EDITORIAL: Growth through giving back

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Some see volunteering as a trivial activity and unworthy of their time. They see little to no benefit in serving others without financial compensation. Volunteers positively impact their communities, all the while learning new skills and developing their reputation with future employers. Around 24.9 percent of Americans volunteered through or for an organization at least once between September 2014 and September 2015.

COLUMN: Parent grateful for FCS’ impact on community, family

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I was standing outside the FC gym last week, waiting for my 8th grader to exchange his backpack for his tennis uniform and racquet before their first co-ed junior high tennis match.Beautiful and athletic Trinity Cox, my son’s classmate, saw me as she waited to leave for her softball game.

COLUMN: Principal Amy Deffenbacher reflects, shares attributes of small school community

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Principal Amy Deffenbacher has spent considerable time, lately, thinking about what it means to be part of the Fresno Christian community, sharing privileges and responsibilities.

COLUMN: Former Feather editor thanks advisers

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Two years into my collegiate career, maintaining a high level of academic success has been an achievable task. Upon reflection of how I got here and what makes me a successful student, I realized that one of the main drivers is my work ethic: The Feather Online.

COLUMN: My experience as Feather’s Twitter editor

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Today, Twitter users tweet world wide over 500 million times per day, a number that continues to grow. Typically, tweets either go viral within minutes or drop beneath waves of content. With only 280 characters, it seems difficult to captivate an audience. Here at The Feather, this is what we aim for.

COLUMN: #EverydayJournalism

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I always found myself drawn to writing. Putting thoughts and ideas on a piece of paper or typing them on a computer screen gave me a sense of freedom, allowing me to express a part of myself that I struggled to share out loud. So when I took journalism my first day of high school, I was excited to have the opportunity to gives others an idea of who I was and what I had to offer on a multi-media platform.

COLUMN: Las Vegas finds identity in Golden Knights

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Last February, alumnus Julian Castro, ‘17, and I ventured from the Central Valley to the California coast to cheer on one of our favorite professional sports teams, the Vegas Golden Knights, as they took on the San Jose Sharks at the SAP Center. At the time, Vegas was a few months into their inaugural season, yet they sat in second for total points in all the NHL.

COLUMN: Serena Zhao shares American culture experience

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As an oversea student from Shenzhen, China, I absorbed a completely different foreign culture and learned a lot from it. I first arrived in the United States three years ago, and experienced the warm welcome from many Americans. Today I am a junior at Fresno Christian and have tried my best to get involved with the school.

BLOG: Girl Talk-Do you really want to go on a Valentine’s date?

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A holiday we either dread or can not wait for. The candy hearts, chocolate, flowers and teddy bears line the racks of stores, as everyone begins to shop for their loved ones before Feb. 14: Valentine's Day. It may all seem cheesy but in reality we are at home watching chick flicks waiting for our prince charming to come running after us.

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