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Landon Goldsborough leads basketball team at center position

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As the 2018 FC basketball season begins, so does the final year of basketball for many seniors. One of these seniors, Landon Goldsborough, has played basketball ever since he was in the 4th grade. At this age, Goldsborough participated in an annual summer basketball camp.

International students celebrate with Christmas party

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Program coordinator Brooke Stobbe expands student holiday cultural awareness The international students participated in a gift exchange after they finished their meal. In America, once the Christmas season rolls around, people all over the country begin to prepare for the upcoming holiday. At Fresno Christian, when students study abroad in America, [...]

Discipline creates environment for success

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Challenges arrive everyday in different shapes and forms, teaching us how to improve. With discipline we learn to achieve the goals we set for ourselves, and learn how to achieve them efficiently. Students accomplishing their goals is not always impossible when they discipline, commit, and focus on what they want to achieve. Though his passion came with a promising future, Lewis attended Northwood University, earning his bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration and Management. Throughout his studies in college, Lewis never abandoned his enthusiasm for tumbling and tricking.

COLUMN: The power of worship

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These days, people are hungry to experience the presence of God. People pack into concerts, drive from miles away and cram their playlists with joyful praises to encounter God in worship. Elevation Worship, Jesus Culture and Bethel Music, the list of popular worship music could go on and on. To worship God is your own personal choice, but during participation, the worshipper allows the Holy Spirit to move within their heart. The power expressed by praise clears your mind of the fog of the world. Circumstances often can fill our minds with clutter and noise, along with pressures, conflicts and trends.

COLUMN: Learning to Prioritize

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In my third year of high school, I have learned a lot about my priorities from just the past two years alone. At the beginning of freshmen year, I was barrel racing and riding horses full time, played volleyball, and was taking all academic classes. Sophomore year I joined The Feather while I continued to barrel racing, play volleyball and enroll in more difficult academic classes. I began to feel overwhelmed the second week of school. It came to a point where there was just too much on my plate.

Join The Discussion: Terry Richards

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Teacher, mentor, and devoted Christian Terry Richards continues to impact Fresno Christian students and staff. As Richards is currently in the hospital, students reflect on their favorite memories and stories involving their science teacher. With the family requesting no visitors, prayers would be appreciated as he recovers. As well as running the Brother to Brother program on campus, Richards is the junior high Bible and science teacher. Entering his 58th year of teaching, Richards aims to impact students for Christ and encourage them to act as people of integrity. Teaching at FCS for 19 years, Richards continues to challenge students academically and spiritually.

Thompson strives with confidence on the basketball court

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From singing onstage with the worship team to competing in basketball on the court, you can find senior Macie Thompson in many different settings. Thompson is a life at FC and continues to stay involved with worship team, T.E.A. talks, athletics, ensemble on top of participating in the campus mentoring program, sister to sister.

Donn Rojeski reveals alternate side

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Vietnam War veteran impacts students through Bible classes Donn Rojeski served as a artillery fire director during the Vietnam War. Rojeski is pictured wearing his fatigues in 1968. After teaching at Fresno Christian for five years, Donn Rojeski has influenced several high school classes, in a position he originally believed wouldn’t [...]

Schmidt excels on the court for last season

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When push comes to shove, one senior shows the dedication and drive it takes to succeed in playing multiple sports. Coming from his first year of playing football, senior Griffin Schmidt heads from the field to the gym for his last season of basketball. 

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