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2017 FC homecoming floats: Seniors

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Only four weeks into the school year, students scramble to begin the preparation for one of the most stressful, yet fun weeks in the entire year. It’s homecoming week, and each grade level begins the race to launch preparation of the annual float building contest.  In the end all the development and dedication put into the floats is worth all the madness, and students get to admire the finished product of each others floats. Homecoming this year is scheduled for Oct. 6. Each year a new theme for homecoming is chosen and students are required to build their float according to that particular theme. This year the theme is ‘Homecoming For Humanity.’ Each class picks one non-profit organization to represent with their float. Every year seniors have the luxury of choosing first. They plan on designing a float portraying the American Red Cross.

COLUMN: ‘FC Lifer’ shares one regret

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I walked through Mrs. (Linda) Tapley’s door terrified of my first day of school at Fresno Christian. At only four years old, the youngest one there, I felt alone. Classmates made friends from preschool the year before, but not me. I never went to preschool. The alphabet, counting to one hundred, reading, and spelling my name presented no problem for me, but it took some time to make a friend.

Music department tops off year with annual spring concert

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To cap off the 2016-2017 school year, the music department held their annual spring concert. The event featured a variety of bands that included elementary, junior high and high school students. The band members are instructed by Lesley Bannister and Dakota Simpson. Both Bannister and Simpson were proud of the progress their students have made throughout the year. Bannister was unable to attend the event due to a minor car accident, however her band members performed with confidence throughout the night. The concert featured the jazz band, percussion ensemble, third grade recorders, fourth grade beginning band and fifth-sixth grade band. The jazz band opened the event with a song called ‘Killer on the Keys’ that featured solo’s from Janae Shew and Austin Petersen. Daniel Williams also performed a solo piece in the following song, ‘Walk Talk’.

English, Drama teacher creates unique finals

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With the end of the year right around the corner, teachers have begun handing out their finals to students. Some teachers give out tests but others choose to go with projects. DODx is the project teacher Kyle Dodson charges his English 11 class to complete. Dodson bases this idea off the famous company that hosts regularly scheduled educational seminars called TED Talks. This multi million dollar company which was founded in 1984 continues to host local events with their outreach program called TEDx. TEDx is a similar seminar to the main TED talks but is hosted in more local cities.

COLUMN: My Thanksgiving trip to Sri Lanka – Part Two

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Going back to my homeland is always sweeter than visiting a foreign land. The Cathay Pacific CX610 just landed at the Hong Kong airport. The familiar announcement ended my two-day Colombo tour. I rejoiced because it was finally over. I was constantly thinking about the peculiar man and the situation that I was in 24 hours ago.

New FC girls soccer coach sets standards, pushes team

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With the new season underway, the Lady Eagles soccer team will have some unfamiliar faces. Last year, the team was lead by coach Archie Ochoa. But after a disappointing season where the team went 3-15, coach Ochoa left his head coach position.

Sadie Hawkins theme announced

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This year the annual high school event, Sadie's, will be called Fresno Festivus and the theme is twinning. FC students will be traveling through Fresno to see what the city has to offer. The day starts at 10:30 a.m. and will go to 10:15 p.m. Sadie's will take place Jan. 28 and will cost 60 dollars.

Lanna Coffee Co. brings hope and awareness

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Americans consume over 400 million cups of coffee a day, which means each individual drinks about three cups per day. That equates to over 1,000 dollars a year spent on caffeinated beverages. With all that money being spent, imagine if the funds could be used to create global changes and transform lives on the other side of the planet. That’s what Lanna Coffee Co. is all about. Lanna Coffee Co. is a local coffee shop that keeps thousands of Thailand villagers out of poverty. Their main establishments are located in Fresno County, but they also have locations in Tulare County and San Bernardino County.

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