COLUMN: Student shares story of immigrant mother, value of perseverance

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Day to day, without energy and barely any drive to go any longer, the journey of life pushes people in uncomfortable and tough situations. With the stress of doing things right, and performing to the best of our ability at home, school, athletics, and church drains us.

COLUMN: Student shares struggle of losing family pet

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Death is inevitable. It can not be run from or escaped. But it is significant no matter the timing. Sometimes people can feel as if a pet passing is not significant enough to mourn. But it is, a pet loves you, looks after you and is often considered family. 

COLUMN: 2nd year Feather staffer shares passion

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Something about my junior year didn't seem right. I felt as though my free time was growing more and more every day. I decided to get out of my comfort zone and expand my knowledge by becoming a journalist for my school's newspaper.

Who we are: How has The Feather impacted you?

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From a young age, I've grown up hearing about The Feather Online even though I wasn't attending Fresno Christian. Soon after I transferred to FC, I knew that I wanted to be engaged on campus. The Feather is a great way to stay involved with campus news. 

COLUMN: Chinese international student talks press for education

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One of the main focuses of Scholastic Journalism Week is #Press4Education. The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and JEA are looking to match journalists and K-12 teachers in a nationwide effort to bring more journalism education to schools. The project provides lesson plans, presentations, and other resources to journalists who want to volunteer to share their knowledge. Besides, SPJ provided topics for making presentations, including ethics, social media, and online reporting.

How then shall I live: Setting a standard

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Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle once penned, “The search for truth is in one way hard and in another way easy, for it is evident that no one can master it fully or miss it wholly." The concept of truth is one of the oldest questions humans face and it retains every ounce of importance in today’s world. At the SJV Town Hall, Gen. John Kelly shared the far-reaching importance of truth. 

COLUMN: Architecture focus drives service dreams, reflects social change

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As the world progresses in technology, social normalcy and living standards, architecture mirrors the evolution of history. Architecture improves lives, reflects social change and has great importance in each era. It represents the changes experienced in history and the past's influence on the people. While high school students busy themselves with daily assignments, many resist creating a vision for their future. There are infinite ways to develop a passion that not only drives next steps, but uses a student's interests and abilities. Students can not only make a name for themselves, but also serve their own and far-reaching communities.

COLUMN: Global impact begins at local level

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Change can begin anywhere, even in a small city like Fresno. Fresno’s past shortcomings have left a negative impact on how its residents view themselves as homelessness, abortion, pollution and human trafficking have left a mark on the city. However, while Fresno is a microcosm of these global issues, steps to improve and restore the community are already underway.