EDITORIAL: Humanity’s altruism swells amidst COVID-19, social distancing

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Over 6.6 million people have filed for unemployment, high school seniors struggle to comprehend an existence where graduation is prohibited and the world attempts to recover from nearly 60,000 deaths caused by COVID-19. The virus has shifted the lifestyles of communities in 205 countries and humanity fights to come together at a time when unity is, in some cases, illegal. Despite the anxiety clouding the minds of millions of high schoolers and job seekers, this time away from the workplace has communicated that often the best of people is revealed during the worst of times. As schools, careers and businesses have been forced to shut down, mankind’s outward thinking has swelled in response.

EDITORIAL: Media literacy crucial to Generation Z’s response to global affairs

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The inundation of presidential campaigns, coronavirus fear-mongering and climate change action overwhelms the media, allowing anyone with an opinion to voice their conclusions about the crises. Despite global concerns, the imminent danger lies not in the news, but in how Generation Z perceives it. Media literacy characterizes the ability to “access, critically evaluate and create or manipulate media”, according to Common Sense Media. This skill increases in value for the upcoming generation as digital communication and platforms continue to evolve.

EDITORIAL: Stereotyping negatively impacts communities, personal growth

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On February 28, the Instagram account Humans of New York posted a story of a young man of African American descent who recounted a story from his childhood. While the narrative begins on a high note, of the man recalling a Friday tradition of KFC with mom and his siblings, he continues to describe a scene of a stranger offering to buy the kids a plentiful dinner.

EDITORIAL: Firearm restrictions hinder protection against potential threats

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Since the founding of America, US citizens have kept firearms to defend themselves and their families from potential threats. The founding fathers even transcribed “the right to bear arms” as the Second Amendment in order to preserve the sanctity of the five freedoms. In the past years, certain politicians such as Dianne Feinstein and Pete Buttigieg and activist groups such as Antifa call for the raising age restriction of firearms. If an 18-year-old possess the ability to vote and join the military, they possess the ability to own a firearm with a background check.

EDITORIAL: Civilian action trumps political opinion, discourse inspires empathy

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The world has high hopes for the new decade as millions anticipate the Summer Olympic Games, the Mars 2020 Mission and the rise of the high speed rail. As the US braces itself for a plethora of new films, music and sports events, it also makes way for the 59th annual US election year. True to the common saying, actions often speak louder than words. Although voting is part of an American’s freedoms, when a vote is not backed up by action, it amounts to nothing but weight in the ballot box. Voters’ goals are transformed into reality when they initiate change, rather than waiting for a politician to act on their behalf.

EDITORIAL: Selflessness promotes communal growth, requires self-care practices

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Serving and selflessness work hand-in-hand but are often overshadowed by selfish ambition, pride and self focus. Both selflessness and selfishness have origins in enrichment, contributing to a healthy lifestyle. In order to feed both sides of our human nature, helping others while practicing forms of self-care create a win-win situation.

EDITORIAL: Modern day slavery impacts people of all ages, races, genders, backgrounds

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From forced labor in hidden cannabis farms to unwilliingly serving as a sex worker, modern day slavery abounds in different forms throughout the world. These manipulations even impact the everyday lives of ordinary people and the way they think.

Editorial: Students enter second quarter, seek study techniques, tricks

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Electronics, sleep schedules affect performance in classes Students need to find a balance between busy lives and academic work to succeed in their school work and maintain a good mental health. As students step into fall sports and activities, they are challenged to balance schoolwork and extracurriculars. In this electronic age, [...]

EDITORIAL: Students impact public discussion, face attacks

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Four teenage African American boys sit at the Greensboro, N.C. Woolsworth lunch counter, silently protesting racial discrimination, 1960. Thousands of students gather in Tiananmen Square, Beijing to protest corruption in the Communist Party, 1989. Spurred by the killing of an African American boy, students flood the street of Ferguson, MO, initiating the Black Lives Matter movement, 2014.

EDITORIAL: Role models guide, influence teens through actions

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Scrolling through Instagram once again, the young girl clicks off her phone, tired of seeing the images of flawless skin, thin bodies, and trendy aesthetics, but longing to be like them. Wincing at the image, she sees in the reflection of her blank screen. She sighs while rising to start her skin care routine, ignoring the hunger pangs. As young people fix their eyes on celebrities, often the focus of mainstream media, many teens begin to develop a warped view of what a role model should be. Although certain celebrities possess valuable qualities, these famous individuals should not be idolized simply for their social status.