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Charlie Puth contributes refreshing presence to pop music in ‘Voicenotes’

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After the smashing success of songs such as Attention and How Long, Charlie Puth has put out his sophomore studio album, Voicenotes. When comparing his previous album, “Nine Track Mind”, this one is much more original and unique. He applies a unique jazz and funk swagger to his music unlike anything currently on the radio.

Senior Reflection: Matthew Sue

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Life is a series of steps, from one responsibility to another, from one friend to another. Senior Matthew Sue says it is a series of trades and moves. In all these steps there are almost always good things and bad things. Often times with more freedom there comes more work, or as it has been said, "to whom much has been given much is expected." Often times there are steps that are bigger and more important than others and these are often the ones that define us the most.

Brenda Warkentin retires after 34 years of campus service

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As the school celebrates its 41st year of existence, Fresno Christian honors one staff member who faithfully served the school for 34 years. Principal’s assistant Brenda Warkentin reflects on experiences and memories that shaped her today as she is retiring at the end of the school year.

Senior Reflection – Juliana Lozano

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Thirteen years ago, Juliana Lozano walked onto the Northeast Campus of Fresno Christian Elementary School with curly pigtails and an unparalleled excitement. Unbeknownst to me, it would become the place I called home for much of my life. The students and staff welcomed me in like I was a part of their family and this continued throughout my high school career.

Marvel’s Infinity War ties the MCU together

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Most people have either seen or heard of a Marvel movie, whether it is Captain America: Civil War or Black Panther, a lot of people have at least heard of these movies. This is one of the reasons why Marvel’s Infinity War became so popular: this movie is the culmination of over a decade of build-up, including 18 movies.

RECAP: Music department displays talent at annual spring concert

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The Fresno Christian Instrumental Music Department presents “A Night at the Movies”, where the 3rd-12th grade band and percussion members performed songs adapted from movies, May 1. The GL Johnson chapel provided a beautiful space for the music students to present their pieces to their family and friends.

Broadway Aladdin combines theatrical talent with modern comedy

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Performed live in the New Amsterdam Theater on Broadway in New York City; Disney production Aladdin brought a classic story to life using comedy and extravagant actors. Aladdin the Disney movie was originally made in 1992. The musical has been on Broadway for four years since 2014 in the New Amsterdam Theater. The team who made the play has won over 20 Tony Awards in a collective amount.

Theatre Review: Legally Blonde fails to meet expectations

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The movie version, featuring Reese Witherspoon is a well known and classic movie. Unfortunately CMT’s theatre version pales in comparison. From the costumes to the singing the show was a disappointment, even though there wasn’t much to look forward to after seeing Annie in December.

BREAKING: School community comes together for National Day of Prayer, May 3

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Whether opening convocation seems it like happened yesterday or yesteryear, the 2018 National Day of Prayer is here. Grades kindergarten through 12th will meet for the final of two all-school chapels, May 3. FCS has a long-standing tradition of assembling for prayer and worship. As in past years, students, teachers and parents will meet in Peoples Church's main auditorium during normal chapel times for worship and prayer. ASB Chaplain Erin Wilson shares why she anticipates the National Day of Prayer.

The Feather: Digital transformation, Pt. 1

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The NSPA Pacemaker and CSPA Gold Crown winner and nationally ranked online campus newspaper, The Feather Online, has been one of the elite teams in Fresno Christian students’ life. Before the 21st century, The Feather was a printed newspaper on campus. The print edition of The Feather began in 1982, five years after Fresno Christian Schools opened in 1977. Current adviser Greg Stobbe took over The Feather in 1995,and helped direct The Feather print edition until it ceased operations in May 2010, when it solely became a daily online newspaper.

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