California Bests: Beaches

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California’s coastline is 840 miles long and is home to over 420 public beaches. All these beaches are different in many ways and have different highlights that entice visitors. Travel websites seem to consistently mention five of these 420+ beaches as favorites, for the scenery and atmosphere they provide.

Feather staffers tour professional ABC7 broadcast facility

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The Feather Online staffers took the opportunity to learn how a professional national news station operates by visiting ABC7 Broadcast Center, April 24. The staffers learn information about how a news office runs and gained a better perspective on the process of news making. Acting as the biggest single news station in Los Angeles, according to news operations manager Michael Merle, ABC7 uses a wide variety of tools and specialized individuals to broadcast news to the public. The building contains numerous tech, writing, and broadcasting rooms for reporters and crew members to publish stories quickly and efficiently.

City leaders look to impact homeless crisis, pt. 1

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An eviction forces mother and her child to fall on hard times. Individuals struggling with addiction find themselves on the street. In a bleak economic downturn, a man looks for work, but finds his efforts fruitless. Many cities struggles with poverty and homelessness as some citizens endure hardship.Throughout many cities, homelessness has become a predominant crisis in the community, struggling to find solution. Within the span of ten years, Fresno’s homeless population has gone down from 4,000 to 1,700, according to Fresno Mayor Lee Brand and other sources.

Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard speaks at SJV Town Hall

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The first female Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, spoke at the latest San Joaquin Valley Town Hall, April 10. Gillard discussed what life as a female politician was like, and the changing Asian economy and what it means for the world. Gillard began her political life after she became involved in her student union at the Australian equivalent of college.

Journalists, scientist discuss growing mistrust in science journalism

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In an age where trust in media, politics and science seems to be dying, journalists and scientists from Fresno and beyond are working together to reverse this trend. Several journalists and a Fresno State science professor convened for a seminar hosted by the Fresno State Institute for Media and Public Trust on the topic of growing distrust in science journalism, April 9.

Caleigh Alday excels in dance competitions

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Beginning dance at three years old, Caleigh Alday spends 20 plus hours every week perfecting her craft. She’s won Most Inspirational Dancer at the Thunderstruck Dance Competition. Alday goals to be accepted into the dance team at whatever college she goes to, hoping to attend Fresno State to join there team. After college Alday hopes to become a backup dancer or a choreographer.“In whatever college I get accepted into I’m going to try out for there dance team,” Alday said. “I’d love to be apart of Fresno State's dance team. If I continue putting my name out there for dance I’d love to maybe see myself try out to be a backup dancer one day or choreographer.”

Video journalist returns, invests in Feather video team

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Inspired by those who dedicated time helping him build his career, campus alumnus Jarrod Markarian, ‘17, invests his time mentoring current Feather video journalists. Returning to his high school alma mater, Markarian teaches video students on The Feather and uses situations from his past to help them be successful.

Landon Goldsborough, Alina Ochoa demonstrate potential of campus choir

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Choir performances wind down for the school year and participants in ensemble and choir displayed their skills during the Anaheim Heritage Festival, April 5. Students stand out on the risers by working hard and showing dedication. Choral director Susan Ainley sees seniors Landon Goldsborough and Alina Ochoa stand out amongst the rows of students. Ainley enjoys Ochoa’s attitude and watching her grow.

Dr. Jeremi Suri dissects American politics, history at SJV Town Hall

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Dr. Jeremi Suri, Professor of Contemporary Politics and Foreign Policy, spoke at the latest San Joaquin Town Hall, March 11. Suri discussed the evolution of the American Presidency from its founders to some of the evolutionists of the office.