Mad Duck provides exceptional food, casual dining

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The Mad Duck provides a casual dining experience, while dishing out exceptional meals. The rustic interior makes the restaurant very unique. Burgers, tacos, salads, and seafood are just a handful of the many options featured on the menu. Their main location is located on the cross streets of Chestnut and Shaw, as well as a smaller location at Herndon and Willow.

Shila Korean BBQ boasts interactive dining experience

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In the newly built shopping center off of Clovis and Herndon lies Shila Korean BBQ, a unique dining experience which allows you to cook yourself an all you can eat meal. There are two options on their lunch and dinner menus which include a list of pork, beef, seafood and other options served ready to grill at your table. I previously had zero experience with Korean BBQ so frankly, I had no idea what to expect. The inside of the restaurant possesses a friendly and warm ambiance and you are greeted quickly by the host. It was not crowded when I went but depending on the time and day, it may be, considering the length of a meal, which ranges from 60 to 120 minutes plus.

Slice of India brings spice and comfort

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Moving to an unknown city while also bringing a family business can be tough. However, with the help of family and friends, this journey can be possible. This is the attitude that long time chef Gajjan Singh brought to his family. Lots of things can change throughout the duration of many years but this attitude and the family business has never changed.

Ellen’s Stardust Diner still displays 50’s vibes to this day

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Considered one of the best-themed restaurants in New York City, Ellen’s Stardust Diner offers a family friendly atmosphere and entertainment from the staff who sing and dance while they wait on customers. The retro 50’s themed diner is located on the corner of 51st Street in Times Square, New York City. The eatery contains many "Fabulous Fifties" memorabilia, such as an indoor train and drive-in theater screen showcasing performances from that era.

Steak ‘n Shake expands to Central Valley

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A land dominated by fast food chains such as In-N-Out and McDonald's, now boasts yet another chain. One of the oldest fast food chains in America is continuing to expand into The Golden State. Steak ‘n Shake, established in Illinois in 1934, operates as a casual restaurant and fast food chain with locations mainly in the Midwest and southern United States. Their 544 locations worldwide serve as a fast-food and sit-down-dinner hybrid.

Restaurant incorporates Biblical decorations, Mediterranean flare

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A new twist on a Mediterranean restaurant brings many people to eat at Noah’s Ark. Noah’s Ark lies on Barstow and 1st, and is about a ten minute drive from Fresno Christian. Noah’s Ark is a fancy restaurant and bakery that serves Mediterranean and Armenian food. The family that runs the small joint noticed that most Armenian restaurants were plainly decorated. They wanted to try to make a colorfully themed interior and a fascinating place to eat, so they came up with the idea of Noah’s ark inside the restaurant.

Mike’s Grill draws crowds with smoky smell, tasty grilled meats

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Although prices continue to rise, and more eateries pop out of the ground to attract more people, Mike’s Grill still flourishes in Fresno. Mike’s Grill provides delicious Texas style barbecue and claims to serve the best tri-tip in Fresno.

The Annex Kitchen offers carefully prepared food, dedicated service

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For anyone looking to be served rustic italian food by a caring staff with attention to detail, The Annex Kitchen is the perfect spot. Formerly Padinis Cafe, The Annex Kitchen is owned and run by brothers Jeff and Jimmy Pardini, of the Pardini family that runs the catering business in the same building.