COLUMN: ‘FC Lifer’ shares one regret

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I walked through Mrs. (Linda) Tapley’s door terrified of my first day of school at Fresno Christian. At only four years old, the youngest one there, I felt alone. Classmates made friends from preschool the year before, but not me. I never went to preschool. The alphabet, counting to one hundred, reading, and spelling my name presented no problem for me, but it took some time to make a friend.

COLUMN: Learning from losing

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For the fifth year in a row, The Feather Online returned from New York boasting yet another Gold Crown award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association(CSPA). The Feather staff claims seven Gold Crowns since 2010. However, the CSPA’s award is not the only prize students strive for. The National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) offers an arguably more prestigious reward--the Pacemaker. The Feather owns six Digital Pacemaker awards, most recently winning in 2016.

COLUMN: Student overcomes chemotherapy

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At the tail end of 2016, my sister Trista Brown, '18, was diagnosed Idiopathic Severe Aplastic Anemia or SAA. She was rushed to Valley Children's Hospital after a tennis game as she felt awful. During her initial hospital stay, medical staff decided to administer her a blood transfusion and took some of her bone marrow to test. This is when they found out that her bone marrow wasn't working right, but they didn't know the extent of her problem.

Column: Journalism as a freshman

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I have never really been very good at writing, but I knew that joining The Feather would shape me to be a better writer. I also knew that the skills that I would learn from being on the team would be very beneficial further on down the road. Last year my older sister, Kylie Bell, was the photo editor of the team and I really enjoyed learning and hearing all about The Feather through her. Also my aunt, Kori Friesen, is one of The Feather advisors and she advised me to be on the team especially as a journalist, because she wanted me to receive training from advisor Greg Stobbe.

COLUMN: Overcoming struggles of diabetes

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As my 12 year anniversary of being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes has come, I look back on how it has impacted my life. As the carefree days of eating are well behind me, my life currently revolves around analyzing my blood sugar while also calculating the carbohydrates in my food. At the age of five, my parents sensed that something was wrong with me. While away on vacation I experienced unusual thirst and constant bathroom trips. My suspicious behavior peaked my parents' concern and they took me to see my local pediatrician as soon as we got back in town. On Feb 4, 2005, the doctor confirmed to me and my parents that I had type 1 diabetes. A wave of emotions hit my parents, but I was unaware of what difficulty lied before me.

College Corner: College Information Workshop update

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For those of you who were unable to attend the College Information Workshop, Jan. 23, I have attached the College Corner presentation to review. This is an event that is conducted at Fresno Christian every year. It is a time for parents and students to learn all about the college application process, the SAT/ACT, financial aid for college, and much more.

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