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Join the Discussion: Thanksgiving break

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With Thanksgiving Day drawing near, many students are starting to look forward to the festivities it brings. Although Thanksgiving has its roots in a traditional event many people have developed their own traditions and customs. This has led to a large variety of things people look forward to. Students and staff from the community shared their favorite parts of this holiday.

RECAP: Fall Sports Awards Banquet

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On Monday evening the Fall Sports Awards Banquet took place in the People’s Church Gym, Nov. 13. The banquet honored, football, both varsity and JV volleyball and tennis. The coaches all got a chance to share highlights and moments from the season, and present the players with awards, including MVP, coaches awards and more.

Merchants Lunch highlights Armenian history, culture

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Fresno has always been and will continue to a be a hub for many Armenian families. With a large population of Armenian immigrants and descendants, it is no wonder why their culture weaves itself into Fresno’s history. One institution that stands as a foundation for many of these families is the First Armenian Presbyterian Church. Founded on July 25, 1897, it was the first Armenian church in the United States. It became not only a place of worship, but an extended family for many of the men and women immigrating to the U.S. at the time. The greatest example of this sense of family is the Merchants' Lunch.

LETTER: Susan Ainley shares campus choral vision

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Dear Editor: Women’s ensemble, Bellezza, has a packed Christmas concert itinerary. Their most recent choral experience was participating in the Westmont Invitational Choral Festival in Santa Barbara, CA, Oct. 27. The group received high marks from Steve Hodson, professor of conducting and piano studies at Westmont.

Home economics students learn to process poultry

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Home economic students traveled to PE teacher Mick Fuller’s home to finish their food systems unit by processing chickens, Nov. 4. In total, the group harvested the carcasses of 10 chickens during the two-hour stretch. Kimberly Bell, home ec. teacher progresses through her second year of teaching and continues to introduce new skills and techniques. “Mr. Fuller approached me with this idea of processing chickens over the summer,” Bell said. “I’ve never done anything like this before and we study about it in our food systems unit so I thought it would be a great chance for students to see how their food is produced.

Spanish III students to use bilingual skills in real-world setting

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The Spanish III class will be going to the Mexican restaurant, Toledo's, to practice their Spanish speaking abilities, Nov. 15. Spanish teacher, Rachel Rodriguez, has announced and explained to them that they are to speak Spanish the entire time.

Evangelina Tello adjusts to new role on campus

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After working at FC for five years, academic advisor Michelle Warkentin has taken over as an academic counselor at Clovis Community College. Evangelina Tello has stepped up to the task of taking Warkentin's position of high school academic counselor. With a passion for making connections, establishing herself in the community and mentoring students, Evangelina Tello begins her first week as FC's new academic counselor, Oct. 27.

COLUMN: Sophomore mourns over loss of friend

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This is going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever written about. The whole point of this column is to help people. I want to help others because I am tired of seeing so many people hurt. What I am hoping to come out of this when people read it is to have a different perspective on everything they do towards others.

PROMO: Freshman leads Bible study

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Convicted to share the Gospel with his classmates, one student decided to follow his calling. Football player and young missionary Hunter Raynes, ‘21, ventured on a trip to Malta with Peoples Church in the summer of 2017. While in Malta, he felt a call to his heart to start a Bible study on campus. With fellow classmates rallying around him, Raynes put together a study of John and started meetings on Wednesday, Oct. 25, at lunch.

Reality-based film “Only The Brave” offers natural disaster insight

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With natural disasters becoming seemingly more prevalent in the world today, reality-based films that involve similar calamities have grown more and more popular in theaters. The movie industry's latest reality-based natural disaster film, “Only the Brave,” directed by Joseph Kosinski, is based on the true and dire story of an elite group of 20 firefighters in Arizona called 'The Granite Mountain Hotshots'.

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