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COLUMN: ‘FC Lifer’ shares one regret

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I walked through Mrs. (Linda) Tapley’s door terrified of my first day of school at Fresno Christian. At only four years old, the youngest one there, I felt alone. Classmates made friends from preschool the year before, but not me. I never went to preschool. The alphabet, counting to one hundred, reading, and spelling my name presented no problem for me, but it took some time to make a friend.

Music department tops off year with annual spring concert

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To cap off the 2016-2017 school year, the music department held their annual spring concert. The event featured a variety of bands that included elementary, junior high and high school students. The band members are instructed by Lesley Bannister and Dakota Simpson. Both Bannister and Simpson were proud of the progress their students have made throughout the year. Bannister was unable to attend the event due to a minor car accident, however her band members performed with confidence throughout the night. The concert featured the jazz band, percussion ensemble, third grade recorders, fourth grade beginning band and fifth-sixth grade band. The jazz band opened the event with a song called ‘Killer on the Keys’ that featured solo’s from Janae Shew and Austin Petersen. Daniel Williams also performed a solo piece in the following song, ‘Walk Talk’.

English teacher creates unique finals

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With the end of the year right around the corner, teachers have begun handing out their finals to students. Some teachers give out tests but others choose to go with projects. DODx is the project teacher Kyle Dodson charges his English 11 class to complete. Dodson bases this idea off the famous company that hosts regularly scheduled educational seminars called TED Talks. This multi million dollar company which was founded in 1984 continues to host local events with their outreach program called TEDx. TEDx is a similar seminar to the main TED talks but is hosted in more local cities.

Exchange student visits moonscape in Eurasia

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I found that I did not know how to understand and appreciate pulchritude and its essence. The four-day experience in Istanbul during the spring break amazed me. I thought I knew everything about Turkish culture before I visited the country, but I was wrong.

Halo Wars 2, introduces new game style to Xbox One

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Many people are familiar with the Halo series, a futuristic first-person shooter (FPS) that has been around since the early 2000’s. However few people know of the Halo Wars series, a real-time strategy (RTS) game that takes place in the same universe as the main Halo games. From the start this game turns away many people due to the fact that it is an RTS game. Many people do not even know what an RTS game is. Well, an RTS is similar to chess or checkers, except that there are no turns and everything happens in real time (hence the RT in RTS).

Community Food Bank provides meals to families in need

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The Community Food Bank in Fresno helps communities all around the valley. With donations from families all across town, the people that help run the food bank are one of the main reasons why it still exists.

Volunteers contribute needed help to Jefferson Street

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A group gathered on the corner of Jefferson Street, wielding rakes, shovels and garbage bags, Feb. 25. As more gathered, the group huddled together to open the day in prayer. Flyers were passed out, and the crowd dispersed across the streets. Small teams of volunteers battled the overgrowth and trash that littered the sidewalks and gutters of narrow Jefferson East streets.

Brief: Annual Career Fair, March 3

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Career Fair shares light on future opportunities Speakers from all sorts of job careers share their insight on different career pathways. High school is a time when many students discover their interests and possible career paths. The sixth annual FC Career Fair will help students gain a perspective on a career they [...]

Boys tennis prepares for annual tournament

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As the days become longer and buds on the tree start to show, the spring sports are beginning their pre-season games. Boys tennis will journey to Fresno City College to compete in the California Tennis Classic tournament March 3-4. Head coach Robert Foshee hopes the matches will help prepare his team for upcoming league play. After a third place finish last year in the tournament, the boys will aim to come out on top.

COMMENTARY: Living with a deaf sister

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When I was two and a half years old, my little sister Toryn was born. After about six months of her being home with us, we realized something was up, she wasn’t noticing anything, when a loud noise happened she wouldn’t react. Immediately we knew something was wrong. We found out that she was bilaterally deaf.

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