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Discover Fresno encourages engagement with local organizations, pt. 1

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This is the first article in a two part series covering the sessions hosted at Discover Fresno. Journalists Andrew Rieker, '21, Cartson Saezler, '21, Addison Schultz, '21, Kamryn Schultz, '19, and Sam Cross, '19, attended the event at The Well Community Church.  The Well Community Church hosts Discover Fresno, an event to inform and connect attendees with local organizations impacting Fresno. Keynote speaker  Neighborhood church pastor, Joe White began the morning with a keynote speech with the event splintering into separate groups discussing various issues.

Promo: Boys tennis starts up season practice

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After a disappointing loss in the CIF Central Section Division V Valley Championship, finishing the 2018 season for the boys tennis team, the players prepares to make another run at a Valley championship. The varsity team starts practice this week to begin the season, Feb. 12.

Feather tech talk, No. 3: Drones add new ways to cover media

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New technology is continually evolving. Taking a look at gizmos and gadgets that peek our interest and make our jobs as photojournalists a little easier and fun. For the first in the series, read Feather tech talk, No. 3.

Campus teachers share career inspiration

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With 3.7 million teachers employed in American public and private schools in 2018, teachers continue to play an important role during the developmental years of a child’s life. During these growing years, children are taught by educators who influence their ideas and beliefs.

Preparing to face conflict with peaceful resolution

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People all around the world face different kinds of conflict everyday, completely unprepared. Learning about the rewards of peaceful resolution can better prepare communities to face conflict with confidence and maturity. Teenagers are among the most unprepared to correctly resolve conflict. With the least experience and highest emotional influence, teenagers often respond before properly thinking through the problem.

Lin Brown continues service in FC library

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After working in the library for 31 years, Lin Brown continues to contribute to the school through her job as librarian and teacher. Brown graduated from Sierra High School in 1963 and went to Fresno City College to get her degree. She transferred to Fresno State, graduating with a B.S. degree in Child Development and a minor in Sociology.

Richie Cortez discusses FC girls soccer with Deborah Ingerson

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The FC girls soccer program is heading into the postseason with a comfortable playoff spot this season. Last year, the girls fell just short of a Valley Championship and are looking to head back to the championship game with a different outcome.

Campus students celebrate Chinese New Year, Feb. 5

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A blanket of red covers the streets of China as they defend their city against the beast, Nian. Dragons ripple among the crowds with the sound of fireworks and shouting in the air. The celebration of the new year comes with the year of the pig.

Molecular biologist Dr. John Medina lectures at SJV Town Hall

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Dr. John Medina, developmental molecular biologist, spoke at latest San Joaquin Town Hall, Jan. 23. Medina discussed how to maintain a healthy brain throughout different stages of life. As an affiliate professor of bio engineering at the University of Washington School of Medicine, Medina works primarily with young people, as his passion comes from being a father of two sons.

Silva Emerian shares passion for fashion

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Along with her love for fashion, Emerian always enjoyed using her words to express herself. In school, writing intrigued her more than other subjects. During her senior year of college, she received a job at The Armenian Mirror-Spectator, a weekly newspaper in Boston.

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