Roman Endicott, column: It’s up to us to shape our environment

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A few summers ago I was on a cruise headed towards the Catalina Islands when things didn’t go exactly as planned. I woke up in the middle of the night in a fit of panic, with my hand over my mouth running towards the bathroom. I finally made it, but ended up regurgitating the bad pizza I ate from the previous evening.

COLUMN: Sophomore mourns over loss of friend, pt. 2

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After going through a normal school day, guest writer Richie Cortez, ‘20, discovered a friend from another school had committed suicide. Cortez explained how it affected him throughout his first column: COLUMN: Sophomore mourns over loss of friend. Our conversation ended and he prayed for me. He prayed for Clovis East, the family going through this difficult time and for people to stay strong. When he finished I thanked him for what he did. He walked me back on campus into the building and I told the office I was going back to class.

COLUMN: Sophomore mourns over loss of friend

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This is going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever written about. The whole point of this column is to help people. I want to help others because I am tired of seeing so many people hurt. What I am hoping to come out of this when people read it is to have a different perspective on everything they do towards others.

College Corner: Take responsibility for early applications

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As the weather turns cooler and the leaves change color, a new season is upon us. To seniors, this season is most notable for the appearance of college application deadlines. Not always the favorite amongst high school seniors, but nonetheless very important.

COLUMN: Deaf journalist shares struggles

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I was born on January 22, 2002, in Fresno, California to my parents, David and Traci Triplitt. Unfortunately, at the time of my birth, most hospitals only did Newborn Hearing Screenings on infants with a high risk of hearing loss, such as those who had birth defects, or a low birth rate. The hearing tests were not mandatory, but optional.

Roman Endicott, column: Organizing your time

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Pumpkins, football games and comfy sweaters are all pleasant things most of us associate with Autumn. This season school, if we aren’t careful, can turn into a chore. At this point in the year, high school may begin to feel redundant and superfluous, however, there are many things we can do to combat this.

COLUMN: The importance of pronunciation

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The Punjabi language has been apart of my life since the day I was born. My parents emphasized on building me through my ethnic heritage. They took the entire family to India several times too, especially to show me where they had come from.  Being of Northern Indian descent, learning how to speak quickly is necessary when you’re from Punjab. My parents taught me at a young age on what to say and what not to say. 

COLUMN: Cabin leaders meditate on first Calvin Crest experience

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Towards the end of my sophomore year, I heard rumors of the junior high teachers choosing counselors for their annual trip to Calvin Crest. Ever since I had attended the camp in eighth grade, I always wanted to be a counselor; someone the kids looked up to and respected. Hallie Rojeski eventually asked me to become one, and I responded with an enthusiastic “yes.”

COLUMN: Calvin Crest counselors muse over 2nd-year experience

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Every year during fall, JH teachers Terry Richards, Hallie Rojeski and another teacher take the 8th-grade class to Calvin Crest Outdoor School for a week. However due to the Railroad Fire, camp was postponed twice and rescheduled for a weekend, as it was the only space available.

COLUMN: Freshmen writer shares perspective on journalism

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This was the conversation I had with my sister after she told me that she would be traveling to New York for a week with her journalism team to compete in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Ever since that time I knew I needed to join the Feather. So far, the Feather has exceeded my expectations. It is the hardest writing class I have ever been in, and I’ve grown because of that. Everything I’ve done has stretched me as a writer and taught me how to be a journalist. I never knew the stress a helping verb could cause someone until this year.

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