Students maintain athleticism through off-season training

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Participating in sports requires dedication through training. Training forms the base of playing a sport. A number of athletes believe that practice after school during the season gives them enough; others, however, train during the off-season to constantly improve.Before rushing into off-season training, people should know that it exists so that athletes do not burn out. A sports blog published on Ohio University’s website offers insight on balancing training when not in a sport. The anonymous writer recommends this because playing a sport for too long without rest, results in losing desire to continue.    

19th annual Central Valley Honor Flight honors 68 veterans

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The 19th annual Central Valley Honor Flight sends 68 Vietnam veterans across the U.S. to Washington, D.C., from Fresno, May 13. The Honor Flight embarked on a busy three-day trip, visiting different war memorials dedicated to veterans.

Kyle Dodson reflections

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Kyle Dodson discusses the challenges of being a young teacher. Dodson continues on to another school to grow in both knowledge and experience. For five years, Kyle Dodson has taught 9th and 11th English, bringing a life and energy never seen before on the Fresno Christian campus. Dodson's energy made him [...]

High school summer internships aid student career choices

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As the school year comes to an end, summer internships help aid future student career choices and are an important part of the high school experience. Through networking with professionals, acquiring hands-on skills and gaining self-confidence, internships allow students to define their career goals. The Feather staff traveled to Anaheim, CA for the NSPA National High School Journalism Convention, April 25-27. During the Saturday session, senior editor Addison Schultz, ‘21, and journalist Morgan Parker, ‘21, interviewed editor-in-residence for the conference Bill Elsen. A former recruiter at The Washington Post and current Sigma Delta Chi board member, Elsen discusses internships and job possibilities with students at journalism conventions and workshops.

Mother’s Day brings families together, students recall favorite moments

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Campus students share Mother's Day memories Julie Rurik (left) supports her son Alex Rurik, '19, at games throughout the soccer season. A national day of honor that celebrates mothers and commemorates maternal bonds, Mother’s Day brings families from around the globe together to appreciate motherhood and lavish mothers with flowers and [...]

Caleigh Alday strives in dance competition, earning title of Miss Dance

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Caleigh Alday receives the title of Miss Dance 2019 at Kar Dance competition in Fresno,California at Saroyan Theater. For her solos Alday received top scores in the first category and a $500 scholarship.

World-class photojournalist travels, shares stories from around the globe

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"Celebrate what's right in the world. Put yourself in the place of most potential. Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary."  These words forever altered the professional perspective of Feather adviser, Kori Friesen, as a new teacher in 2002.

California Bests: Beaches

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California’s coastline is 840 miles long and is home to over 420 public beaches. All these beaches are different in many ways and have different highlights that entice visitors. Travel websites seem to consistently mention five of these 420+ beaches as favorites, for the scenery and atmosphere they provide.

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