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Pink out proceeds benefit child’s fight against cancer

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At FCS, dress up themes often accompany football home games. However, this theme presents itself more serious than most. In the past, FCS put on a “pink out” theme to raise breast cancer awareness. Last year, leadership sold pink out shirts with a percentage of the proceeds funding The Art of Life Cancer Foundation. This year, the funding goes to a more direct place.

Join the Discussion: College Fair 2019

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College representatives, students and staff members gather in the PC gym to engage in the annual college fair at lunchtime, Oct. 15. 24 private, state, community and military colleges from California to Colorado arrived on campus to connect with students and inform them of college opportunities. The campus fair is the first part of a day of college immersion. Christian colleges from the FC fair and others from around the country visit Hope Lutheran Church for the North American Coalition for Christian Admissons Professionals (NACCAP) fair, 6 p.m. Over 2,000 students attend the fair annually, refining their college searches and engaging with Christian college representatives.

Campus Daddy Daughter Date Night highlights importance of community

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A pack of cowboys and cowgirls began arriving at the Peoples Church gym for a night of dancing and Western-inspired food, 6-8 p.m., Oct. 11. With 180 participants, girls from kindergarten to 12th grade accompanied their male guests to the second annual Daddy Daughter Date Night.

BLOG: Amateur rocketry No. 2: Juniors begin experimentation, learn through trials

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Under a hastily decorated tree stood an assortment of packages. A large, generic brown box peaked curiosity to its contents. My turn came, and I moved over to the tree to collect the prize. On first glance I failed to understand the markings on the outside of the boxes inside.

Freshmen enter high school, grow from new experiences

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The class of 2023 enters their first year of high school, with some freshmen exposed to new fears and anxieties. Grades received now will affect what college recruiters see from the beginning of high school careers. After experiencing their first month of high school, students may start to realize the levels of difficulty in each of their classes. Most teachers remind students to regularly check Powerschool and Schoology for information.

Moms in Christ pray, support campus families, staff

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Going on their third year, campus prayer group Moms in Christ engage in Thursday morning gatherings to pray for each other as well as families, students and staff. Originally launched by Christina Saelzler, Moms in Christ is now lead by several members including Dawn Hinton, Murray Morgan, Dorina Gilmore-Young and Silva Emerian. 

Campus freshman receives $3,000 in scholarship at Big Fresno Fair

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For the last eight years, 4.0 students benefit from the 4.0 and Above program and The Fresno Fair. This ninth annual event rewards Fresno County students with free entry tickets to the fair on opening day, as well as their name in a raffle for iPads, laptops, giftcards, scholarship money, and this year, a 2020 Toyota Corolla. FC freshman Amanda Johnson took advantage of the free fair ticket. Johnson expected not to win anything, but entered the raffle anyway and proceeded to enjoy the fair.  

Hay Day takes virtual farming to the next level

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Hay Day starts off by providing a backstory telling the player how they came upon their new farm. The farm only consists of a farmhouse, barn, and silo all requiring a swipe of the player’s finger to fix up. A scarecrow by the name of Mr. Wicker guides the player through the beginning steps and introduces them to new things as they unlock them. 

Royal Battle showcases dance skills, creates friendly competition

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Shining lights and music fill the stage as the queen and king homecoming candidates challenge each other in the dance and lip-synch battle known as the Royal Battle, Oct. 3. Standing as a tradition since 2015, the Royal Battle continues to be one of the many anticipated homecoming events.