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Volleyball seniors discuss final home game of high school

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Wonderful College Prep Academy (WCPA) enters Eagle territory with a goal of destroying Fresno Christian's perfect league record of 8-0, Oct. 17. The WCPA Wolves head into this game with a league record of 8-1 and overall record of 21-6-2. Both teams are red hot as WCPA comes off a win against Laton, continuing their four-game winning streak. As for the Eagles, a win against Kings Christian advances their winning streak to five, keeping their undefeated record alive. In the following podcast, senior sports journalist Richie Cortez discusses the Eagles' league success with seniors Megan LeBlanc, Avery Jones, Laura Rauscher and Kayla Vanderlinden.

Megan Conner takes on campus drama program with creative ambition

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FCS junior high and high school drama teacher Megan Conner hopes to equip her students with a belief in themselves and their acting abilities. Through her new vision for the program, Spotlight Productions, Conner implores her students to act with both confidence and humility.

Moms in Christ pray, support campus families, staff

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Going on their third year, campus prayer group Moms in Christ engage in Thursday morning gatherings to pray for each other as well as families, students and staff. Originally launched by Christina Saelzler, Moms in Christ is now lead by several members including Dawn Hinton, Murray Morgan, Dorina Gilmore-Young and Silva Emerian. 

35th annual homecoming unifies community, supports local nonprofit

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Dolled-up princesses, board game-themed floats and Friday night lights drew over a thousand guests to the Fresno Christian field for the 35th annual homecoming night, “Homecoming Game On”, Oct. 4. After weeks of anticipation, the night fulfilled its reputation of food, games and fans.

COMMENTARY: Football players discuss 35th annual homecoming game

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As the summer heat starts to fade away and the cool breeze of autumn enters, the 2019/20 foot ball season is halfway through, Fresno Christian will be hosting their homecoming football game against league opponent Riverdale Christian. The 35th annual Fresno Christian Homecoming is a major event for the FC community, attracting hundreds of guests last year. Students, parents, faculty and alumni come back for the festivities and special events throughout the evening. 

Homecoming floats connect, challenge students

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Work continues as each class prepares for Friday night. This is the third year classes have raised money for charities in the broad theme of Homecoming for Humanity. The challenge of raising money gives a new problem to overcome as each class scrambles to find items to sell.

PROMO: Homecoming engages students, brings unity

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Filled with dress-up days and lunch competitions, the FCS 35th annual homecoming week approaches, Sept. 30-Oct. 4. With students already building class floats and the homecoming court elected, the event attracts hundreds of guests each year.  With this year’s theme of boardgames, classes voted to choose a boardgame to build their float around earlier in the school year. Seniors chose Candyland, juniors picked Monopoly, sophomores decided on Battleship and freshmen ended with Clue. Floats are showcased on homecoming night with attendees voting on which class’ is the best. 

Angel Ruelas eyes professional soccer career after Italian trip

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Whether playing around the Valley or traveling throughout Europe for training, Angel Ruelas, ’20, plays soccer with multiple teams over the years. During his time on the field, Ruelas has visited several countries to refine his skills and learn from foreign teams.  According to Soft Schools, over 250 million individuals engage in soccer year round. An Olympic sport since the year 1900, soccer or “football”, as it's known around the globe encourages team chemistry and unity. According to World Atlas, "the beautiful game" is known to be the most popular sport in the world.

FC welcomes families to 28th annual Grandparents Day

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Grandparents roam the campus as students and staff welcome seniors to the 28th annual FC Grandparents Day, Sept. 20. Each year, Grandparents Day provides a chance for families to spend time with each other and observe students' daily routine in the classroom. This tradition offers Fresno Christian an opportunity to show gratitude toward their guests and thank them for the role they play in students’ lives.