COLUMN: Las Vegas finds identity in Golden Knights

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Last February, alumnus Julian Castro, ‘17, and I ventured from the Central Valley to the California coast to cheer on one of our favorite professional sports teams, the Vegas Golden Knights, as they took on the San Jose Sharks at the SAP Center. At the time, Vegas was a few months into their inaugural season, yet they sat in second for total points in all the NHL.

COLUMN: Serena Zhao shares American culture experience

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As an oversea student from Shenzhen, China, I absorbed a completely different foreign culture and learned a lot from it. I first arrived in the United States three years ago, and experienced the warm welcome from many Americans. Today I am a junior at Fresno Christian and have tried my best to get involved with the school.

BLOG: Girl Talk-Do you really want to go on a Valentine’s date?

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A holiday we either dread or can not wait for. The candy hearts, chocolate, flowers and teddy bears line the racks of stores, as everyone begins to shop for their loved ones before Feb. 14: Valentine's Day. It may all seem cheesy but in reality we are at home watching chick flicks waiting for our prince charming to come running after us.

COLUMN: Respecting leadership

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Currently, America finds itself torn by opposing views of our leaders. I believe that many people judge our leaders solely on opinions from the media, without hearing the facts and deciding for themselves. I think that these opinions lead to a disrespect of the authority that God places over us.

COLUMN: The case for nationwide student free press

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There is no way around it. The legacy of the 1988 Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier Supreme Court decision remains disgraceful. When the principal of Hazelwood East High School outside St. Louis, Missouri, censored a special teen issue section in the student newspaper that included articles on teen pregnancy and the impact of divorce on students, members of the student staff sued.

COLUMN: Kaylie Clem shares Price Is Right experience

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For over half my life I have watched The Price Is Right with my family early in the morning on weekdays during break or other vacations. Whenever a contestant would come on stage and be anywhere near the minimum age of 18, my mom would tease me saying, "That's going to be you when you turn 18!" 

College Corner: Spring semester breakdown

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The planning process for the school year can be a stressful task for some students. Where do you start? What should you be on the lookout for? Below, I have provided an outline month by month on what students should expect for the second half of the school year.

COLUMN: Joshua Wilderness Institute

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As second semester starts up, us seniors are constantly thinking about what lies ahead after we graduate. We consider colleges that best fit our interests and intended careers and programs that provide opportunities. Another possibly path to take after high school is a gap year, usually an academic year taken as a break between high school and college. Taking a gap year is another way to provide growth and development to students, and allows them a little more time to figure out what they want to do.

EDITORIAL: Resolve issues through mediation, conversation

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In the hallways of high school, disagreements and disassenion arise from misinterpreted intentions. In the classroom, conflicts come about from opposing perspectives. In situations where students are faced with a discord with another student, they must be able to approach and address the issue in a proper manner to de escalate tensions. On the contrary, some choose to avoid problems and put off dealing with it. Students who avoid conflict find that the issue is never resolved, and often manifests into larger problems later.  

Thoughts from Israel, No. 2-Richness in community

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Are we missing out on a richness in community that people in ancient times depended on? As I walked through the walls of the ancient city Qatzrin, these are the words I took to heart from The Well Community Church pastor Mike Slayden.

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