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PROMO: 28th annual Grandparents Day, Sept. 20

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Preparations begin as the 28th annual FC Grandparents Day approaches, Sept. 20. Every fall, grandparents experience a day in their grandchild’s life. Students and faculty spend time rehearsing songs, preparing activities and decorating classrooms.

2nd annual Eagle Fest unites FCS community, benefits campus programs

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Eagle Fest returns to the FCS community, Sept. 20. The event introduces food, drinks, and games all to benefit various programs within the school. The first annual Eagle Fest in 2018, welcomed hundreds of students and families. Admission is free, and focuses on bringing together the school with a festival feel and activities. 

Seniors: Applications, tests, deadlines. Oh my!

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In the academic counselor’s office, senior meetings kicked off the 2019-2020 school year. Academic counselor for the past two years, Evangelina Tello guides students of all ages through their high school and junior high careers.  With college application deadlines approaching, Tello advises students to keep deadlines in mind. She also shares the importance of seniors starting and finishing their year strong. The consequences to a poor second semester may result in a rescinded letter of acceptance

Nathan Case shares passion for teaching, influences students

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Transferring from his previous position as a long-term junior high substitute, new biology and zoology teacher Nathan Case looks forward to the 2019-2020 school year. Stepping into his new role on campus, Case strives to influence each class in a positive and encouraging way. During his time in college, Case received an academic scholarship with a baseball scholarship at the end of his freshman year. He accepted the scholarships and followed up the next year at Fresno Pacific University.

Farm Fresh Bowls provides variety of healthy options

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Originating in Visalia, Central Valley restaurant Farm Fresh Bowls moved to Campus Pointe near Fresno State University, Aug. 2016. Located at the end of the popular college strip, Farm Fresh Bowls offers various healthy breakfast and lunch options. Their menu ranges from açaí bowls to salads and seasonal options.  The restaurant provides a spacious atmosphere but includes very limited seating. Finding a table is easy depending on the time of day and day of the week. Saturdays present more of a challenge to find seating, but weekdays have more available space.  

Football kicks year off with 24-0 victory

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Football returns to the field for the 2019 season with a 24-0 victory over Sierra HS, Aug 23. Lead by head coach Russ Counts, the Eagles proved their ability to dominate defensively despite graduating 12 seniors. Seconds into the game, running back Blake Burdan, '20, scored six for the Eagles on a kick-off return. Burdan scored 12 points and earned 50 yards of rushing.

Sports Record Series: Volleyball

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The nets tighten and the courts are prepared as the determination for a winning season grows among the volleyball team. Moving from the West Sequoia League into the East Sierra League, the volleyball team competes for the Valley champions title. The varsity volleyball team begins their season with ten players, consisting of three seniors, five juniors, one sophomore and one freshman. With the team losing five seniors, this season's players prepare to step up and fill the spots left behind.

The Battle of Polytopia shows creativity, strategy through simplicity

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Consisting of strategy, empire building, epic battles, and a touch of humor, “The Battle of Polytopia” exhibits everything I expect from a great game. Created by Midjiwan game developers, Polytopia won the “Excellence in Gameplay” award from the International Mobile Gaming Awards in 2017. When starting a game, players select a tribe, number of tribes they face, and the level of difficulty to play on. Each tribe looks different, and starts with a different tech than the others. Each tech comes from the in-game tech tree. For example, the Bardur tribe starts with the “hunting” tech pre-unlocked, allowing them to convert animals within their territory into population to level up cities.

Students maintain athleticism through off-season training

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Participating in sports requires dedication through training. Training forms the base of playing a sport. A number of athletes believe that practice after school during the season gives them enough; others, however, train during the off-season to constantly improve.Before rushing into off-season training, people should know that it exists so that athletes do not burn out. A sports blog published on Ohio University’s website offers insight on balancing training when not in a sport. The anonymous writer recommends this because playing a sport for too long without rest, results in losing desire to continue.