Profile: Alumni Robbie Hill finds success in theatre

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“He has so many strengths,” Ainley said. “He is a very fine singer and while he was at Fresno Christian he sang in the men's ensemble. He is also a very strong actor, he acted for me starting in the fifth grade and any role I gave him he always did very very well. He has a really larger than life personality so when he is on stage people believe him when he acts. He connects well with the audience and he always puts every bit of effort he has into each role. He is fabulous.”

Fresno residents reflect on homeless crisis, pt. 2

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After moving from Brooklyn, New York to Fresno, Doreen Eley began working the homeless at the Marjaree Mason Center and earned a bachelors in social work and a masters in business administration from Fresno State. “I started working in homelessness about 2001, in working with the Marjaree Mason Center in their domestic violence shelter,” Eley said. “Through that, they had a partnership with Poverello House. They opened up a homeless shelter for women, not with the issue of domestic violence just with other issues surrounding homelessness. It was called Naomi’s House. I was their first director and that opened in October of 2002. I have been doing this work ever since in one way or another.”

Childhood events shape personality and affect adulthood

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Every day you make decisions and choices, some even as simple as what to eat or wear. You have different encounters and experiences, and all these affect your life and help shape you into the person you will become. You are constantly meeting new people and building new relationships, some that will last a lifetime.

Students sound off, completing third quarter

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Third quarter, halfway through the second semester and seventy-five percent of the way through the school year. Students looking to graduate after this semester reflect on their previous years of high school. Many seniors may have wished that they could have focused more on studies or vice versa, may believe that they didn't get involved enough in activities at school.

The Feather takes NYC 2018: CSPA Convention recap

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To conclude the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s (CSPA) 94th annual Spring Convention, attendees gathered in the Alfred Lerner Hall for the award convocation. This year, The Feather Online won it’s sixth consecutive Gold Crown award and eighth since 2010.

Join the Discussion: 2018 CSPA Spring Convention

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Across the nation, students travel to Columbia University for the 94th annual CSPA Spring Convention, March 14-16. Nearly 2,700 student journalists, representing about 310 schools, attend sessions taught by journalism advisers, professional journalists and student leaders. The Fresno Feather New York team, comprised of 10 members attend classes at the university, while 20 Feather staffers remain behind in California. Advisers Greg Stobbe and Kori Friesen teach the session, “Further your digital audience” while editors Mariana Fikse, ‘18, Alex Rurik, ‘19, and Sam Cross, ‘19, instruct the class, “Elements of an Award Winning Team," March 15.

Feather takes NYC: Day 5 Recap

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With spirits high from the day before, Feather staffers enter the second day at the CSPA convention with a bright perspective, March 15. Not only did The Feather engage with other students throughout the five sessions offered today, but they also taught two sessions. Bright and early, students attended many different sessions around campus, including “Strangers on the Street” by Sabrina Schmitz and Mike Taylor. They spoke about the importance of good interviewing and how it can change the way you write your story.

PROFILE: Brandon Krueger demonstrates strength on baseball team

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Whether under the Friday night lights, cheering in the Nut House, or spitting seeds in the dugout, chances of students spotting Brandon Krueger, '18, at an FCS athletic event are high. From joining baseball his freshman year to trying out for football as a sophomore, homeschool student Krueger has filled his FCS letterman jacket with more than a couple patches.

The Feather takes NYC 2018: Day 4 Recap

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After completing the majority of touring for the week, Feather staffers and advisers hopped on the NY metro and hurried down to Columbia University to attend the first day of the 94th annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) Convention, March 14. The Feather has attended the spring CSPA conference since 1998 and has earned five CSPA Gold Crown awards in a row. Students from across the nation attend to hear from a variety of speakers with real-world experience in print publications, online newspapers, magazines, yearbooks, photography and videography.

Profile: Jaden Ventura leads on tennis team, mentors teammates

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Senior Jaden Ventura has been part of the high school tennis team for four years. From freshman year to senior year, he has improved dramatically and has been a key part of FC tennis. Ventura has been playing tennis since the eighth grade. He fell in love with the sport when his grandfather taught him how to play in the summer before.

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