Style Session, No. 7, 2019-20 – A Confident Look

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Written by writer, editor and FCS mother Silva Emerian, Style Session is about fashion trends, style and Emerian’s connection with God. Published since 2015, Style Session returns to The Feather after a year-long hiatus. Style Session will be published bi-monthly and Emerian’s previous works can be viewed on her Feather author page. Emerian also runs her own personal blog, On My Shoebox and can be reached via email. 

BLOG: Amateur rocketry No. 3: Juniors explain basic rocket science

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Before I became an amatuer rocket scientist, my assumption was that rocket science was too difficult to learn. Now I know that the challenging part of rocketry isn't so much making a rocket, but making a rocket that works as designed.

Style Session No. 6, 2019-20 – Party Clothes and Baby Burritos

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I’m one of those people who cannot (will not) think about Christmas before Thanksgiving. Not one Christmas carol. No shopping. I’m not having any of it until I finish my mashed potatoes. (No turkey for this vegetarian.) Now that the leftovers are gone, I can shift my attention to the Christmas season. Our tree is up, a wreath is hanging on the front door, and Christmas music is on in the car.

Blog: Fantasy football talk, week No. 10

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Following the final whistle of week ten of the NFL season, Feather staffer Kyle Clem sat down with juniors Carston Saelzler and Bryson Graham to discuss the week of action. This week offered a number of upsets and a Monday Night Football classic. With wins over their heavily favored opponents, the Titans, Browns, Falcons and Dolphins improved their overall record with major wins.

Style Session, No. 5, 2019-20 – Cramped Closets and Nothing to Wear

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Have you ever stood in front of (or inside) your closet, staring at the racks and shelves FULL of clothes, and thought to yourself, “I have NOTHING to wear!”? I have. And isn’t it funny that, despite a closet packed with clothes, I often reach for the same handful of items and wear them over and over again? I’m currently wearing a gray sweater I’ve owned for about 7 years over a black DKNY top I’ve owned for more than 20 years. That’s 2-0 as in two decades. Meanwhile, there is a brand new knit dress with its tag still on it hanging in my closet.

Blog: Fantasy football talk, week No. 8

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Students discuss impact of NFL trade deadline Feather staffer Kyle Clem, ’21, (left) discusses week eight of the NFL season alongside juniors Bryson Graham (center) and Carston Saelzler (right). With the conclusion of week eight of the NFL season, two teams remain undefeated and continue to make a push for the [...]

BLOG: Inside the Music, No. 1 – Setting the stage

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Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be a songwriter. There's something beautiful about being able to artistically and creatively express myself. I wrote my first song when I was 13 and played it for everyone that would listen.

BLOG: Style Session, No. 4, 2019-20 – Sunday Best

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I am Armenian and I grew up on the East Coast. This means that when it comes to clothes, the dressier the better. East Coast Armenians dress up for everything! We love to look our best at all times. Are we snobs? I wouldn’t discount it. But we love to put our best foot forward in all ways, especially sartorially.

BLOG: Amateur rocketry No. 2: Juniors begin experimentation, learn through trials

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Under a hastily decorated tree stood an assortment of packages. A large, generic brown box peaked curiosity to its contents. My turn came, and I moved over to the tree to collect the prize. On first glance I failed to understand the markings on the outside of the boxes inside.

College Corner: College fairs, NACCAP benefits

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Fall welcomes a new season of SAT/ACT test dates, college applications and college fairs. Seniors are busy finalizing their list of colleges they plan on applying to while also maintaining a good academic standing. Yet college fairs, NACCAP benefits can still provide post secondary insight.