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Rurik aims to win league in senior season

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With the winter season approaching, senior Alexander Rurik gears up for soccer one last time. Entering his final season, Rurik hopes to win league and go far in playoffs. Rurik is one of few lifers at Fresno Christian, meaning he has attended since kindergarten and now is in his senior year.

November hosts National Adoption Month

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Nearly 428,000 children enter foster care every year, with only 135,000 actually finding their forever families. According to Adoption Network Law Center, the average child waits nearly three years and celebrates their eighth birthday before settling in a family. Born with the innate desire to feel loved and belong, humans often begin forming these connections with those living with them. For children blessed to grow up in a safe and healthy environment with their biological parents, these connections and needs are easily fulfilled.

BREAKING: Feather journalist travels to Israel

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Israel is identified as the “Holy Land” by Jews, Christian and Muslims. According to Tourism Ministry a record 2.1 million people visited Israel in the first half of 2018. Israel is not only a religious destination but also a vacation and business spot. The Dead Sea and the beaches of Tel Aviv attract many vacationers. Religious destinations are the main attractions though for study tours and other church focused trips. The Well Community Church has made over 9  trips to Israel. Teaching pastors take a group of people on a twelve day experience around the country, discovering ancient cities and the foundation that the Christian church was built on.

BREAKING: First soccer game, Nov. 20

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With the fall sport season coming to an end, winter sports jump into action this upcoming week. The football field gets repainted and set up for the upcoming soccer season. The teams prepare for their first preseason game Nov. 20, and hope for a positive start toward the season. Written by: Megan LeBlanc

Alumni players participate in annual soccer practice

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The annual FC alumni soccer game will be held once again on the soccer field. The event welcomes all FC soccer alumni back to participate in a soccer game to play against the current soccer team at 9 a.m., Nov. 24. Written by: John Monke.

Recent midterm legislation effects teens today

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The midterm elections just passed and the results that will likely affect students' futures is already in motion. Almost 17 percent more people voted in Fresno, CA, this year compared to 2014. The three propositions discussed in the article below are the most likely to affect high school students. Proposition 7 Morgan [...]

Campus discusses engagement, interaction with social media outlets

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Social media provides news, connections to high school students Screens brighten, a swipe of the screen unlocks the device. A touch on screen opens an app. Feeds of friends, family and food greet the user as they scroll through their social media profile. With young people having access to many social media platforms, statistics shown [...]

AP biology thrives in new classroom

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From filming stop motion videos to isolating DNA out of fruit, creating model cells out of play dough to regenerating flatworm bodies, AP biology provides a college-level study of biology, with various hands-on activities along the way. Written by: Kyler Garza

International students serve through packaging gifts

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The joy of receiving gifts eludes children living in impoverished areas across the world. Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child (OCC) intends to distribute gift boxes to these children, providing them with the joy of a physical and spiritual gift. According to their website, OCC intends to further the gospel of Jesus Christ through the distribution of the gift boxes. Ameristudent international advisor Brooke Stobbe encourages her students to support OCC through packing boxes. Of her 21 students, Stobbe took 14 international students to Dollar Tree filling 17 boxes that will be donated in support of OCC.

Eagles defeat Scorpions in quarter finals, 57-0

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Semi-finals: FC to host Orcutt Academy, Nov. 9 UPDATE: Nov. 8 -- A donor has generously volunteered to pay the entrance fee (ticket) for any FCS student who shows their Fresno Christian ID at the gate for the semi-final football game against Orcutt Academy, Nov. 9. Eagles football entered the post season with a 6-1 [...]

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