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LETTER: Childrens Hospital thanks friends

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Dear Editor: You know how chatty I am. But this morning, I'm speechless (well, almost). It's official. Kids Day 2015 had raised $535,000 for Valley Children's! That money goes to patient programs and services, helping kids like Neymar, this year's Kids Day Ambassador. A special "thanks" to all my newsie friends at The Fresno Bee, [...]

LETTER: Spirit of serve day

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In response to "COLUMN: Service day brings out human kindness:" Dear Editor, I do believe that service day brings out the best in us and that we don't need a reward for serving, as the gratification from it is reward enough. In Rees Roggenstein's article, he talks about how serve day brings out human kindness.

Civil rights photojournalist: Matt Herron

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Photojournalist Matt Herron, and author of Mississippi Eyes, discusses his photo exhibit, "I'm Walkin' For My Freedom -The Selma March & Voting Rights Act", at Clovis Community College Center, March 9. Photojournalist Matt Herron led a discussion at Clovis Community College Center to kick off his photo exhibit, "I'm Walkin' For My Freedom [...]

Armenian Centennial Dance

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The Centennial concert included a Melody of Armenian Dances by the Hamazkayin Valley Chapter Niari Dance Group. The Ani Guild of Fresno hosted the Armenian Genocide Centennial Concert at California State University, Fresno's, Student Union, March 8. Junior Michael Fu attended the concert as part of his Armenian three-part series on [...]

Campus clubs sell Kids Day papers (VIDEO)

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Editor's Note: Check back later for more updates or via Twitter: @thefeather. The Feather staff joined the leadership class to sell Fresno Bee Kids Day papers to benefit Children's Hospital, March 3. Each year, the community, Fresno Bee and ABC 30 all join forces to earn money for the patients of [...]

Childrens Hospital drives central Valley volunteers (UPDATE, VIDEO, SLIDESHOW, PODCAST)

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UPDATE: March. 11 After an estimate was given, March 3, for Kids Day, Valley Children's Hospital was able to count the remainder of the money raised with a total of $535,000. Last year's Kids Day reached a total of $480,000, which set a record for future fundraising. While this is not the total final count, Children's Hospital has passed the goal for this year's Kids Day reaching over the estimated $530,000.

California Boys Tennis Classic at FCC

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Kicking off the tennis season, FC will be participating in the California Boys Tennis Classic. Boys will be coming from over 100 high schools all around Central California to contend for first place. The FC boys will be practicing with their team and will take on the other high schools on Friday, March 6.

Armenian artist reflects on genocide, homeland culture

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Fresno Art Museum currently features an emotionally moving and historically important exhibition to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Named "1915-2015: Tradition, Legacy, Culture", the exhibit reflects the the very first massacre in the 20th century. All of the exhibit art pieces, including painting, sculptures and mixed art, are created by Armenian descendant artists.

BRIEF: Choir to attend Heritage Festival, March 5-8

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The FC band and choral groups will be traveling to the Los Angeles area to participate in the Worldstrides Heritage Festival program, March 5-8. The choral groups sing and play prepared repertoire for three judges, or adjudicators. These professional musicians and college professors grade each group based on a series of various factors such as tone, balance, diction and musicality.