Living to see the dream, community remembers Martin Luther King, Jr.

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At the height of the 1963 civil rights movement, he addressed 250,000 listeners in his “I Have a Dream” speech. The pastor preached his vision for freedom and equality for all. The pastor campaigned for freedom and equality. Community and national leaders continue to pursue Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream of equality and freedom for all. However, in the Fresno community, leaders still look to continue to fulfill King’s ideology. Senior pastor of Saint Rest Baptist Church, David J. Criner Jr. shares Dr. King’s ideologies and philosophies. Criner began preaching as a ten year old and has lead the church since 2013. He also teaches as a adjunct professor at Fresno Pacific University.

Campus students impact community through service

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Fostering animals, helping the homeless, or serving food all contribute to the variety of activities campus students partake in to give back to their communities.  Whether during Serve Day or participating in serve club, students join together to make their school and city a better place.  President of the on-campus serve club, junior Marin Sue hopes to encourage her peers by helping and serving them. As they go out into the community on weekends, the members become more aware of the issues in their neighborhoods.

Lindsay Weimer shares success story of cancer battle, part 1

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Campus junior overcomes Ewing's Sarcoma “I think it was probably shock, this can’t be happening again,” Matthew Weimer said, “Especially when they said that the blood test was fine, but the x-ray was not. And then the biopsy was bad." Junior Lindsay Weimer and her father, Matthew Weimer, open up about Lindsay's [...]

Students strive for success in classrooms, learning

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Students visit campus academic advisor Evangelina Tello for assistance in planning their academic high school career. She puts them on track to achieving their academic success. As much as students are challenged with schoolwork, it is profitable to lay out goals for academic success. Students and staff weigh in on their opinions of academic success.

Recap: Hume Lake winter camp focuses on relationships

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The annual Hume Lake winter camp came to a close with pastor Jeff Gokee speaking at the last worship and chapel of the weekend. Campers started the two-hour drive up to Hume Lake and were greeted with snow and a seemingly pristine environment, Jan. 11-13. With 15 Fresno churches and 772 students joining together understanding the gospel better, the students and staff participating in the theme, "Rich Young Rules."

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Sophomores make college preparations during second semester

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School, sports, church, time with friends and a myriad of activities fill the daily lives of high school students. For many sophomores, college either occupies little thought or seems an unaddressable worry. However, tenth-grade students have options to prepare and gain an advantage for college during this second semester.

Disneyland raises prices before new land opens

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At the beginning of January 2019 Disneyland Resort in California raised their park ticket prices over a 10 percent increase on most tickets and nearly 20 percent for the top tier annual pass. This current inflation quickly follows their last price raise just 11 months ago, which rose tickets nearly 8 percent.

Campus teacher shares personal story of faith, hope

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In the fall of 2014, Campus elementary teacher Matthew Weimer’s wife, Heidi, passed away and went to be with the Lord. At the time, he was my 8th grade English teacher and had been my fourth grade teacher as well. Spurred on by a series of unfortunate occurrences within my own family, I desired to ask Weimer why he continues to choose to live the way he does.

Discipline creates environment for success

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Challenges arrive everyday in different shapes and forms, teaching us how to improve. With discipline we learn to achieve the goals we set for ourselves, and learn how to achieve them efficiently. Students accomplishing their goals is not always impossible when they discipline, commit, and focus on what they want to achieve. Though his passion came with a promising future, Lewis attended Northwood University, earning his bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration and Management. Throughout his studies in college, Lewis never abandoned his enthusiasm for tumbling and tricking.

Superintendent Jeremy Brown strives to advance FC campus

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Entering his fifth year serving the Fresno Christian community, superintendent Jeremy Brown anticipates a changing and developing campus. Pursuing both quality and growth, Brown strives to prepare students for the struggles and pressures of their generation.

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