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COLUMN: Welcome to 2019!

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Happy 2019 and welcome back to the second semester of the 2018-19 school year! I hope students, staff and their families enjoyed a restful break from the routine of school. Whether you have kept your New Year’s resolutions so far or not, a new year offers opportunities for fresh starts, and not just with the grade book.

BLOG: Girl Talk-First Dates

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We all create the perfect idea of what our first date would consist of. Whether it is something extravagant such as a walk on the beach or something more calming such as getting coffee, the ideas girls design become limitless. The curiosity in girls mind build, contemplating who, when, where and how their first date will occur. Written by: Megan LeBlanc

COLUMN: Spend time with loved ones this holiday season

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November is underway, winter sports are kicking off and Christmas break is just visible over the horizon. As fall ends and the days become shorter, students look forward to the festivities of the holidays and time away from school.

COLUMN: Alexander Rurik shares story of name

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Hello, my name is Alexander Rurik, the 2018-19 ASB President for Fresno Christian. As an FC lifer, I am thrilled to spend my final year alongside friends and classmates I have walked through life with. As the initial school year madness settles into a calm routine, I want to share a part of who I am.

BLOG: Girl Talk–Trust

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Walls go up and barriers surround us as we hesitate to give our trust to others. It seems simple yet obstacles hold us back from previous experiences. As new people enter our lives, our trust in them is sometimes non-existent. Over a period of time, they begin to prove that we can trust that individual entirely and without hesitation. When trust is expected in a relationship, it can change the whole dynamic for worse or for better. People’s trust evolves and becomes earned after a period of time but can be broken within an instant. As everyone goes throughout their daily lives, they trust in one way or another. Trust is an aspect that continually occurs, ranging from something microscopic to something huge. Without trust, a relationship can possibly not survive through the rough patches.

BLOG: Girl Talk–Sadies

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Juniors Annabelle Messer and Megan LeBlanc begin the blog series, "Girl Talk" covering issues spotlighting the triumphs and struggles from the female perspective. They begin publishing their first blog next week.  An 80-year tradition, Sadie Hawkins, continues in many high schools throughout the US and Canada. The idea first occurred as a comic strip in 1937, illustrating a women named Sadie Hawkin who got to choose whatever man she wanted to marry. The comic strip became very popular in the USA, as well as Canada. This empowered women’s rights as well as making an interesting dance idea, where girls ask guys in many high schools.

COLUMN: Small school, big dreams

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In my conversations with other students throughout the Valley, there is a common notion that because of its size, Fresno Christian Schools fails to accommodate the breadth of students’ interests, limiting those who want to achieve because of its size. While our school is small, that difference gives us a unique advantage.

Final Blog Post – Juliana Lozano

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Farewell, book blogging! It feels incredibly odd to be leaving book blogging behind. Over the past two years on The Feather, I was able to read and review 22 books while also writing articles on school events and managing high school life. Some of my absolute favorite books came from blogging here. Highlights include Salt to the Sea, Vengeance Road, and A List of Cages.

Nailin’ it with Nicole Ep. No. 10

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Welcome to the tenth episode of “Nailin It With Nicole”! In this series of videos, I show you how to do nail designs that are both beautiful and somewhat simple. Today we will be doing a spring design to match the upcoming warm weather! These nails equip pastel colors and gentle glitters that make an eye-catching but straightforward look.

Style Session No. 15 – Polka Dots, Pastels and Fanny Packs

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As I was reviewing the spring shows to cull the season’s latest trends for you, I realized a couple of things. First, there’s nothing really new under the sun. Most of the themes on the runways weren’t earth-shatteringly innovative. Many of the looks are either recycled trends that pop up every few years or are modernized takes on decades-old patterns and accessories.

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