Local suicides prompt campus response

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Suicide rates among teenagers continues to be a leading cause of death and an ever present issue in Fresno County. Suicide is either the second or third leading cause of death in ages 10-24, depending on the source. California claims one of the lowest suicide rates in the United States, but it is slowly on the rise. America as a whole has seen an increase in suicidal rates--the highest in 30 years. Furthermore, there is an average of just over 5,240 suicide attempts by 7-12 graders everyday in America.

CSPA Convention 2019 recap

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After a week of waiting and nearly a full year of school, students, advisers and chaperones convened in the Alfred Lerner Hall for the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s (CSPA) award convocation, March 22. The final day of attending sessions at the CSPA’s 95th Spring Convention ended, and the famed award ceremony began.

Choices: Teen pressures, substance abuse contribute to health issues, social misconceptions

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A campus filled with athletes, academics and artists each chooses their path and accepts the consequences of their choices.  Foundations for those choices stem from diverse traditions, values, religious beliefs and moral compasses. Fresno Christian, despite its religious affiliation, faces similar societal pressures and vices as larger academic high school institutions.

Join the Discussion: 95th Annual CSPA Spring Convention

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Students from all across the nation travel to Columbia University for the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s (CSPA) Spring Convention. 2,464 student journalists, from 325 schools and over 35 states, traveled to New York City to take part in the 95th annual spring convention and attend sessions taught by journalism advisers, professional journalists and student leaders.

Recap of 36th annual FCS Auction 2019

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Hundreds of alumni, teachers, and donors gather in the FC gym for the 36th annual auction, March 9. Every year, the auction raises money for classes, sports, and various activities around the school. At the end of the evening, the school raised $157,704, contributing to the vision of the school to develop a community of 'world changers'.

Dr. Karen Walters intertwines faith, science in the classroom

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In a world where science and the Christian faith find themselves at war, scientists in Christian education find ways to incorporate both into their teaching. AP Biology, biology, and zoology teacher Dr. Karen Walters encourages her students to dig into places where faith and science collide.

Blossom Trail produces variety of flowers for guests

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Heading into the spring season, the Blossom Trail remains a major tourist attraction in the Central Valley for its many rows of infinite blossoms. For 31 years, the trail has reached over 62 miles, covering Sanger, Reedly, Orange Cove, Selma, Clovis, Kingsburg and Fowler.

Annual Serve Day unites community through service

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For the sixth consecutive year, the Fresno Christian HS and JH student body engaged in Serve Day. While JH stays on campus to complete various work projects, all of HS packs up after first period and attends a quick rally before loading up in buses, and heading out to different locations across the city to serve.

Annual Econ Fair offers products made by senior class

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The annual Econ Fair hosted by Robert Foshee's civic and economics class provides seniors the opportunity to exercise their ideas by creating a small product and then selling it. Students get into small groups of two or three, then use their own money to make the product. This allows them to create a marketplace for supply and demand.

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