes, freshman Rachel Moate joins the varsity girls volleyball team.

Blog: Fantasy football talk, week No. 2

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Following the massive headlines created during week two of the NFL season, Kyle Clem, '21, talked with juniors Carston Saelzler and Bryson Graham about their thoughts from the week, Sept. 17. Among the various high-profile headlines around the league, one of the most anticipated moments came that morning.

Blake Burdan tackles final football season

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As the Friday night lights shine on the field and football season heads into full swing, senior Blake Burdan gears up to tackle his last season. Heading into his final year of high school football, Burdan hopes to bring his athletic ability to the team and strives to win a Valley Championship one last time. Burdan began playing football in third grade for the Clovis Cowboys until he moved to Ontario, Canada at age ten. Continuing his love for football in Ontario, Burdan played for the Niagara Football League and for Blessed Trinity High School. After living in Canada for five years, he moved back to Clovis and started his sophomore year at Fresno Christian.

Blog: Fantasy football talk, week No. 1

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With week one of the 2019 NFL season starting this past weekend, Kyle Clem sat down to talk with juniors Carston Saelzler and Bryson Graham about Sunday’s game, Sept. 9. The weekend’s headlines spotlighted the rising drama surrounding Antonio Brown’s impromptu release from the Oakland Raiders at his request. Following the release, the New England Patriots took a chance on Brown and signed him to a one year contract worth up to $15 million with a $9 million signing bonus, Sep. 7. 

Jayna Roseno leads tennis team via encouragement, work ethic

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A summer afternoon goes by on the Fresno Christian tennis courts. While under the Fresno sun, the doubles tandem of Jayna Roseno, ‘20, and Hannah Villines, ‘21, begin the next game of their match. Roseno stepped up to the service line and widened her stance. She lobbed the ball in the air and pounded it toward the opposing service square. Just as it neared the square, the green sphere collided with the back of Villines' head. This moment remains one of Roseno’s favorites from her years on the tennis team.

Kayla Vanderlinden shines light on, off the court

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Either singing on the worship team, mentoring a junior high student in sister to sister, singing in a choir concert or on the volleyball court, senior Kayla Vanderlinden strives to be a light wherever life takes her. Vanderlinden began her athletic journey starting in the third grade, playing softball as second basemen. She played on a club team in Santa Clarita, California where she spent most of her childhood. One of Vanderlinden’s favorite memories took place after batting practice. Her grandma took her to the nearest Foster’s Freeze after nearly every practice and Vanderlinden always ordered a chocolate dipped cone. 

Football kicks year off with 24-0 victory

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Football returns to the field for the 2019 season with a 24-0 victory over Sierra HS, Aug 23. Lead by head coach Russ Counts, the Eagles proved their ability to dominate defensively despite graduating 12 seniors. Seconds into the game, running back Blake Burdan, '20, scored six for the Eagles on a kick-off return. Burdan scored 12 points and earned 50 yards of rushing.

Andrew Moore expresses faith on, off the field

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Continuing his focus on athletes throughout the Fresno Christian campus, senior Richie Cortez digs deeper into players lives rather than focusing on their play on the field. Cortez uncovers unheard stories and highlights moments that athletes experience to get to where they are today.  Two year linebacker and running back for the Eagles, Andrew Moore, ‘21, puts in countless hours of studying film and rehearsing multiple repetitions in practice to perfect his game. Along with contributing to the football team in the backfield, Moore strives to impact his campus and peers.