Ellie Scully balances athletics, music, academics with determination

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Balancing multiple sports and academic work loads often appears as a challenge to high school students. Some feel the need to sacrifice extracurriculars, sports or individual interests in order to stay ahead in school. With a passion for music, athletics and academics, junior Ellie Scully embraces the activity while also prioritizing a balanced schedule. Scully’s fervor for athletics dates back to kindergarten when she began to pursue soccer. From there she gained an interest in various other sports including volleyball, softball, swimming and track, which she played during middle school and her first few years of high school.

Sid Craig School of Business prepares students for worldwide business, opportunities

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Fresno State department offers business experiences, internships to campus students The Sid Craig School of Business at Fresno State University equips students with business experience and opportunities across the globe. While only 10 percent of Fresno Christian students attend California State University, Fresno, one of the reasons to stay in town [...]

Plagiarism affects teachers, unprepared students

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You arrive home late from your basketball game with three papers due tomorrow, and finals within the next two days. Daunted by the seemingly impossible task ahead, you turn to searching published works on the internet. Copying and pasting three or four different phrases, you doubt your teacher will even notice.

Americans practice civic responsibility, benefit individuals, community

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Civic responsibility is defined by Learning to Give as the responsibility of a citizen and includes engagement in government, church, volunteering and memberships of voluntary associations. This community-minded attitude is showcased throughout the US in many occupations such as soldiers, military, firefighters and various other jobs. Participation in community events, jury service and country defense while respecting others’ opinions, rights and beliefs are all included in civic responsibility.

Cindy Lane invites visitors to Clovis area for Christmas displays

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As the countdown to Christmas continues, Clovis and Fresno residents often start to engage in local holiday activities. Driving and walking down the various lanes around town allows visitors to view light displays, spend time with family and friends and engage with the community.

90th annual Downtown Fresno Christmas Parade honors past, looks to future, Dec. 7

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As the beginning of the parade grew closer, people lined the streets, eagerly awaiting the 90th Annual Downtown Fresno Christmas Parade, Dec. 7. Participants of the parade donned looks of the past. These featured 80s style MC Hammer pants, 50s inspired pink poodle skirts and 70s era tie dye shirts. Vintage muscle cars decorated the street, performing hydraulics tricks for spectators, young and old

Farmer, professional observe environmental impact on The Valley’s water, farming

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California produces around $47 billion worth of food and produce annually, which ranks the state as number one in regards to food production. The second state is Iowa, which is $20 billion behind the golden state. California grows over 230 different crops.

Mason Beal pursues professional horse breeding

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The aspirations of most high school sophomores consist of distant goals which they hope to take on beyond high school. However, Mason Beal, ‘22, spends each school day keeping up with friends, school work and finishing his day on the family ranch, pursuing his goal of becoming a professional horse breeder. Beal, a fifth-generation trainer at Beal’s Quarter Horses, chases a career as a horse breeder and hopes to major in equine reproduction. Growing up on his family ranch provided Beal with first-hand experience and knowledge about breeding, training and ranch maintenance.