Musical excellence leads junior high student to success in competition

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FCS Band and Choir went to the Jazz festival, Mar, 23-24. During the award ceremony at the festival, a Fresno Christian junior high student, Joseph Igot won the Milestones Youth Camp Scholarship. This award is given to three of the 500 students in attendance. Joseph was the only jr. high student to receive this scholarship. The other two kids that were given this award were in high school.

Chinatown: Late New Year’s Celebration Brought Vitality Back to Chinatown

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The Fresno Chinatown celebrates the 17th annual Chinese New Year annually on the first Saturday in March in downtown Fresno, March 4, this year. Festivities, which ran from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., attracted over 2,000 visitors from scattered towns in the Central Valley.

Phillip Starr shares experiences with history students

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Explosions rocked the plane as a crew full of young men attempted to successfully complete their mission over enemy territory. While this may sound like a scene straight from a movie, it was the life of 21-year-old Phillip R. Starr during World War II. As a part of his radio program ‘Hometown Heroes’, Paul Loeffler regularly interviews local WWII veterans, giving them a chance to tell their story to a generation much different than their own. Loeffler and history teacher Kori Friesen invited Starr to share his story during U.S. history classes, April 6. While Loeffler usually interviews veterans in their homes, Starr agreed to conduct his radio interview in a different environment, a high school classroom packed with history students eager to hear his story. Starr, wearing a Central Valley Honor Flight jacket along with a WWII veterans hat, appeared just as eager to tell it.

Lisa Genova educates Fresno audience during SJV Town Hall

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Lisa Genova spoke at the SJV Town Hall about many of the books that she has written throughout her career, April 5. Still Alice raises awareness of Alzheimer's disease To enrich the intellectual perspective of Fresno County, SJV Town Hall began a monthly series of lectures given by a variety of speakers [...]

Physics teacher uses demonstrations to engage students

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The physics classroom is unlike any classroom on campus, thanks to teacher Scott Bucher who enjoys showing his students demonstrations to prove the properties they have learned. While Bucher may still be relatively new to campus, he is by no means new to teaching physics. Although this is just his second year on campus, Bucher has been teaching science classes for 31 years, previously at Immanuel High School. He currently teaches physics, chemistry and A.P. calculus. Now Bucher plans on sharing his love of science with other students on campus. He hosted a ‘Physics Open House’ day on April 5, during which students could come into his classroom and test out the multiple different demonstrations and experiments Bucher has. Bucher’s experiments are most often interactive for the whole class. He believes that science should not always be complicated but also fun and interesting.

FC hosts record-breaking 34th annual auction

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Fresno Christian hosted alumni, teachers, and donors during its 34th annual auction, March 25. This year, the school also celebrates its 40th anniversary, which was the central theme of the auction; the school’s past was spoken about several times in speeches by Superintendent Jeremy Brown and speakers.

The Magic of Storytelling

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Storytelling carries through all time periods, cultures, and medias. The enchanting nature of stories, whether those stories appear through theater, books, or told from person to person, capture all. Many ways exist to share help pass along the things of the past and information. The importance of hearing how parents were as children or the way an ancient culture lived show examples of how stories last over generations.

Students prepare to sell products at annual event

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The annual Econ Fair is one of the most anticipated events of they year. Every year Robert Foshee’s economics class holds the the Econ Fair where a variety of food and other items are sold to the students of FC. They are set up in booths that will hopefully attract students to come and buy their items. Once the event is over, the students reflect on how the event went and count up how much money they made for the item that they sold during the fair. Lots of different items are sold throughout the entirety of the Econ Fair. Food is always among the most popular option for this particular event. Students strategize to get permission to sell food because the fair is during lunch time, hence the advantage goes to the people selling the edible items. Drinks are also a favorite during this particular event. Senior Daniel Walker is prepared to sell milk shakes with his fellow senior partners Zach Passmore and Will Vander Kooi.

Guo Nian – Part One – Culture

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The Chinese have a very specific way of celebrating the New Year. Chinese people use a different calendar to count traditional Chinese festival. While it is the custom to give presents during this season in the West, the customary practice during Chinese New Year is to give and receive red packets, or hong bao in Chinese. These are small red rectangular envelopes for putting money in as gifts. Traditionally, the older generation gives red packets to the younger generation.

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