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Drama teacher expresses passion for the arts

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For the past four years, campus teacher Kyle Dodson has employed his passion for the arts to teach FCS drama and the improv class. FC drama benefits students by exercising and stretching different parts of the brain. The student becomes another person gathering their character's motivation, and what they are going through, according to Dodson.

BLOG: Girl Talk-Do you really want to go on a Valentine’s date?

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A holiday we either dread or can not wait for. The candy hearts, chocolate, flowers and teddy bears line the racks of stores, as everyone begins to shop for their loved ones before Feb. 14: Valentine's Day. It may all seem cheesy but in reality we are at home watching chick flicks waiting for our prince charming to come running after us.

Let’s Talk: Social Media

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We come home, drop our backpacks off, jump on the couch and hop onto our phones. Shoulders slouched, eyes glued, senses turned off, we numb ourselves to the world around us. Social media and technology acts as a desensitizer, increasing our desire for instant gratification. Continuing on this path not only affects our health and relationships, but disconnects us from people and events around us.

COLUMN: Respecting leadership

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Currently, America finds itself torn by opposing views of our leaders. I believe that many people judge our leaders solely on opinions from the media, without hearing the facts and deciding for themselves. I think that these opinions lead to a disrespect of the authority that God places over us.

Brandon Brogan finishes out FC basketball career

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FCS lifer Brandon Brogan plays in his second and final year of basketball. Brogan is driven to push his teammates forward through the hard times of the season, aiming to run deep into playoffs. He started playing basketball for FC in elementary school, but took a break for soccer shortly after.

Local farmers markets thrive in winter months

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California is the world’s fifth largest supplier of food, cotton fiber and other agricultural commodities, according to Dairy Moos. Fresh produce from around the Central Valley draws locals to farmers markets in Fresno, CA. Throughout the week, customers have the chance to purchase fresh produce and products in multiple markets around town.

Super Bowl LIII anticipated to draw millions of viewers

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As one of the most watched sporting events of the year according to History.com, the Super Bowl attracts millions of viewers each year and has only grown in popularity over its 52 championship games. History.com also records that Super Bowl Sunday ranks 2nd in US food consumption with Thanksgiving at 1st.

Campus students impact community through service

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Fostering animals, helping the homeless, or serving food all contribute to the variety of activities campus students partake in to give back to their communities.  Whether during Serve Day or participating in serve club, students join together to make their school and city a better place.  President of the on-campus serve club, junior Marin Sue hopes to encourage her peers by helping and serving them. As they go out into the community on weekends, the members become more aware of the issues in their neighborhoods.

Alina Ochoa serves residents at Holiday Retirement

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Students all over high school campuses find jobs at fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and animal shelters to earn money and gain work experience. Rather than pursuing the usual route, senior Alina Ochoa chose to seek work at Holiday Retirement Home. Ochoa works as a server at Holiday, serving food at mealtimes and helping to carry any belongings for the residents. Besides learning life skills, Ochoa gains friendships and work experience.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate offers immersive gameplay

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate released for the Nintendo Switch on Dec. 7, 2018. As the 5th installment of the series, plenty of fans were eager to pick up the game, including my brother. The game features an possibility of 8 players at one time. The game also features over 75 playable characters, which in the first installment, only 12 characters were available. This all happened in a span of 19 years, with the first installment, Super Smash Bros, released in 1999.

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