Richie Cortez covers freshman no-hitter during first league game

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The Fresno Christian Eagles had their first East Sierra League game on April 29 at Summit Charter. The Eagles came in with a record of  9-4, hungry for their first league victory. Sam Swearingen, ‘22, threw for seven innings with seven strikeouts and no hits allowed, giving the Eagles their first league win and with a no-hitter. Fresno Christian shut out the Summit Charter Bears, 22-0, on the road making a statement for the rest of the league to see.

BLOG: Our Ultimate Call

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We all at some point are seeking our purpose in some way or form. When we were young children the common question asked was, what do you want to be when you grow up? We all have different callings here on earth and each of us have assignments that are linked to that calling. But there is a calling, a purpose on our life that transcends any other assignment and in a way unites us all, and that is worship. We were created to worship the one true God who is the King of kings, and the Lord of lords.

BLOG: Where do I Start?

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While beginning a healthy lifestyle, the majority of people think eating healthy means going on a “diet” and fail to follow through. A diet is restricting the food you consume for a period of time. The issue with a diet is it isn't consistent. It’s a quick fix that escalates into a rollercoaster of on-again-off-again healthy eating.

BLOG: The Struggle is Real

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We have heard that everyone struggles with something or with multiple things and they can be small or big.  Struggles stem from past experiences or from a current experience that is completely foreign to us. One of my struggles is letting go of situations that have reached out of my control.  Before I have come to the end of myself and surrendered it to the Lord, I need to ensure that I did all that I could.  I make sure that I dotted all my i’s, crossed all my t’s and if I’ve already exhausted myself in trying to make it look what I think it should look like, I break.

BLOG: Girl Talk–Preparations for formal

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Whether your a boy or girl, everyone takes time to prepare and gets ready for special events. We want to look the best we can, for whatever comes our way. Formal is coming up, March 30 and students begin to get ready to look their prime for this night to remember. The theme of this year is Oscars. Students are able to walk down a red carpet, addition to watch the films created by each class.

BLOG: Growing closer to God, an introduction

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My name is Rachel Rodriguez, I am thirty-four years old and I was born in Fresno, CA. I am the oldest of three girls and grew up with a  strict traditional Mexican Catholic dad and with an introverted Mexican-American mom. My parents split when I was sixteen years old. Fast forward, I am now a Spanish high school teacher who has four years of teaching full time at Fresno Christian Schools and I am currently a first year grad student at Fresno Pacific University.

BLOG: Creating a healthy lifestyle

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Sophomore Natalie Arndt, blog writer and FC student, strives to inform students about fitness and nutrition. Four years ago, Arndt discovered her passion for staying in shape and pursuing a healthy diet. When she is not meal prepping, Arndt can be found in the campus mentor program, Sister To Sister, playing volleyball, or riding her horse, Katie. As she encourages others toward a healthy lifestyle, Arndt hopes to inspire readers to take action in pursuit of nutritious habits.

BLOG: Girl Talk-Do you really want to go on a Valentine’s date?

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A holiday we either dread or can not wait for. The candy hearts, chocolate, flowers and teddy bears line the racks of stores, as everyone begins to shop for their loved ones before Feb. 14: Valentine's Day. It may all seem cheesy but in reality we are at home watching chick flicks waiting for our prince charming to come running after us.

Richie Cortez discusses FC girls soccer with Deborah Ingerson

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The FC girls soccer program is heading into the postseason with a comfortable playoff spot this season. Last year, the girls fell just short of a Valley Championship and are looking to head back to the championship game with a different outcome.

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