EDITORIAL: Pros and cons of a well-rounded student

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As colleges continue to raise their standards for admittance, students are encouraged to be ‘well rounded’ rather than only excelling at one subject. Well rounded students not only focus on academic excellence, but also place an emphasis on athletics, the arts and community service. However, it can also result in students overextending themselves. For students looking to get into colleges, it is better to excel at one subject than to be average at multiple subjects.

EDITORIAL: Dating builds relationship skills, maturity

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Dating is a commitment between a male and a female, where the two connect emotionally learning more about each other and themselves. Students should date in high school to invest in others, learn more about themselves, develop personal skills and maturity and form a trusting support system with another person. Long term dating can possibly be detrimental to young couples if they only focus on each other and isolate themselves from the rest of the campus. However, teens can successfully maintain a long term relationship when they allow each to mingle with friends.

EDITORIAL: How helpful is the flu vaccine?

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As winter settles in, sickness affects over half the population. Cold weather and close quarters make for a disastrous mix, putting schools as the number one target for illness. As a result, families flock to places like Walgreens and CVS to get their annual flu shot. However, debate arises as to whether the flu shot is actually beneficial or not. Before getting the flu shot, discuss the matter with your doctor and do research to see what strand it is protecting against. This year, the flu has officially become an epidemic in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the nation is currently at peak flu season.

EDITORIAL: Teens should refrain from getting tattoos

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Dress code tells students what is deemed appropriate and inappropriate to wear to school. Students who ignore posted dress code policies face consequences for violating school policies. At the beginning of each school year, high school students sign an agreement with their school to abide by the rules and regulations that dictate campus behavior. One rule in particular some students struggle with is tattoos. What may seem like colorful expressive art to one person can be seen as a waste of money and cancerous to another. Tattoos have branded the world for thousands of years. These permanent symbols and signs serve as declarations of love, status symbols and even religious beliefs.

EDITORIAL: Benefits of allotting allowances to children

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For generations, parents have considered the benefits and drawbacks of allotting allowances to their children. Some argue that allowances should be used to reward children for good grades or chores they have completed. However, others suggest that giving children allowances give them an unrealistic expectation of working in the real world and may lead to a feeling of entitlement. Parents should allocate an allowance to their children when they are young to teach them how to manage their finances.

EDITORIAL: Using social media as a tool to build a profile

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Social media is used on a wide platform today. Whether it be promoting a business, voicing an opinion or simply posting pictures of a recent vacation, social media is used by countless people across the globe. Despite this, uncertainty still lies amongst many about whether social media is helpful or detrimental to society. However, when used in moderation, social media is a unique tool that allows people to reach out to a large audience in a quick and effective manner.

EDITORIAL: Resist apathetic tendencies toward tragedy

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Every day stories of disaster, destruction and death flood headlines across the nation. In an era where a breaking story is broadcasted live across the globe, it grows easier and easier to become numb towards those in distress. It is critical non affected people fight the urge to be apathetic, and continue to support and remember the victims of the terrible disasters. Recently, news of catastrophic hurricanes dominate headlines. On Aug. 25, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Before the media finished covering the event, Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida, Sept. 10. Now, Hurricane Maria is adding to the destruction of an already ‘busy’ hurricane season.

EDITORIAL: Senior year provides personal growth, mentorship opportunities

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Many students consider the option to skip senior year and finish high school early. Some students claim that forfeiting senior year saves money and allows them to begin college early. However, some fail to recognize the importance of the senior class’s presence on campuses.

Editorial: Avoiding peer pressure, temptation

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In a world dominated by the thoughts of sex, alcohol and drugs, finding clarity and direction can be difficult. For teens and young adults especially, staying on the right path can prove to be a challenging task. At the end of 2016, California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts became the latest states to legalize the use of marijuana. This now means that over half of the United States has legalized marijuana in some shape or form. In 2015, over 11 million people between the ages of, 18-25, used marijuana.

Editorial: Students struggle to push through, find motivation

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Every day the average high school student is faced with the same challenge of choosing between pushing themselves or fall victim to the stress and busy schedules. In a society in which teens have gained the stereotype of laziness, finding the motivation to finish a task becomes a dilemma.

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