EDITORIAL: Senior year provides personal growth, mentorship opportunities

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Many students consider the option to skip senior year and finish high school early. Some students claim that forfeiting senior year saves money and allows them to begin college early. However, some fail to recognize the importance of the senior class’s presence on campuses.

Editorial: Avoiding peer pressure, temptation

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In a world dominated by the thoughts of sex, alcohol and drugs, finding clarity and direction can be difficult. For teens and young adults especially, staying on the right path can prove to be a challenging task. At the end of 2016, California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts became the latest states to legalize the use of marijuana. This now means that over half of the United States has legalized marijuana in some shape or form. In 2015, over 11 million people between the ages of, 18-25, used marijuana.

Editorial: Students struggle to push through, find motivation

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Every day the average high school student is faced with the same challenge of choosing between pushing themselves or fall victim to the stress and busy schedules. In a society in which teens have gained the stereotype of laziness, finding the motivation to finish a task becomes a dilemma.

Editorial: Looking back on standard, morals of journalism

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In the world of journalism, there are certain standards that journalists have bestowed upon us. Not only the standards of publishing, but standards we are morally held accountable to. Today we face the issue of who to turn to when the integrity and honor of our most trusted news sources are gone. Spread across the sidebars of Facebook, Twitter and several media sources, are news stories with headlines of half-truths. Studies show teens do not know when news is fake. A shocking 82% of teens can not differentiate between a company ad or news story.

Editorial: Trump stuns Clinton, political experts

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Polls were closed and Americans everywhere sported their new ‘I voted’ sticker for the 2016 presidential election. Voters across the nation glued their eyes to the television and favorite online news sites, anxiously waiting for the results, Nov. 8. Throughout the night, Donald Trump seemed to be in the lead. The question in the back of everyone’s mind was: Would the Trump lead hold up against Secretary Hillary Clinton? Depending on what news source one was watching, different predictions were given.

Editorial: Community support begins with involvement

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A problem found throughout school communities today is the lack of of student involvement and interest. While this issue has mended over the last couple of years, it is still a major concern. Superintendent Jeremy Brown promotes involvement and calls each student to become involved within their community. Since adults and leaders have taken the time out for teens, we should take time to be involved with others.

Editorial: Break out of the tribe

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With first semester well underway, new students have grown accustomed to the class schedule as well as with other students who attend. Groups of friends have settled into their own sectors, forming their own cliques. Once new students have blended into the crowd, much of the time these peers are comfortable with the friends just within their group. The drive to make new friends does not matter as much anymore because some have sealed their spot in a group. Students often just settle for the people they know and rather skip to know the rest.

Editorial: Student as product vs student as learner

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The battle between student as learner or product carries itself over into the real world. The habits and choices made in high school regarding effort and education are likely to continue once those students have jobs and responsibilities.

Editorial: Graduation brings closing chapter, new beginnings

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Graduation becomes one last celebration to remember good times and hard work spent in the years of high school. The music cues as seniors file down the aisle toward the stage, tassels bouncing in a rhythmic motion with each step taken. Beneath each maroon cap is a student with a smile [...]

Editorial: Journalists evolve moral qualities, hone ethics

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Integrity, honesty, and a willingness to pursue the truth mark the key qualities of journalists. Pulitzer Prize-winner, Jose Vargas, echoed the true meaning of these vital characteristics during his keynote speech at the JEA/NSPA Convention, April 14. In his speech he detailed his own personal truths and how they led him to pursue justice through his use of the pen. All journalists, scholastic and professional, should embrace these qualities and personify them as Vargas exemplifies. The role of the journalist is to pursue and report the truth. When writers begin their story they are to start with interviews, the pursuit of information to validate their article. As they begin following this information, the truth of the story may evolve and their insights into the subject may change as a result.

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