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Grammarly helps and hinders students’ writing

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As students rush to write essays, some resort to a new app that has taken off in school environments. An online program called Grammarly focuses on making it “easier” for high school students, college students, and adults to write essays free of mistakes. Freshman and junior English teacher Kyle Dodson shares the positives and negatives of using a program similar to Grammarly in class. He believes students should not depend on the technology accessible to them in a classroom setting unless they are learning from it.

Game creator Kyle Friesen shows passion for hobby

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Tinkering with electronics and technology as a child, senior Kyle Friesen finds his passion in video gaming, whilst also creating a career out of the hobby. Friesen has attended FCS since kindergarten, making him a lifer. He enjoys the socialization, apart from video productions and history class, at school and feels it is necessary for later on in life and helps people become more well rounded.

AP courses challenge students, promote higher learning

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“Ap classes are very helpful outside of classroom,” Garcia said, “especially when I have conversations with adults around me I can now put in my foresense. Knowing and having that background knowledge from certain classes that I have taken sometimes I even find myself correcting the adult because I know more than the general education. I like being able to have an argument and have that knowledge in my head and share that wisdom with others.”

Real ID Act ensures protective traveling

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As of Oct. 1, 2020, California drivers will not be permitted to enter domestic flights or secure federal facility that requires identification unless they have the new Real ID. Passed by Congress in 2005, the new ID establishes security standards for state issued driver's license and prohibits federal agencies from accepting licenses that don't meet state standards. If you choose to keep/renew your current federal non-compliant ID you will not have access to enter domestic flights or secure federal facilities that require identification, unless you have a valid U.S. Passport.

Benefits of private schooling and homeschooling

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Typecasting shames the reputation of home and private schoolers alike. Many individuals imagine an incorrect picture of lazy PJ-clad homeschoolers playing video games and lacking social skills or a preppy private schooler on an exclusive path straight to the success found only in the Ivy League. When the 3 o’clock bell rings at a private school, many homeschoolers already enjoyed three hours of free time learning life skills. While private school offers easy access to multiple on campus clubs and activities all in one place.\

Editorial: Developing heroic behavior

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Catching the game-winning touchdown. Thwarting a terrorist plot. Rescuing a child trapped in an inflamed building. All examples exemplify a heroic action. Seldom does one find themselves staring into Friday night lights during a championship game, near a burning building or a terrorist attack. Heroes emerge from crowds, stepping up as nameless citizens, ready to sacrifice for their neighbor. An opportunity for a heroic act may never come in a person’s life, but people must prepare their character and resolve for a situation regardless. While “Everyone is a hero” is a popular phrase teachers and speakers tell their students, this is not the case. However, each individual has the capacity of for heroic behavior through purposeful action.

Homecoming Happily Ever After: Spirit Friday

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Classmates gather in the hallway. Ballots are distributed and they choose their homecoming candidates to support. Leadership advisors oversee the voting of homecoming candidates. Students cast one vote for their class princess of choice and a vote for homecoming king and queen. After a week of activities and events, the final day of homecoming is here. In reflection, dress-up days included students and teachers participating for class points. Students wear their FC spirit wear for Friday's theme: "Spirit Friday". After spectating the the king and queen royal battle, students show their school spirit in preparation for the excitement coming in the night to come.

Cast of Unbroken: Path to Redemption provide closure to WWII veteran

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In the past few years, the popularity of faith-based movies has increased nationwide, according to a LA Times article. The latest film fitting into this category is Unbroken: Path to Redemption, the true story of a WWII P.O.W. and his struggles after the war. The directors and producers of Unbroken: Path to Redemption recognized Fresno as one of the top communities for watching Christian films. They held a red carpet premiere at Maya Cinemas on Sept. 16. Numerous actors and producers attended.

Nick Papagni offers glimpse into broadcasting

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As San Joaquin Valley’s local sports guy for the past 15 years, Nick “The PagMeter” Papagni already has an impressive following in the high school sports world through his website as well as his weekly sports show. Papagni works on 940 ESPN's weekly radio show, The Rise, in addition to writing on The PagMeter website which records over 200,000 hits a week. On the show, Papagni discusses the week's news alongside his partner, Matt Johnson. He began working for ESPN in 2003.

International students share perspective, struggles studying in America

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Pack the bags, board the plane and a 13 hour flight later, they have arrived from China to America. International students attend Fresno Christian and learn American culture and language first hand. Currently, 21 students from Asia and one from the Africa attend FC. International students adjust from their native cultures to western traditions and practices. Ameristudent adviser, Brooke Stobbe discusses challenges international students face when studying in a new country.

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