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FC Underground 2019-’20, No. 15

By |2020-01-21T11:49:22-08:00January 21st, 2020|Feature Video, Videos 2019-20|

Wesley Hinton and Ethan Hamm host FC Underground this week. This is Hinton's first time hosting and Hamm's second. This is the fifteenth episode of “FC Underground, 2019-‘20,” covering the week of Jan. 20 - Jan. 24, 2020. This week, Ethan Hamm,'20, and Wesley Hinton,'20 hosts the show, switching things up for the [...]

We Asked: What are your goals for 2020?

By |2020-01-10T11:42:21-08:00January 10th, 2020|Feature Video, Videos 2019-20|

Fresno Christian students share their goals for 2020 in our new series: We Asked. Answers ranged from growing taller to getting closer to God. Every year, people around the world set goals for the new year. According to a study by statista.com, America's top two resolutions for 2020 is to "manage finances better" and "eat healther," closely followed by "be more active."

The 10 Days of Christmas 2019

By |2019-12-13T09:07:50-08:00December 13th, 2019|Feature Video, Videos 2019-20|

FC Underground hosts, perform their twist on the classic carol, singing The 10 Days of Christmas. The 12 Days of Christmas has been sung by Christmas carolers for decades, becoming a classic. The song acts a game for children, attempting to remember the 12 gifts given on the 12 days of [...]

Students visit Grand Canyon University

By |2019-12-04T13:48:02-08:00December 4th, 2019|Feature Video, Videos 2019-20|

Thirteen Fresno Christian high school students packed their bags and flew to Phoenix, Arizona to visit Grand Canyon University (GCU), Nov. 19-20. GCU opened in 1949 and is  a private non-profit Christian college on Phoenix, Arizona. The school initially offered degrees in education and was established as a Baptist-affiliated institution with an emphasis on religious studies.

“Ford V Ferrari” displays brotherly friendship, becomes instant racing drama classic

By |2019-11-22T08:34:50-08:00November 21st, 2019|Feature Video, Videos 2019-20|

Ford V Ferrari is directed by James Mangold and stars Matt Damon and Christian Bale. Ford V Ferrari is directed by James Mangold and stars Matt Damon and Christian Bale as two real men that worked with Ford to produce the fastest race car in the world in order to beat [...]

Bob Cole speaks during Veterans Day chapel

By |2019-11-21T10:35:39-08:00November 20th, 2019|Feature Video, Videos 2019-20|

Each year Fresno Christian students gather for a unique chapel honoring Veteran’s after their National holiday on Nov. 11. This year's annual chapel brought the FCS community together to listen to the personal story of WWII veteran, Bob Cole, (age 97) Nov. 14.

FC Underground 2019-’20, No. 14

By |2019-11-19T11:35:33-08:00November 19th, 2019|Feature Video, Videos 2019-20|

This is the fourteenth episode of “FC Underground, 2019-‘20,” covering the week of Nov. 19–Nov. 23, 2019. Each FC Underground is hosted by a set of hosts, selected from three pairs of hosts. This week, Richie Cortez, ’20, and Avery Jones ’20, host the show.