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Seniors await replies after sending in applications

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College applications are submitted and now seniors must wait. According to a recent poll, over 30% of the FC senior class want to stay in Fresno after high school, while the rest plan to travel out of the city for their college experience. Whether community college, military employment or a private university, students anticipate the moment to discover where they will spend the next few years of their lives.

PROFILE: Clovis North transfer finds purpose on team

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Completing the switch from Clovis North, a big public school with almost 1200 students in attendence, to a small private school, was a big step down for Senior Natalya Hill. She was surprised how closed and quiet Fresno Christian could seem at times. However, Natalya (also known as Tali around campus) helps people break out of their shells and become more welcoming. She continuously uses her voice to speak out about issues she had noticed throughout her time on campus.

EDITORIAL: Teens should refrain from getting tattoos

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Dress code tells students what is deemed appropriate and inappropriate to wear to school. Students who ignore posted dress code policies face consequences for violating school policies. At the beginning of each school year, high school students sign an agreement with their school to abide by the rules and regulations that dictate campus behavior. One rule in particular some students struggle with is tattoos. What may seem like colorful expressive art to one person can be seen as a waste of money and cancerous to another. Tattoos have branded the world for thousands of years. These permanent symbols and signs serve as declarations of love, status symbols and even religious beliefs.

Boys soccer begins league season, looks for first win

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2018 has begun! A new year brings new a season and expectations for FCS sport teams. For the boys varsity soccer team, a new season brings a new challenge to be conquered. After losing four seniors last season, the team must rebuild with younger players. Previous coach Matt Markarian is now this seasons FCS high school girls coach. The girls have had a successful preseason and are now entering their season as well.

Girls basketball transitions to league play

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The most competitive time of the year for varsity girls basketball is finally underway. Girls basketball transitions from preseason games to league play. The Eagles hosted their first game against Parlier on Tuesday, January 9, in the FC Gym at 5:30 P.M. Despite being ahead for the first three quarters, the Lady Eagles lost 47-43 in a hard fought game.

Redemption: The Project

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Junior Kamryn Schultz, starts the second half of her serialized book titled Redemption. Chapters will be revealed every two weeks. Make sure to check back twice a month and leave comments on what you think about it. If you missed the eleventh chapter, read Reunion. My hand burned a bright red, throbbing intensely. I bit my lip trying to ignore the pain. Slapping someone hurt, but receiving the blow probably caused even more pain. Kevin stood in front of me, his left cheek rosier than usual, stunned at my reaction.

Seniors show skill, dedication on the soccer field

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Soccer can be a time consuming and brutal sport, occupying the schedules of high school players. As seniors Nathan Mount and Jaden Ventura enter their fourth year of playing soccer at Fresno Christian, they experience the pressure of maintaining a balanced schedule and using their time wisely.

Christian campus offers students various opportunities

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Fresno Christian was established over forty years ago and has strived to create an environment to raise up the next generation of world-changers. Fresno Christian is a pre-K through 12th-grade school with many opportunities for students to enjoy school with a Christian education. People in Fresno Christian participate and often integrate into student groups and clubs. Some groups are popular and have many participants. Others are not as well known and would like and need recognition for the hard work and effort put in. 

PROFILE: Erin Wilson proves determination, leadership

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Learning what family is like does not have to happen at home. For some, relationships can be forged through competition and shared experiences. Friends and teammates can become family. Senior Erin Wilson grew up playing basketball. She began in elementary school because her peers told Wilson her height bolstered her skills . Since then, she has continuously played up to her senior year of highschool, only taking a break during freshman year.

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