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Fresno Blossom Trail offers beautiful scenery

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The county of Fresno flaunts its beautiful side of orchards along the Blossom Trail. A 62-mile loop on back roads through a particularly dense region of Central Valley, allows you to see this view; thousands of fruit and nut trees flower with fluttering, lacy petals and aromatic fragrance also line the way.

Lisa Genova educates Fresno audience during SJV Town Hall

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Lisa Genova spoke at the SJV Town Hall about many of the books that she has written throughout her career, April 5. Still Alice raises awareness of Alzheimer's disease To enrich the intellectual perspective of Fresno County, SJV Town Hall began a monthly series of lectures given by a variety of speakers [...]

Roll One For Mi offers affordable prices, good service

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Roll One for Mi is a small sushi joint on the corner of Champlain and Shepherd next to Marble Slab and Jamba Juice. Roll One for Mi isn't the biggest restaurant but does pretty well, it always is pretty busy.

FC choir makes trip to Worldstrides Heritage Festival

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The junior high, concert choir, and ensemble will all be attending the Anaheim Heritage Festival, March 30-April 2. Along with making a trip to the music festival, students will also be spending time in Disneyland.

Students prepare to sell products at annual event

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The annual Econ Fair is one of the most anticipated events of they year. Every year Robert Foshee’s economics class holds the the Econ Fair where a variety of food and other items are sold to the students of FC. They are set up in booths that will hopefully attract students to come and buy their items. Once the event is over, the students reflect on how the event went and count up how much money they made for the item that they sold during the fair. Lots of different items are sold throughout the entirety of the Econ Fair. Food is always among the most popular option for this particular event. Students strategize to get permission to sell food because the fair is during lunch time, hence the advantage goes to the people selling the edible items. Drinks are also a favorite during this particular event. Senior Daniel Walker is prepared to sell milk shakes with his fellow senior partners Zach Passmore and Will Vander Kooi.

Campus hosts annual event, asks for donations

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For forty years now, FCS offered a quality Christian education in a safe and amiable environment, helping raise followers of Jesus Christ to better our community as well as the rest of the world. Every year for the past 34 years FC hosts a dinner auction, the largest fundraiser on campus.

Dave Barry gives insight, entertains through comedy

By | 2017-03-17T19:51:42+00:00 March 17th, 2017|Features, Home Feature 2|

To enrich the intellectual perspective of Fresno County, SJV Town Hall began a monthly series of lectures given by a variety of speakers. This month, Dave Barry, author, columnist and humor writer, was brought to Fresno to share his comedy, humor, and journalism background, March 15.

Elaborate costumes bring Broadway number to life

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Many shows filter in and out of Broadway in New York, moving as fast as the people walking the streets. But, Disney’s The Lion King happens to be a staple show, considered a classic by many. The show first premiered on October 15, 1997 and is still going on strong, with about eight shows a [...]

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