BLOG: Amateur Rocketry: chemistry

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Juniors explain the chemistry that makes rockets fly The Zed rocket use a solid-fueled motor. A few weeks ago, our Zed rocket lifted off the launch pad for the first time. At the heart of our homemade rocket is a homemade engine, which provides the thrust needed to make any rocket [...]

Passions & Hobbies: Behind the scenes of Fresno Christian athletes

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Although this may not have been the of the year students and faculty would have liked, there is a bright side to this pandemic. I have been making more time for things I love to do as hobbies. I’ve taught myself how to play worship songs on the guitar and the keyboard.  Many athletes have stories besides scoring a goal or throwing a no-hitter. As I was struggling to find stories and stick to my forte of writing about sports and athletes, I drew a blank. Many professional sports organizations have cancelled the rest of their remaining seasons or weren’t able to participate in a season at all. 

BLOG: Amateur rocket launch

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The Zed II mission was the second launch of the Zed rocket and the third flight test to date. The rocket is powered by an E-class equivalent sugar/potassium nitrate motor with 53 grams of propellant. While the motor functioned as hoped, the rocket suffered from serious aerodynamic instability. The launch occurred on April 7, 2020.

Open Air Adventures, No. 4, 2020-Safety First

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Following two months of scarce snowfall and low attendance, the China Peak Mountain Resort temporarily shut down for the season in early March. But as major rainfall swept over the Central Valley, the resort began to see signs hope signal in the form of falling snow. Last week, China Peak received about three feet of fresh powder, tempting local skiers and riders to pull out their gear once again and hit the slopes. However, just as snow conditions were looking up, the resort faced a new obstacle that was not as easily overcome. Over the past few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic that has shut down businesses and schools has led to the closure of almost all ski resorts throughout the nation. Bucking the trend, China Peak managed to keep its lifts running for a couple of epic days last week.

Style Session No. 10, 2019-2020 – Straight Talk

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Wash your hands. With soap. Often. This isn’t preschool. We shouldn’t have to remind you to use warm, soapy water and sing Happy Birthday twice. Pick out your clothes with God in mind. You don’t need to impress anyone else.

College Corner: Academic advisor shares advice for seniors, juniors

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‘Tis the season of deadlines, acceptance letters, scholarships and FAFSA. In the busyness of the new semester, seniors are balancing their academics and extracurricular activities. As the first semester comes to a close, the second semester welcomes students with a new list of responsibilities to complete before graduation quickly approaches.

Open Air Adventures, No.3, 2020-Carving out new skills

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Though Skiing can be a fairly simple sport to learn, there are always critiques to be made and new lessons to learn. Even the best skiers in the world go over various techniques and training drills to enhance their skill set. Whether it's learning how to ski powder, moguls, or carving on a groomed run, this snow sport translates to various methods that can be as complex as you make them. I don’t say this to intimidate the hopeful novice, but rather encourage them that there are greater aspects to skiing than just getting down the hill without falling. Once the basics have been mastered, the skier can begin to explore a diversified playing field of new abilities.

Open Air Adventures, No. 2, 2020- Snowboarding dos and donts

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Once arriving at China Peak, the first step is to figure out where to rent equipment and begin the process of learning how to snowboard. China Peak, has an equipment rental shop located in the Day Lodge. There, employees can assist resort attendants with everything they need to get on the snow.  Afterwards, visitors can either schedule a snowboard lesson from a professional, or begin the trial and error process of mastering the sport on their own. I recommend finding a friend who is experienced in snowboarding to come and encourage you along the way.