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B’nai B’rith awards ceremony recognizes students’ athletic achievements

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Throughout the year, individual student athletes stand out on the field, court, and track. Through scholarships and ceremonies, the Fresno B’nai B’rith Student Athlete Award Program seeks to honor the accomplishments of outstanding senior athletes. For the 68th annual ceremony, senior Alex Rurik was nominated from Fresno Christian for his athletic skills and academic excellence, May 20. Founded in New York in 1843, B’nai B’rith was originally established to create a society that integrated all Jewish immigrants into American life. Since its origination, B’nai B’rith has spread throughout the world, with representation in over 40 countries. The program works to “unite in the work of promoting the highest interests of humanity and the Jews: of developing and elevating the mental and moral character of our people…”.

Track finishes season, breaks multiple school records

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As the varsity track team ends their successful season with four seniors on the team and 13 meets in the books, they begin to end the school year with summer approaching and only two weeks left of the 2018-19 year. 

BLOG: Girl Talk-Stress

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Juniors Annabelle Messer and Megan LeBlanc, along with sophomore Mackenzie Beckworth continue the blog series, “Girl Talk”, covering issues spotlighting the triumphs and struggles from the female perspective. Check out their first blog article in the series read BLOG: Girl Talk–Sadies or the most recent, BLOG: Girl Talk-Preparations for formal. Even if you retain information well and can study [...]

Avengers: Endgame provides a satisfying conclusion to the Infinity saga

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Avengers: Endgame is the 22nd film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and is directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, the brothers behind films Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War.

Promo: National Day of Prayer unites school, connects students through Christ

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With the school year finishing up, grades K-12 unite as one student body to celebrate the 2019 National Day of Prayer, May 2. Officially starting in 1952, the day of prayer was signed into law by Former President Harry S. Truman and has been continued since then. The all-school chapel also serves as the end-of-year convocation before school ends on May 23.

California Bests: Beaches

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California’s coastline is 840 miles long and is home to over 420 public beaches. All these beaches are different in many ways and have different highlights that entice visitors. Travel websites seem to consistently mention five of these 420+ beaches as favorites, for the scenery and atmosphere they provide.

Feather staffers tour professional ABC7 broadcast facility

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The Feather Online staffers took the opportunity to learn how a professional national news station operates by visiting ABC7 Broadcast Center, April 24. The staffers learn information about how a news office runs and gained a better perspective on the process of news making. Acting as the biggest single news station in Los Angeles, according to news operations manager Michael Merle, ABC7 uses a wide variety of tools and specialized individuals to broadcast news to the public. The building contains numerous tech, writing, and broadcasting rooms for reporters and crew members to publish stories quickly and efficiently.

Journalists, scientist discuss growing mistrust in science journalism

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In an age where trust in media, politics and science seems to be dying, journalists and scientists from Fresno and beyond are working together to reverse this trend. Several journalists and a Fresno State science professor convened for a seminar hosted by the Fresno State Institute for Media and Public Trust on the topic of growing distrust in science journalism, April 9.

Richie Cortez covers freshman no-hitter during first league game

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The Fresno Christian Eagles had their first East Sierra League game on April 29 at Summit Charter. The Eagles came in with a record of  9-4, hungry for their first league victory. Sam Swearingen, ‘22, threw for seven innings with seven strikeouts and no hits allowed, giving the Eagles their first league win and with a no-hitter. Fresno Christian shut out the Summit Charter Bears, 22-0, on the road making a statement for the rest of the league to see.

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