Drama emphasizes importance of improvisation, communication skills

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The Kids of Bethel prepares for upcoming lunch performances The past four years Kyle Dodson has taught the drama and improv class, a job that he has passion for. Improv not only formulates laughs, but develops critical communication skills. Students challenge themselves to be instinctive and provide quick-thinking. Within this system, students gather character and [...]

Students learn foreign language, prepare projects

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With English established as the most popular language for tourism, the need to learn another language no longer stands a problem. However, there are those that see the benefits of learning Spanish. Rodriguez uses multiple class projects to engage Spanish classes and broaden their understanding of the language. The website The Young Leader contains an article on the benefits of learning Spanish. This website focuses on inspiring teens to try new things and getting them involved in projects that will help them in the future. According to Fletcher Walters learning Spanish improves English vocabulary and helps achieve better SAT scores.

41st annual Scottish Highland games encourage heritage

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The Fresno Scottish Highland gathering and games celebrated Scottish life and culture for the 41st annual year, Sept. 15. The festival offered live music, various clan booths, ethnic food, blacksmithing, shows of strength and live medieval fighting. The festival sprawled across Kearney Park offering many events for attendees to participate in throughout one day.

Join the Discussion: College Fair 2018

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From the west coast to the central valley, 22 colleges participate in the Fresno Christian college fair, Sep. 17. Students visit booths and representatives during lunch time, receiving further information about possible college opportunities. Local college fairs at Hope Lutheran Church and the Fresno Convention Center are available to students in the area interested in the programs and majors of different schools. College representatives inform students about the benefits unique qualities of each school. While the college fair excites underclassmen about schooling possibilities, upperclassmen are urged to make decisions about their futures. Seniors make note of important deadlines for transcripts, applications, and scholarship opportunities.

Campus science teacher encourages hands-on learning 

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Upon walking into Scott Bucher's science lab, cupboards and drawers filled from top to bottom with beakers and chemicals surround the room. Bucher always begins his first period class with a simple Bible reading and prayer before he reviews previous lessons. After obtaining his masters degree from Fresno Pacific University, Bucher currently teaches chemistry, physics, AP calculus and physical science at FC. He feels passionate about his growing science lab.

Renovated science lab provides new opportunities

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Science department shares excitement for improved facilities After years of teaching in only one room for multiple classes of science, Dr. Karen Walters and Scott Bucher now instruct in their own lab spaces. The two science teachers planned for expansion immediately after Bucher was hired to FCS in 2015. Both recognized the need and the [...]

Sophia Kalugin shows positivity, learns trust in volleyball

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The 2018 volleyball season is officially in full swing, and for five of the varsity players, this begins their last high school volleyball endeavor. Senior Sophia Kalugin shares her appreciation for the sport and what it has taught her as she enters her last season. Kalugin started playing volleyball in fourth grade and has always received encouragement from her family, especially her mom who even coached her for a while.

Freshmen share aspirations for first year of high school

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As students begin another year of high school, new, fresh faces appear in the hallways. Freshmen and new arrivals anticipate a year of opportunities despite fears. Plans for their next chapter are already in motion. Expectations vary but many teens are ready to engage in clubs and classes.

Clovis residents rally together to honor 9/11 servicemen

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“We must never forget Patriot Day.” The ceremony includes a wreath procession on firetrucks, followed by a motor escort and lowering of the flag, Sept. 11. At 8:46 a.m., two Boeing 767 planes headed into the World Trade Centers in New York City, Sept. 11, 2001. Killing almost 3,000 people, this [...]

Ashley Zamarripa leads girls tennis with passion

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With the sun beaming on court, senior Ashley Zamarripa, '19, picks up her racket for one last season. She hopes to bring leadership to a younger team and lead them in a Godly way. This will only be Zamarripa’s second year of playing tennis but she has taken lessons during the offseason. “I started playing tennis my junior year,” Zamarripa said. “I joined tennis because Alina Davila told me they didn’t have very many players and she wanted to try it out. I promised her I would go to one practice but only one and after that one practice I really enjoyed it so I joined the team. My favorite part of tennis is how relaxing it is, the sport itself is not a super stressful sport. This season I would like to get close with my team since it is my last year and win as many games as I can.”

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