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Fresno Christian hosts 35th annual auction

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What do an entire beef cow, a signed Derek Carr Raiders jersey, or a trip for two aboard a Fresno PD helicopter have in common? They were all sold at the FCS auction. With hundreds in attendance, Fresno Christian hosted the 35th annual auction on March 10, 2018. Although recently undergoing a triple bypass heart surgery, Superintendent Jeremy Brown hosted the event, and Chuck Trogdon was the master of ceremonies. Joel Bleeker is a professional auctioneer and he led the live auction.

2017 FC homecoming floats: Freshmen for Miss Winkles

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This year the theme of FC’s homecoming is ‘Homecoming for Humanity,’ Oct. 6. This year floats are focused on nonprofits and the class to raise the most money for their selected organization wins. Leading up to homecoming, The Feather will post updates on the floats from each class. The float themes selected are; freshmen, Miss Winkles, sophomores, Lanna Coffee, juniors, Hume Lake and seniors, Red Cross.

Campus events conclude school year, lead to graduation

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With the school year nearing it's end, many students are preparing for upcoming finals in their classes. Along with them, students in student leadership are also preparing various end of the year events and celebrations. School officially gets out on May 26. Alexander Rurik is a freshmen leader in student leadership. Rurik hopes to bring awareness to the environment through the celebration of Earth Day. This year Earth Day will be celebrated from April 18 to the 22.

FC homecoming 2015: Junior float (Podcast)

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Homecoming has been a nationwide tradition for numerous years. One of the many things included in homecoming are the floats. Each high school grade builds a float in an attempt to impress a set of judges and hopefully take first place. The class of 2017 hopes to take first place this year after coming so close in previous years. Nick LeBlanc, ‘17, has high hopes for this year and is determined to win.

BRIEF: Vision night to update FC families, Sept. 22

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With his second year at FCS already underway, superintendent Jeremy Brown looks forward to continuing to see the student body grow in their relationship with Christ. Brown will be sharing his vision for our school with the parents of the students here at FC, Sept. 22. Brown will be informing parents about the recent changes and building improvements that have been made to the school as well as telling parents his goals for the students this year.

Choir travels to Bass Lake, connects during retreat

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The ladies' ensemble and the high school choir traveled to Bass Lake for their 2nd annual music retreat, Aug. 29. Twenty-two music students packed their bags to begin a retreat full of excitement and new friendships. The idea came for a retreat when Susan Ainley, ensemble and choir teacher, became the new instructor last school year.

COLUMN: Embracing God’s plan

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Twelve people witness an event. All twelve report the same details of the event to their friends. Ten men, overwhelmingly decide on a logical and practical response, there are two dissenting opinions. The crowd agrees with the decision of the ten. The two are overridden and the decision is made… 40 years later the Children of Israel are able to walk into the Promise Land. Joshua and Caleb are the only people of their generation that see God’s promise fulfilled.

Piecing together the 2014-’15 school year

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Although the 2014-’15 school year did not come to a close until the end of May, The Feather shut down its server on April 15 to begin renovations for the following semester. The Feather is now back in its freshly updated form and will be continuing on to report on all 2015-’16 events. The Feather [...]

FC Convocation kicks off school year (VIDEO)

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The 2015-16 school year was kicked off once again with a beginning of the year convocation. Classes from K-12 met in the Peoples church sanctuary to prelude another year at FCS. Friends greeted each other with hugs and smiles, speaking of old times and experiences. The morning was started off with worship, and the Superintendent Jeremy Brown welcoming all of the students and families to the Fresno Christian family. To begin the service, Jeremy introduced the chairman of the Fresno Christian board, Chris Schultz and a pastor at The Well.

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