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Profile: Alumni Robbie Hill finds success in theatre

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“He has so many strengths,” Ainley said. “He is a very fine singer and while he was at Fresno Christian he sang in the men's ensemble. He is also a very strong actor, he acted for me starting in the fifth grade and any role I gave him he always did very very well. He has a really larger than life personality so when he is on stage people believe him when he acts. He connects well with the audience and he always puts every bit of effort he has into each role. He is fabulous.”

Students sound off, completing third quarter

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Third quarter, halfway through the second semester and seventy-five percent of the way through the school year. Students looking to graduate after this semester reflect on their previous years of high school. Many seniors may have wished that they could have focused more on studies or vice versa, may believe that they didn't get involved enough in activities at school.

The quest for the perfect street taco

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There are many different types of food in the Fresno area that are popular, such as hamburgers or pasta. But there is nothing that compares to the street taco. I am not talking about the Taco Bell corporate taco. I am talking about the original, food truck, family-made taco.

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