Senior Reflection: Serena Zhao

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Life is strange. I will never forget the afternoon when my mom asked me to study abroad in the United States. A journey filled with ups and downs and surprises and struggles awaited me when I answered “yes” without even thinking because people all say studying in the United States will be easier than Chinese schools. I used to be a stubborn and prideful person. In China, I never failed to meet the teacher’s requirements and was on top of everything among academic achievements. I, of course, had lots of leadership positions in the school.

Senior Reflection: Ethan Hamm

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I have changed quite a bit over the span of these last four years. I still feel like the wacky, manic, 14-year old that I was when I began high school here at Fresno Christian and yet now I cringe at that same freshman that would do anything for attention. I remember the last week [...]

Senior Reflection: Wesley Hinton

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When I joined The Feather’s video journalism team in my junior year of high school I was looking for a creative outlet. The first video I ever edited was my audition to get into the class. It was just a few clips I took with my dad’s DSLR and my drone on a day out on the lake. Today as I leave high school, I have learned how to shoot video using manual settings, edit on Adobe Premiere Pro, and make journalistic and marketing content.

Passions & Hobbies: Behind the scenes of Fresno Christian athletes

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Although this may not have been the of the year students and faculty would have liked, there is a bright side to this pandemic. I have been making more time for things I love to do as hobbies. I’ve taught myself how to play worship songs on the guitar and the keyboard.  Many athletes have stories besides scoring a goal or throwing a no-hitter. As I was struggling to find stories and stick to my forte of writing about sports and athletes, I drew a blank. Many professional sports organizations have cancelled the rest of their remaining seasons or weren’t able to participate in a season at all. 

Senior Reflection: Annabelle Messer

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Messer has attended FCS since kindergarten and is considered a "lifer". When I think of Fresno Christian, I get an overwhelming sense of familiarity. FCS has been my second home for as long as I can remember. From sitting in the afternoon kindergarten class of Amy Witters to receiving an [...]