EDITORIAL: Should students be able to evaluate teachers?

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EDITORIAL: Should students be able to evaluate teachers? Student evaluations of their teachers create an official way for students to voice their opinion and help improve the classroom. In universities across the country it is common practice for students to evaluate their teachers after each semester. High school students do not [...]

COLUMN: Alexander Rurik shares story of name

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Hello, my name is Alexander Rurik, the 2018-19 ASB President for Fresno Christian. As an FC lifer, I am thrilled to spend my final year alongside friends and classmates I have walked through life with. As the initial school year madness settles into a calm routine, I want to share a part of who I am.

COLUMN: Cal Poly offers beneficial pre-application programs

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California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), located in San Luis Obispo, California, boasts a 31% acceptance rate. However, they offer many opportunities to see the campus, listen to lectures directed towards certain majors and get your name out there. 

College Corner: Clovis High hosts FAFSA workshop, Oct. 15

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The fall semester is a busy season for our seniors as they are gathering letters of recommendation, attending college fairs, and taking advantage of application workshops. Clovis High School will host the first FAFSA workshop from 6 p.m to 8 p.m., Oct. 15. This event will start in the cafeteria where they will provide a quick introduction and then move into the library for families ready to begin the application process. Alyssa Reese | The Feather Online Every year starting on Oct. 1 this is the beginning for not only the CSU application window but also the start date for when students and their parents may begin filling out the FAFSA. To begin the process there will be a workshop hosted tonight which will be mentioned later on in the article.

COLUMN: Small school, big dreams

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In my conversations with other students throughout the Valley, there is a common notion that because of its size, Fresno Christian Schools fails to accommodate the breadth of students’ interests, limiting those who want to achieve because of its size. While our school is small, that difference gives us a unique advantage.

COLUMN: Journalists aspire to begin Feather broadcasting program

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The Feather Online begins a broadcasting program this year. As I am seeking to become a future sports anchor my hopes of this program going far is very positive, I needed advice from someone who knows the ropes of the sports broadcasting business. Paul Loeffler was gracious enough to come and listen to our first podcast that featured football player Marcus James, '20. After the podcast was finished Loeffler sat down with Kyle Clem, ‘21, and I and gave us some very helpful tips on how to think big, but start small. “My advice would be to start small, it doesn’t have to be a thirty minute thing or an hour it can be five minutes,” Loeffler said. “Here is one, two or three issues that you can give your take on and record that and put that out there and see how people deal with it. Or maybe there's a different approach to sports that someone hasn’t come up with before.”

COLUMN: Calvin Crest leaders reflect on experience

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Unhindered by the chance of fire, the class of 2023 received the full Calvin Crest experience. Last year, fire threatened the very lively hood of the Calvin Crest Camp. Limited to only a weekend last year the students experienced only a small portion of the whole week. This year due to a large portion of outdoor class areas burned, many different trails changed location and new material was needed. For example the Miwok village students previously experienced burned to the ground and a new Miwok village closer to the camp is in the makings of being created.

COLUMN: Freshman journalist encourages students to join campus publication

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Working for the school newspaper is not a simple task. This is evident by the end of the first week of school. However, there is no adequate reason to avoid joining. Rather, this was one of my greatest motivations for enlisting in the first place. In a Christian homeschool program called “Classical Conversations”, the tutors emphasize literature. In my junior high years, my class read and studied almost two dozen books, and we transferred what we saw into our essays. I grew to love writing, and progressed in my four years of fifth through eighth grade.

College Corner: Academic advisor shares important college dates

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The 2018-2019 school year has kicked off to a great start here at FCS! Last October I started my new position as Fresno Christian’s academic adviser and I was thrilled to be returning this school year to experience a first day of school. And now seniors need to pay attention to upcoming dates and deadlines. Students and parents can find the new location of my office downstairs in the junior high and high school office. Along with a new location, I am now serving as the high school California Scholarship Federation (CSF) coordinator where I will be working with the student members and hosting lunch meetings.

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