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COLUMN: Kaylie Clem shares Price Is Right experience

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For over half my life I have watched The Price Is Right with my family early in the morning on weekdays during break or other vacations. Whenever a contestant would come on stage and be anywhere near the minimum age of 18, my mom would tease me saying, "That's going to be you when you turn 18!" 

College Corner: Spring semester breakdown

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The planning process for the school year can be a stressful task for some students. Where do you start? What should you be on the lookout for? Below, I have provided an outline month by month on what students should expect for the second half of the school year.

Students share their successes, struggles in obtaining drivers licenses

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Driving offers opportunities, mobility A drive to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Questions appear on the screen and a passing score is achieved. Their picture is taken, and a permit is presented to the student driver. Top reasons student drivers fail their drivers test according to DMV.ca.gov web site. FC [...]

Driving Miss Daisy entertains audiences via friendship story

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The 1989 hit movie, “Driving Miss Daisy” follows the sweet relationship of a spunky older Jewish women and her African-American chauffeur in the American South. Second Space Theater performs their own version of the popular story, Jan. 4 - Feb 24 2019.

REVIEW: Amazon Echo, Google Home on the rise

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The newest technological gadgets are some of the most sought after gifts. Lately, the conversation in technology has shifted towards artificial intelligence. With the Christmas season just behind us, some families may have purchased this new form of aid.

BLOG: Girl Talk-Lies Society Tells

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Society’s opinion on our personal lives influences our self esteem more than we think. The feeling of “I’m not good enough” and “I wish I was different” crowd our thoughts and take over our view of ourselves. Every flaw society notices in us haunts our minds and constantly reminds us that we are not accepted for our true selves. Society believes that their opinion out rules everyone else's and that we should change to meet their standards.

HS ensemble, Berean Christian Schools participate in choir exchange

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A choral exchange unites Bellezza ensemble, students of Fresno Christian, and the advanced choir of Berean Christian School, Jan. 16. Gathering together in the music suite, the two choirs learned from each other as they listen to unfamiliar voices and song selections.

Campus students impact community through service

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Fostering animals, helping the homeless, or serving food all contribute to the variety of activities campus students partake in to give back to their communities.  Whether during Serve Day or participating in serve club, students join together to make their school and city a better place.  President of the on-campus serve club, junior Marin Sue hopes to encourage her peers by helping and serving them. As they go out into the community on weekends, the members become more aware of the issues in their neighborhoods.

Recap: Hume Lake winter camp focuses on relationships

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The annual Hume Lake winter camp came to a close with pastor Jeff Gokee speaking at the last worship and chapel of the weekend. Campers started the two-hour drive up to Hume Lake and were greeted with snow and a seemingly pristine environment, Jan. 11-13. With 15 Fresno churches and 772 students joining together understanding the gospel better, the students and staff participating in the theme, "Rich Young Rules."

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Campus athletics aim to succeed in new league

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As the winter sports season reaching the end of preseason, both basketball and soccer will begin league play. Central Interscholastic Federation (CIF) redid the leagues at the end of last season and placed the Eagles in a new league.

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