Arts influence society, change the world

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Since the very beginning of mankind, humans have been using their creativity for everything from construction of housing to painting on caves. As ages passed, arts began to take many different forms such as architecture, photography, fashion, performing arts, tapestry, and many others.

Music department tops off year with annual spring concert

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To cap off the 2016-2017 school year, the music department held their annual spring concert. The event featured a variety of bands that included elementary, junior high and high school students. The band members are instructed by Lesley Bannister and Dakota Simpson. Both Bannister and Simpson were proud of the progress their students have made throughout the year. Bannister was unable to attend the event due to a minor car accident, however her band members performed with confidence throughout the night. The concert featured the jazz band, percussion ensemble, third grade recorders, fourth grade beginning band and fifth-sixth grade band. The jazz band opened the event with a song called ‘Killer on the Keys’ that featured solo’s from Janae Shew and Austin Petersen. Daniel Williams also performed a solo piece in the following song, ‘Walk Talk’.

Clark Zhu displays strong work ethic, creativity

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The Feather Online chose to recognize a student that has expressed leadership, hard work and dedication in the 2016-’17 school year. One student in particular has reached beyond just academic excellence and has made a mark on the legacy of Fresno Christian, Fresno community as well as The Feather Online. Senior Clark Zhu is well known in the hallways of FC due to his contagious smiles and video editing skills. While only attending Fresno Christian for two years as an international student, he first moved from Xi’an in Central China. He spent much of his childhood with his grandparents before moving in with his dad up until 2015. In 2015, he moved to Fresno and enrolled in Fresno Christian because both of his parents believed he would receive a better education in the United States.

Librarian shows love for kids through learning

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Some FCS staff members don’t receive the recognition they deserve. One in particular sits in the background, but makes one of the biggest influences on the school’s students. Lin Brown has worked at FCS as a librarian for 29 years, and enjoys every minute of it. As a kid, Brown always loved reading. She grew up in the small towns of California, where the library was her central headquarters. When her father took a teaching job in Laton, she spent most of her time at the Carnegie Library.

Science classes take trip to Cat Haven

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Science students in A.P. biology and zoology had the unique opportunity to get up close to the animals they are studying on a trip to Project Survival's Cat Haven, May 4. Although the temperature was reaching the high 90’s, the students enjoyed the opportunity to explore nature outside of the classroom. Cat Haven is similar to a animal sanctuary, but specializes in education and the preservation of wild cats. They also help raise funds for conservation efforts to save endangered cats. The president of Project Survival’s Cat Haven, Wendy DeVos, believes it is important to save cats before they become extinct. “A lot of people come here thinking it’s just a sanctuary for abused and abandoned cats, but this place really focus on trying to help what’s happening in the wild and to help different cat species survive in the wild,” DeVos said. “We try to send money to conservations. About one third of our income we try to designate for that, that’s what I want people to know, that we have a great education program and that’s important to take care of God’s creatures.” After getting off of the bus, students were brought into a room where they were taught how to identify different animals by examining their skulls. Students were also taught how different cats used different abilities to stalk their prey or avoid being eaten by other animals.

Exchange student visits moonscape in Eurasia

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I found that I did not know how to understand and appreciate pulchritude and its essence. The four-day experience in Istanbul during the spring break amazed me. I thought I knew everything about Turkish culture before I visited the country, but I was wrong.

Students celebrate Cinco de Mayo

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As the month of May begins, people across the United States and Mexico looks forward to Cinco de Mayo. This day celebrates the victory in the Battle of Puebla in which the Mexican army defeated the French army. Many people outside of Mexico believe that Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of Mexican independence. Mexico declared their independence from Spain more than 50 years ago before the Battle of Puebla. Mexico’s independence day is celebrated on Sept. 16 every year.

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