California Bests: Beaches

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California’s coastline is 840 miles long and is home to over 420 public beaches. All these beaches are different in many ways and have different highlights that entice visitors. Travel websites seem to consistently mention five of these 420+ beaches as favorites, for the scenery and atmosphere they provide.

Plato’s Closet offers designer outfits for bargain prices

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Many young people today struggle with plans for the future and how they will spend their time. They struggle with the idea of going to college or finding a job that will provide the necessary experience to move them forward in life. Money is one of the most prominent things that worry the teens of today. To them, a store that understands the fact that there is a budget, and that they cannot afford any price is a gift. Plato's Closet is a consignment store in Fresno that buys and sells gently used brand name clothes for teenagers and young adults. Since the clothes in question need to be fairly new, twelve months is the cutoff for how old it can be.

Room Escape offers unique opportunity, thrilling

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While roaming around the city of Los Angeles and seeing views that may have been only possible to see through the eyes of a movie screen. After traveling around the never-ending city of LA, Room Escape was discovered. Many of the students had heard of Room Escape and were eager to try it out. They had either seen it on television or knew someone who had been to the location.

41st ClovisFest (VIDEO) draws crowds to Central California

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Annual festival yields large crowds, animates Old Town Clovis ClovisFest has grown from a small craft fair into a full blown attraction encompassing eight blocks. For over 40 years, Old Town Clovis has been the annual location for many events. ClovisFest has grown from a small craft fair into a full blown attraction encompassing eight [...]

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