PROFILE: McKensy Neal displays natural leadership skills

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Two years ago senior McKensy Neal arrived at FC in search of a close community with new experiences. Arriving at the school with a passion for singing and playing volleyball, Neal has become an influential member of both girls ensemble and the varsity volleyball team. Looked up to by many at the school, she has proven herself to be a leader on campus.

Join the Discussion: Favorite books

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There’s something so comforting to many about familiarity in rereading books. Normally, a person’s list of books to read continues to grow as the years go on, but reading favorite books and ones that are familiar over and over always feels satisfying to many avid bookworms.

Eunie McEntee impacts cheerleader’s lives

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Since 1977, the FCS community has gained numerous faculty members that have influenced the school. Eunie McEntee is a staff member who went above and beyond to accomplish this. Her legacy at the school impacted students and teachers and shaped many of them into the people they are today.

Home Ec. teacher looks forward to second year on campus

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Relatively new to campus, Kimberly Bell is happy to be a part of the school. Having only taught one year so far, Bell is looking forward to her second year of teaching home ec. Bell hopes to improve teaching students things that they might not be able to learn in high school.

Profile: FC opportunities convince Daniel Avila to choose private school

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Two years ago Daniel Avila, '18, entered Fresno Christian Schools with an exciting urge in him to start the 2015-16 school year. Two years later as a senior, Avila still has that urge in him as he participates in many activities this year. Avila looks forward to participating in varsity football and worship band.

Incoming high schoolers express fears, worries of high school

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High school demands many responsibilities, but it also brings fears to some students. The terror of fitting in and getting all the right classes for college haunts most high schoolers but incoming freshmen fears are all too real for many students.

Hometown Heroes honors veterans for service, valor

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World War II, it was the war that would define a generation. Known as the greatest generation, these people endured one of the most atrocious wars our world has ever seen. Now this generation that preserved our freedom is dying out and with them the memory of what happened in that fateful war. This is why broadcast journalist Paul Loeffler runs his program HomeTown Heroes, a show dedicated to telling the stories of veterans. Loeffler believes it is important to keep the memories and stories of the generation alive. He wants to show others that there are heroes hidden within their own community.

History of campus’ hot lunch service

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School lunch programs tend to vary between delicious and disgusting. At Moving Feast Catering, their goal is to create healthy options that kids enjoy. From the “wacky breakfast” meal to fettuccine alfredo, a variety of options are available to choose from. With meals tailored around what students like, it's no wonder why this lunch program is a hit. Moving Feast Catering was founded in 2004 by Doreen Key to meet the needs of local Adult Day Health Centers. Key was working as the in-house Dietician for an ADHC planning their meals and contraction with local restaurants. When a local restaurant owner told her “ With all the work you're doing, you should just start your own business.” She consulted her husband and Moving Feast was born.

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