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Book review: Almost Midnight

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To “ring in the new year”, the first book that I decided to pick up for 2018 was Almost Midnight by Rainbow Rowell, a book with “two festive short stories” about the new year. Rowell has written other full-length novels including #1 New York Times Bestseller Eleanor and Park, Fangirl, and many others. Mostly known for her enchanting romantic plotlines, Almost Midnight follows a similar pattern.

View from the outside: Phillip Christopher

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It seems like just yesterday, I heard my name announced as I walked across the stage inside Peoples Church sanctuary to graduate from Fresno Christian. It feels like I blinked and in an instant my life jumped forward six months. My first semester at California Baptist University flew by while being overwhelmed with new people, experiences, and challenges.

Sibling Series: Mackenzie and Taylor Beckworth

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Siblings share many similarities, however, some seem very different. From playing video games, watching movies and holding long conversations, Mackenzie and Taylor Beckworth remain very close. Mackenzie Beckworth, ‘21, scores on the volleyball court, performs with the worship team in chapel and pursues her love of music and writing. Taylor Beckworth, ‘23, competes in soccer, sings in the junior high choir and performs in drama class. This year, their grade difference between them keeps the pair from sharing classes and sports. The two share a relationship full of laughter and humor at home.

PROMO: Winter sports rally honors campus athletic teams

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The annual winter sports rally takes place this Friday, Jan. 12., 2:30 p.m. The rally will highlight the winter sports teams including; boy soccer, girls soccer, boys basketball and girls basketball. The rally will include announcements, games and music.

PROMO: Apex fundraiser promotes fitness, leadership, character

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TKs through sixth graders prepare for fun and games as they anticipate the third annual Apex Fun Run. Students come together to learn character lessons and win fun prizes in their classrooms as they await the glow-in-the-dark themed Fun Run on Jan. 18. Apex Fun Run crew arrived on campus on Jan 8, visiting classrooms and teaching core values to the students. They emphasize the acronym UNITED, which stands for being unique, no excuses, inspiring others, being teachable, empathizing, and doing their best. Evan Crayton, an Apex staff member, believes that lessons on character help kids to become better students, athletes, and individuals.

Senior joins soccer team, hopes to make improvements

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The boys’ soccer team hits the field with vigor, beginning with pre-season training, games and even a tournament. Under new coach Garrett Markarian, the boys are determined to improve their league record.

Varsity basketball teams sharpen skills over break

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While the halls of Fresno Christian were quite for three weeks over Christmas break, many Eagle athletes were busy with practices, games and tournaments. Both the boys and girls basketball teams had several games over break. The girls varsity basketball team continued their impressive pre-season over break. The Lady Eagles began Christmas break by taking on the Alpaugh High School, Dec. 21. The Eagles easily won the game with a final score of 68-9.

Join the discussion: Christmas break

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Christmas time is loved as a holiday all around the world whether students love the three-week break given to them during that time or because students love celebrating the birth of Christ into the world. Campus Students from all grades and ages love their different unique traditions and plans for Christmas break. Some plan on taking a break from school and relaxing while others prefer taking a vacation and getting away from Fresno. Classes will resume Jan. 8, 2018. Please share in the comment section below with your Christmas traditions and plans.

From the IT desk: Robert Hyatt

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Director of Technology, Robert Hyatt, assists the school by keeping network infrastructure up to date, managing school devices, guiding teachers through technical problems and maintaining various school websites. Hyatt also assists The Feather in maintaining its website. Feather Staff | The Feather Online Robert Hyatt is the campus director of technology and in his fourth year. However, he originally planned a career as a youth pastor. Hyatt has worked at FC since September 2014 when he found out the position was available. He discusses how he was led to work at Fresno Christian and The Feather.

Valley Dream Center provides aid to community

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There are a variety of charitable organizations in the valley; these organizations range from the Poverello house to Fresno Rescue Mission. Charitable organizations are often an important part of the local community. The Valley Dream Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is “Rescue those with immediate physical needs. Restore individuals and families to health. Equip and Release people into the workplace.” This organization provides an outreach to the community by providing various services such as computer classes, parenting classes, sports programs, medical/dental services, and food distributions along with other free services.

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