Join The Discussion: Thanksgiving

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“I do like Thanksgiving I think that it is a day where people purposely think about the things they are thankful for and it is just  a day where people spend extra time showing gratitude and gratefulness in their life. Traditionally we have big turkey and ham meal and any family that is available will come and we will all meet together and honestly just hang out together, playing  games, and laughing a lot.”

Recent midterm legislation effects teens today

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The midterm elections just passed and the results that will likely affect students' futures is already in motion. Almost 17 percent more people voted in Fresno, CA, this year compared to 2014. The three propositions discussed in the article below are the most likely to affect high school students. Proposition 7 Morgan [...]

Boys soccer kicks off under new head coach

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Del Campo plays for the Fresno Foxes, after playing for other professional teams. He looks to further his coaching abilities as the new FC boys soccer coach. From the Fresno FC Foxes comes Ramon Martin Del Campo III. Written by Logan Lewis Del Campo plays for the Fresno Foxes, as well as other professional teams, and is looking to further his coaching abilities as the new FC boys soccer coach.

WWII veteran Dr. Fitzalbert Marius encourages students toward service

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WWII veteran and former heart surgeon speaks on campus From tailor to soldier to heart surgeon, 96-year-old Dr. Fitzalbert M. Marius is a living testament to the joy of serving others. As the first heart surgeon in the city of Fresno, Dr. Marius brought a life-saving practice to the Central Valley. Writer, speaker, artist, and [...]

Campus discusses engagement, interaction with social media outlets

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Social media provides news, connections to high school students Screens brighten, a swipe of the screen unlocks the device. A touch on screen opens an app. Feeds of friends, family and food greet the user as they scroll through their social media profile. With young people having access to many social media platforms, statistics shown [...]

AP biology thrives in new classroom

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From filming stop motion videos to isolating DNA out of fruit, creating model cells out of play dough to regenerating flatworm bodies, AP biology provides a college-level study of biology, with various hands-on activities along the way. Written by: Kyler Garza

Students gain experience through working in high school

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As much as we try to escape it, money provides a constant reminder that not everything in life comes free. As students continue to play sports, participate in activities and travel to new places, some consider getting a job to support their hobbies and plans for the future.

ABC30 producer shares view on media bias

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There are always ways to find news from various sources regardless of personal opinion. But sometimes a reporter’s opinion in an investigation can change the perspective on the stories, resulting in a spread of biased and even newly coined fake news. Although subtle, biased news impacts all those exposed.

Cancer survivor Lindsay Weimer shares about overcoming obstacles

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Entering into the summer before her sophomore year, junior Lindsay Weimer never expected to face a hip replacement, pelvic reconstruction, on top of being diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma during her teenage years. However, without her doctors, family, and Pink Heals supporting her, it would be difficult to overcome this obstacle. 

Sister to Sister develops relationships, builds life skills

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Since 2004, high school and junior high girls gather for the mentoring program called Sister to Sister. This idea started as a peer counseling class when teacher Molly Sargent noticed the difficulties that many junior high girls faced. Her intentions for starting this program was to provide the junior high girls with an older role model and for the high school girls to learn life and communication skills. Written by Megan LeBlanc.

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