Feature Art

Featured art, No. 5, 2018-19

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Optical Art or Op Art is a style of visual art that uses optical illusions. These are abstract works that the students created in black and white. This form of art typically gives the viewer the impression of movement, flashing, vibrating patterns, or of swelling or warping.

Featured art, No. 1, 2018-19

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Description: First year art students were asked to find 25 words, in different fonts, that described themselves. The students used perspective, positive/negative space in layering their words and color schemes on their project. The medias used for this project were ink pen and colored pencils.

Feature Art No. 11 – Gamble House

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Description:  This piece of art displays the anomaly of architecture in the form of fine art. The Gamble House, tucked away in a historic neighborhood of Pasadena, California, is commonly described as America's Arts and Crafts masterpiece. Savage visited Pasadena as a child and witnessed and walk the grounds of the Gamble House. The home was designed and built by Greene and Greene architects in 1908-1909 for David B. Gamble and his family.

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