Join the Discussion: FCS graduation 2018

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Crowds form in the Peoples Church auditorium for the 37th annual FCS graduation, May 24. A feeling of joy grips the audience and seniors as the Fresno Christian Schools campus community remembers some of their fondest school memories and celebrates the 44 graduates of the class of 2018.

San Joaquin River Parkway encourages community involvement

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The San Joaquin River has been inhabited for thousands of years as early Native Americans settled in the Central Valley area. In the late 18th century, waves of explorers and settlers journeyed through the Valley, especially fueled by the Gold Rush in the mid 1800s. One of California’s longest, the San Joaquin River meanders for 366 miles, starting in the Sierra Nevada and eventually feeding into the San Francisco Bay. Presently, the river acts as a critical source of irrigation for the heavy agricultural production the Central Valley boasts. In addition, it is an expansive wildlife corridor, important to the environment and economy alike.

Val Rivera retires after 10 faithful years

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As the year wraps up, seniors aren’t the only ones preparing to journey beyond Fresno Christian. Athletic groundskeeper and Vietnam War veteran, Valentine (Val) Rivera retires after over 10 years of faithful service to the school.

Brenda Warkentin retires after 34 years of campus service

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As the school celebrates its 41st year of existence, Fresno Christian honors one staff member who faithfully served the school for 34 years. Principal’s assistant Brenda Warkentin reflects on experiences and memories that shaped her today as she is retiring at the end of the school year.

Robert Foshee: Longtime multiple-sport campus coach, academic teacher

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Longtime campus teacher Robert Foshee has served FCS since 2000, with 18 years as an advisor, teacher and coach. His consistent participation in school events have shaped the school, helping provide stability as it completes its 41st year.

Mini-Series: Science

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John Monke will be writing a mini-series on why students take subject classes and how they can apply it to real life. This week’s article focuses on Science and how science classes can be used in the future after school. Check out Monke’s last article on Mathematics. Campus science teacher Scott Bucher does a demonstration in [...]

The pros and cons of long distance relationships

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Dating is very common among teenagers in high schools across the world. Being with someone that is always near you is a lot easier than dating someone in a long distance relationship. Not being able to see your boyfriend or girlfriend for long periods of time can cause harm to your relationship, resulting in break ups. However, long distance relationships can also strengthen your bond with your significant other

Blake Deffenbacher shows potential playing golf

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Along with balancing photography, videography and church activities, sophomore Blake Deffenbacher takes on golf as one of his daily hobbies. This being his second year on the team, he hopes to improve and become a great example for his teammates. Deffenbacher started golf at a young age, following in his father’s footsteps. He took his first lessons at six years old, under the influence of his parents. At the time his family lived in Oregon, so they sent him to a golf course near their home to practice.

RECAP: Music department displays talent at annual spring concert

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The Fresno Christian Instrumental Music Department presents “A Night at the Movies”, where the 3rd-12th grade band and percussion members performed songs adapted from movies, May 1. The GL Johnson chapel provided a beautiful space for the music students to present their pieces to their family and friends.

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