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Class of 2020 awarded for academic, extracurricular achievements

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At the end of every year, FCS presents certain students with awards, commemorating achievements of either academic or extracurricular origin. While the graduating class of 2020 are unable to receive the awards in person due to the shelter-in-place mandate, the school continues to present awards via the internet. The senior awards consist of the Honors Plaque, the Outstanding Student Award, Citizenship Award, President’s Award for Educational Excellence and the FCS Lifer Award.

Passions & Hobbies: Behind the scenes of Fresno Christian athletes

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Although this may not have been the of the year students and faculty would have liked, there is a bright side to this pandemic. I have been making more time for things I love to do as hobbies. I’ve taught myself how to play worship songs on the guitar and the keyboard.  Many athletes have stories besides scoring a goal or throwing a no-hitter. As I was struggling to find stories and stick to my forte of writing about sports and athletes, I drew a blank. Many professional sports organizations have cancelled the rest of their remaining seasons or weren’t able to participate in a season at all. 

COLUMN: Outward thinking leads high school students to volunteer in community

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Usually during spring break, you can find me at Peoples Church involved in a week-long community outreach event called Breakaway. Breakaway gives students the opportunity to serve the people of Fresno, participate in impactful worship and hear powerful messages. But God had other plans for 2020. I was pretty bummed when I discovered that COVID-19 would prevent me from participating in my last Breakaway. I would not get the same opportunity to serve in my community that I annually do.

COVID-19 outbreak forces US farms out of business, food waste dumps

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Over 20 million individuals in the US work as farmers or in agriculture-related vocations, losing many of their customers, such as restaurants and hotels, amongst COVID-19 concerns. Dairies dump thousands of pounds of milk down the drain because their production exceeds creameries' and processing plants' plunging demands. Farmers find themselves donating crops to food shelters or plowing produce back into the soil, as they no longer profit from their food manufacturing.

COLUMN: Exercise apps replace gyms as citizens shelter-in-place

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As an international student from China, I was deeply impressed by the United States and how much Americans love fitness. Not simply running, but dealing with weights and equipment. China has a huge population, a fast-paced life and stress. A large number of people do not have time to exercise.

COMMENTARY: Student Voice Zoom webinar fosters student connection

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As most of the world continues to shelter-in-place due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many students adjust to new learning strategies and responsibilities. Students from South Carolina, Argentina, Kentucky, New Jersey, Georgia, New York and more attended a Student Voice Zoom webinar to discuss the struggles of online learning, April 5.  The video conference, led by Student Voice, provided a space for students to ask each other questions and share concerns about online learning. Topics included balancing work, study tips and ways to cope during the pandemic.

Students, state band together, preserve mental health focus

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During an unprecedented time filled with fear and stress, mental health increases in value as communities strive to remain focused through panic and disappointment. In an age surrounded by instant news and digital headlines, levelheadedness allows individuals to endure the pandemic without added anxiety. The coronavirus outbreak is unlike any most Americans in 2020 have faced in their lifetimes. Widespread panic over a virus scientists are still studying and researching procures concern from many. Couple this with the unforeseen suspension of nearly all pro sports and the indefinite delay of on-campus schooling, Americans are encouraged to practice social distancing and wait for state and city updates.

COVID-19 affects family routines, time spent with grandparents

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With the spread of the COVID-19 across the United States, lives are put at risk on a daily basis. Grocery stores are packed, shelves are emptied and cleaning necessities are out of stock. The virus has caused a nationwide shift as people decipher between hoarding products and stocking up for their family's needs. Grandparents and elderly individuals remain at high risk of catching the coronavirus and are encouraged to socially distance and isolate themselves to prevent infection. The inability to attend to those who rely on the daily care of family members causes worry, especially for caretakers.

COLUMN: Online platforms, teachers, community powers FCS connections

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My first year as principal at FCS was also the inaugural year for the BYOD (bring your own device) initiative, which had been in development by the previous administration. This is now our 6th year and never, before this COVID-19 crisis, have we made more prolific use of those devices and FCS connections.

Q & A: Class of 2020 lifers

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Get to know your class of 2020 "lifers"! A "lifer" is a student who has consecutively attended Fresno Christian from kindergarten to 12th grade. Out of 57 seniors, nine of the students have attended school together for the past 13 years. These seniors share their memories and experiences at FCS below.