Functional Human Blog No. 10 Goals

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If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time. I watched a short strength training video the other day (yeah, that’s what I do in my free time) about the importance of setting and pursuing goals for training. The presenter, Brooke Haubenstricker, of Starting Strength Online Coaching™, a strength training and education company, talked about the relationship between training and goals.

COMMENTARY: Girl Talk- Trends and Expectations

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When it comes to outward style, girls easily allow themselves to conform to something fixed or molded into a general pattern of what others would expect. Even becoming a cookie cutter expression of someone else’s opinions. Since all of us love God and are continually maturing in His love for us, how can we venture out into some new clothing styles without getting vain? To develop our own style, but still enjoy the trends?

COMMENTARY: Girl Talk-First Dates

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We all create the perfect idea of what our first date would consist of. Whether it is something extravagant such as a walk on the beach or something more calming such as getting coffee, the ideas girls design become limitless. The curiosity in girls mind build, contemplating who, when, where and how their first date will occur. Written by: Megan LeBlanc

Functional Human blog No. 9-The FC Strength Lifting Meet

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The Strength PE classes and FC Barbell Club participated in the first ever FC Strength Lifting Meet recently. It was an opportunity for the students to approach lifting weights in a competitive situation. Competitive weight lifting has existed for centuries, if not milenia, in some form or other.

COMMENTARY: Girl Talk-Body Image

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Juniors Annabelle Messer and Megan LeBlanc begin the blog series, “Girl Talk” covering issues spotlighting the triumphs and struggles from the female perspective. They published their first blog, Oct. 5. We look in the mirror and our insecurities consume our vision. We take one more glance as we pull away and realize what we are not. This is an issue all teenage girls face. For hours, teens scroll through social media and see the 'perfect' models as they pose for the camera. With no acne, no body fat, plus confidence, everyone wishes they could become them.

BREAKING: Feather journalist travels to Israel

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Israel is identified as the “Holy Land” by Jews, Christian and Muslims. According to Tourism Ministry a record 2.1 million people visited Israel in the first half of 2018. Israel is not only a religious destination but also a vacation and business spot. The Dead Sea and the beaches of Tel Aviv attract many vacationers. Religious destinations are the main attractions though for study tours and other church focused trips. The Well Community Church has made over 9  trips to Israel. Teaching pastors take a group of people on a twelve day experience around the country, discovering ancient cities and the foundation that the Christian church was built on.

Functional Human Blog No. 8- The Isolation Problem

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Many if not most gym-goers, especially those who are members of the typical commercial exercise gym/club, engage in resistance based exercise using isolation exercises primarily or exclusively.  They go from machine to machine in a circuit, doing one or more sets of many different isolation movements. If their goal is just to exercise (that is, do physical activity which produces a transient physiological response which does not necessarily contribute to long term improvement--see blog post #2) and pursue general physical well-being, that approach is fine. It cannot, however, induce meaningful transformation in strength for a couple of reasons.

Richie Cortez discusses playoffs with Anthony Lonardo

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The Fresno Christian Eagles have gone through week one of the playoffs defeating Desert High, 57-0, at home, Nov. 2. This next upcoming game is against Orcutt Academy (San Luis Obispo), Nov. 9. This is the second time these two teams have faced off. In week eight, the Eagles and Spartans went head to head with the Eagles coming out on top, 45-27. Written by Richie Cortez

Functional Human Blog No. 7- “The Thigh Bone’s Connected to the Hip Bone…”

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In the previous post I introduced readers to strength training specialist Mark Rippetoe’s three guiding principles of training and their role in producing stress that leads to strength. Rippetoe’s principles, the bedrock of his Starting Strength™ method, are expressed in this statement: Use the greatest amount of muscle mass to move the most weight possible through the longest effective range of motion. The three crucial components, muscle mass, heavy weight and range of motion combine to create enough stress in the body’s systems to trigger an adaptation. The old song lyric I referred to in the title of this post holds the key to understanding and applying these principles. It reinforces the fact that all human movement is the result of interplay between various elements of the skeletal muscular system. This means that training the system as a whole must be the main determiner in movement selection.

COMMENTARY: Girl Talk–Trust

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Walls go up and barriers surround us as we hesitate to give our trust to others. It seems simple yet obstacles hold us back from previous experiences. As new people enter our lives, our trust in them is sometimes non-existent. Over a period of time, they begin to prove that we can trust that individual entirely and without hesitation. When trust is expected in a relationship, it can change the whole dynamic for worse or for better. People’s trust evolves and becomes earned after a period of time but can be broken within an instant. As everyone goes throughout their daily lives, they trust in one way or another. Trust is an aspect that continually occurs, ranging from something microscopic to something huge. Without trust, a relationship can possibly not survive through the rough patches.

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