Editorial: Role of student leadership

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In American government circles, representatives intend to benefit their voters through passing legislation. Student leaders represent their peers in the same sense. Group participations in planning school events and themes prepare all for the responsibilities of future careers. Student leaders serve their peers through voting on school events, communicating needs to administration and leading by example.

Editorial: Compete with peers, avoid comparison

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Self motivation limits individual's capabilities Athletes grapple on the court for a position on the starting roster. They serve, return and rally with one another in anticipation to gain the starting spot. Competition between teammates drives student athletes to become better than each other, ultimately making the team stronger. Campus tennis players compete [...]

EDITORIAL: Refrain from gossip

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Whispers in the hallway spread rumors, lies and half-truths. Fueled by envy, hate and bolstering  self-confidence, teens use gossip to hurt others they dislike. High school students often fabricate stories about someone or spread an intimate secret. Gossip emphasizes the situations of other people, and individuals become enveloped in the lives of others. As bullying will always be an issue, gossip remains an unavoidable reality in classrooms and workplaces. According to an article published on the New York Post, individuals continue to gossip well into their adult life.

EDITORIAL: Benefits of high school sports

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The player dribbles down the court. Crowds gathered in the stands watch as their team passes and shoots. The ball lands in the hoop and crowds cheer as their team wins the game. High school sports remain vital as they encourage teens to engage athletically with their peers and lead an active lifestyle. Athletic programs encourage students to engage physical activity. Critics of high school sports argue that athletic programs in high school fail to prepare participants for life after graduation. Students gain nothing from the trophies and awards they achieve while playing a sport.    

EDITORIAL: Should ministers be millionaires?

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American megachurches attract thousands in weekly attendance of services. Megachurch ministers and teleevanglists Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen, and Billy Graham possess personal net worths that surpass 25 million dollars through their work in the ministry. Christians and non believers contemplate the ethics of church leaders developing such a fortune. Leaders in the church who accumulate great material wealth through their work should not be rebuked, but held to higher standard in how they use their blessing of money.

Editorial: Developing heroic behavior

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Catching the game-winning touchdown. Thwarting a terrorist plot. Rescuing a child trapped in an inflamed building. All examples exemplify a heroic action. Seldom does one find themselves staring into Friday night lights during a championship game, near a burning building or a terrorist attack. Heroes emerge from crowds, stepping up as nameless citizens, ready to sacrifice for their neighbor. An opportunity for a heroic act may never come in a person’s life, but people must prepare their character and resolve for a situation regardless. While “Everyone is a hero” is a popular phrase teachers and speakers tell their students, this is not the case. However, each individual has the capacity of for heroic behavior through purposeful action.

EDITORIAL: Advantages of cell phone use in classrooms

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Parents and administrators argue that cell phones and non-approved devices distract students. Students use smartphones to play games and browse social media causing grades to slip and parent teacher conferences to become a necessity.

EDITORIAL: The importance of online safety

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Safety tips for internet users As more people gain access to the internet, it is important to learn basic safety tips. Since childhood, most people are taught basic safety lessons, such as being careful around strangers or staying away from roads or highways. But what are people taught about internet safety? [...]

EDITORIAL: Are video games leading to violence?

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Since the early 1970s, video games have captivated the attention of children, teens and adults alike. However, the world of gaming has changed drastically through the decades. Games that are rated M for Mature are not sold to customers under the age of 17, however many parents still allow their children to play them. Parents should use caution when allowing their children to play violent video games.

EDITORIAL: Standing in the face of adversity

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Abraham Lincoln, arguably two of the most respected American figures today, were hated by many when they were alive. It was not until after their assassinations the public began to realize and appreciate their efforts to improve American life and ideals. Taking a stand for what you believe in is important, even if it does not align with the popular public opinion.

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