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Students prepare for annual Valentine’s Concert ‘On a Night Like This’, Feb. 15

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Continuing for its fifth year, the annual Valentine’s Day Concert highlights 18 students singing various love or break-up songs, Feb. 15. With dinner served before the singing, the concert features the largest amount of singers since its beginning.

Students gear up for annual powder puff game

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Those dedicated to winning have already signed up and assigned coaches for the powderpuff season. It’s time for the HS girls to put on their game face and gather together to practice drills and set plays. Powder puff will be at the North Field, May 8 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. The roles are switched for powder puff, the girls act as the players while the boys are cheerleaders for each class. Parents and family are welcome to watch the girls compete against each other.

32nd FCS Auction draws community to campus (Video)

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The Fresno Christian Schools 32nd Annual FCS auction is a highly anticipated event in which the generosity and close knit community is exemplified. Each year, families and FC enthusiasts look forward to the opportunity for a fun way to give back to the school which has touched their lives. At the March 14 auction, attendees were given a unique auction number and were able to bid upon different items including desserts, gift cards and donated items. Once dinner was served participants enjoyed a quick trailer of the upcoming drama musical, Music Man.

Economics fair 2015 recap

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Students flooded the campus gym on March 18, 2015, to shop at student-made booths marketing different products. The annual economics fair (econ fair for short) took place with around 20-student run booths. The fair is held with the goal of helping Robert Foshee's economics and civics students further understand their topic. Foshee shared his reasons for holding the event.

Blood drive for Emily Krieghoff

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Teacher Robert Foshee set up a blood drive for March 23 to support alumna Emily Krieghoff as she recovers from a car accident. The blood drive last Friday was a success, over 30 pints of blood were given, March 23. Parents, students and campus alumni all came out to support the [...]

Junior NOTS movie: Saturday Night Live

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As each class prepares their NOTS movies for debut on March 28, the junior class of 2016 believes they have what it takes to receive the overall "Best Movie" award. Though the juniors originally planned on recreating the movie, High School Musical," due to a lack of class participation they decided to recreate the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. So far, the class has filmed many short skits that can be regularly seen on the Tonight Show, such as "Mean Tweets."

Campus announcements: 2015-03-18

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WEEKLY CAMPUS ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR MARCH 16 - MARCH 20 By Katie Jacobson, writer FEATHER IN NYC Feather editors are currently in New York City for the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Conference. Keep checking back for articles, Tweets, and Instagram posts. FC hits NY: Day 1 (SLIDESHOW, VIDEO) FC hits NY: Day 2 (SLIDESHOW, VIDEO) BLOOD [...]

Emily Krieghoff blood drive, March 20

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Student leadership is taking a more active role in promoting student involvement throughout this school year. Please return to read about how FC students are actively learning, serving and promoting teen events on and off campus in this weekly article series. After alumna Emily Krieghoff, '09, was injured in an auto accident, student [...]