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Grammarly helps and hinders students’ writing

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As students rush to write essays, some resort to a new app that has taken off in school environments. An online program called Grammarly focuses on making it “easier” for high school students, college students, and adults to write essays free of mistakes. Freshman and junior English teacher Kyle Dodson shares the positives and negatives of using a program similar to Grammarly in class. He believes students should not depend on the technology accessible to them in a classroom setting unless they are learning from it.

BREAKING: Sophomores travel to Los Angeles for MOT experience, Oct. 17

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The sophomore class is taking a field trip to the Museum of Tolerance, located in Los Angeles, California, Oct. 17. The group of 53 students are planning to leave campus via bus at 6:30 A.M. and return that evening at 7 P.M.

Bellezza ensemble members flourish under director Susan Ainley

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After singing in front of thousands in New York's Carnegie Hall in April 2018, the girl’s ensemble prepares for festival performances in LA and Santa Barbara this year. The campus’ ensemble, Bellezza, welcomes new talent and aims for the highest scores possible. Choral director Susan Ainley has high hopes for this year’s team. She believes the ensemble group name “Bellezza”, meaning “beauty” in Italian, shows how much practice is put in to create a sound of beauty.

Richie Cortez interviews Darrin Williams on FC football

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Homecoming week is coming to an end and I was able to talk with senior Darrin Williams and discuss FC football, his comparisons of playing for a public school program and a small private school program.

Nick Papagni offers glimpse into broadcasting

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As San Joaquin Valley’s local sports guy for the past 15 years, Nick “The PagMeter” Papagni already has an impressive following in the high school sports world through his website as well as his weekly sports show. Papagni works on 940 ESPN's weekly radio show, The Rise, in addition to writing on The PagMeter website which records over 200,000 hits a week. On the show, Papagni discusses the week's news alongside his partner, Matt Johnson. He began working for ESPN in 2003.

Upcoming: On campus CSU application workshop

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Fresno Christian is set to host a California State University (CSU) application workshop for all seniors interested, Oct. 3. The workshop will be held in the North Lobby Chapel from 9:30-12:30 a.m. during third and fourth period. The CSU early application deadline is Nov. 30. Admissions representatives from Fresno State University will come to guide seniors through the application process. They will be available to answer any questions students ask throughout the workshop.

News Engagement Day recognizes the importance of news involvement

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NED challenges students to take responsibility for their public voice Anxiety, stress, self-image, and other teen issues plague students around the world, silencing their public voice. Journalists and news reporters fight against the constant decline of community interest in the news with days like News Engagement Day, Oct. 2. Encouraged to watch videos, tweet messages, [...]

Freshman class looks to participate, compete in homecoming activities

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The class of 2022, takes on homecoming week, seeking new exciting experiences. The campus hosts it’s largest freshmen class in the past decade with 51 freshmen, determined to contribute to the 34-year long homecoming tradition. The week consists of events like float building, princess pageants, and dress up days. “Merica Day” (American wear), “Goofy’s Wide World of Sports Tuesday”, “Sleeping Beauty’s Wake-Up Wednesday” (PJ day), Moana’s Tropical Thursday” (Hawaiian day), and “Spirit wear / Sports team wear” consist of this year’s homecoming dress up days.

COLUMN: Journalists aspire to begin Feather broadcasting program

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The Feather Online begins a broadcasting program this year. As I am seeking to become a future sports anchor my hopes of this program going far is very positive, I needed advice from someone who knows the ropes of the sports broadcasting business. Paul Loeffler was gracious enough to come and listen to our first podcast that featured football player Marcus James, '20. After the podcast was finished Loeffler sat down with Kyle Clem, ‘21, and I and gave us some very helpful tips on how to think big, but start small. “My advice would be to start small, it doesn’t have to be a thirty minute thing or an hour it can be five minutes,” Loeffler said. “Here is one, two or three issues that you can give your take on and record that and put that out there and see how people deal with it. Or maybe there's a different approach to sports that someone hasn’t come up with before.”

BREAKING: Campus band fundraises for Hawaii trip

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“I am definitely looking forward to the Hawaii trip,” McCann said. “I think this is the first time that color guard has actually been recognized for anything or gotten the opportunity to do anything, because otherwise we haven't really done anything together as a team except for local shows or parades but the Hawaii trip is actually something serious.”

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