Christmas season activities, Dec. 1-25

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Weather grows colder, cars gain frost overnight. Bundled up, brisk wind hits the skin with a freezing sensation. Christmas trees, lights, and decorations shine at an abundance of homes and locations. Christmas carolers sing from door to door, spreading Christmas cheer. In some places there may even be snow; the season of Christmas is upon us.

Rurik aims to win league in senior season

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With the winter season approaching, senior Alexander Rurik gears up for soccer one last time. Entering his final season, Rurik hopes to win league and go far in playoffs. Rurik is one of few lifers at Fresno Christian, meaning he has attended since kindergarten and now is in his senior year.

PBS representatives provide insight into local journalism industry, productions

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As a multimedia corporation, PBS’s goal is to educate people of all ages nationwide. PBS created 15+ well-known kids shows such as Sesame Street, Arthur, Cyberchase, Wild Kratts, Barney and Friends, Caillou and Super Why. However, ValleyPBS also provides a broad horizon in education which includes various news outlets and adult through teen shows. 

November hosts National Adoption Month

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Nearly 428,000 children enter foster care every year, with only 135,000 actually finding their forever families. According to Adoption Network Law Center, the average child waits nearly three years and celebrates their eighth birthday before settling in a family. Born with the innate desire to feel loved and belong, humans often begin forming these connections with those living with them. For children blessed to grow up in a safe and healthy environment with their biological parents, these connections and needs are easily fulfilled.

How to: Make an infographic using Canva

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Canva offers unique way to present information Starting with the creation of PowerPoint in 1987 to today, students have been using technology to present ideas and designs to others. Whether through Prezi, PowerPoint, or Google Slides, students have a variety of resources available to convey their ideas. One resource many students are unaware of, but offers [...]

Vaimalama Chaves wins Miss Tahiti 2018

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Representing her country through both brains and beauty, this year’s Miss Tahiti 2018, Vaimalama Chaves, strives to make her people proud and bring awareness to issues she stands for. Miss Tahiti is one of the most avidly awaited public events in the country and the most lavish and expensive regional event in all of the French Territories.

Journalist explores the concept of community

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What is community? Community is defined in the dictionary as; a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. But I would argue that community is much more than a group of people hanging out together. Community is a feeling you receive when you're in fellowship with someone with a purpose. Community is more than just an idea it is an emotion. Community is what forms friend groups at school to national governments. Every human being on this earth has a purpose. Whether that is a career in the workplace or raising a family everyone is here for a reason. Human bodies aren't meant to do life alone. Our minds naturally want to be a part of something. This applies to all ages. For a high schooler, there are many different things we strive to be or be a part of.

Renowned journalist David Epstein lectures at SJV Town Hall

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Former senior writer at Sports Illustrated and The New York Times best selling author, David Epstein, spoke at the latest San Joaquin Valley Town Hall, Nov. 14. Currently an investigative journalist at ProPublica, Epstein spoke about his research of what makes an athlete elite.

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