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EDITORIAL: Benefits of high school sports

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The player dribbles down the court. Crowds gathered in the stands watch as their team passes and shoots. The ball lands in the hoop and crowds cheer as their team wins the game. High school sports remain vital as they encourage teens to engage athletically with their peers and lead an active lifestyle. Athletic programs encourage students to engage physical activity. Critics of high school sports argue that athletic programs in high school fail to prepare participants for life after graduation. Students gain nothing from the trophies and awards they achieve while playing a sport.    

Boys soccer kicks off under new head coach

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Del Campo plays for the Fresno Foxes, after playing for other professional teams. He looks to further his coaching abilities as the new FC boys soccer coach. From the Fresno FC Foxes comes Ramon Martin Del Campo III. Written by Logan Lewis Del Campo plays for the Fresno Foxes, as well as other professional teams, and is looking to further his coaching abilities as the new FC boys soccer coach.

COLUMN: Spend time with loved ones this holiday season

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November is underway, winter sports are kicking off and Christmas break is just visible over the horizon. As fall ends and the days become shorter, students look forward to the festivities of the holidays and time away from school.

College Corner: UC & CSU application advice

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As Thanksgiving break approaches, it provides a great opportunity for students to take advantage of their free time by dedicating some of it to begin or complete their college applications if they have not already done so. Evangelina Tello recommends seniors apply early in the application process to meet all deadlines. Starting on Nov. 1, the University of California (UC) application opened for students to apply and submit their application to the UC of their choice. Seniors are strongly encouraged not to procrastinate completing their desired applications.

EDITORIAL: Should students be able to evaluate teachers?

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EDITORIAL: Should students be able to evaluate teachers? Student evaluations of their teachers create an official way for students to voice their opinion and help improve the classroom. In universities across the country it is common practice for students to evaluate their teachers after each semester. High school students do not [...]

Richie Cortez discusses playoffs with Anthony Lonardo

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The Fresno Christian Eagles have gone through week one of the playoffs defeating Desert High, 57-0, at home, Nov. 2. This next upcoming game is against Orcutt Academy (San Luis Obispo), Nov. 9. This is the second time these two teams have faced off. In week eight, the Eagles and Spartans went head to head with the Eagles coming out on top, 45-27. Written by Richie Cortez

BREAKING: Boys basketball prepares for 2018-’19 season

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After a long summer of practice and games, the boys' varsity basketball team will try and make a deep playoff run. The Eagles finished last year with an overall record of 12-16 and 3-7 in league play. Written by John Monke.

Sister to Sister develops relationships, builds life skills

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Since 2004, high school and junior high girls gather for the mentoring program called Sister to Sister. This idea started as a peer counseling class when teacher Molly Sargent noticed the difficulties that many junior high girls faced. Her intentions for starting this program was to provide the junior high girls with an older role model and for the high school girls to learn life and communication skills. Written by Megan LeBlanc.

RE/MAX balloon floats Feather journalists over ClovisFest

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Bright patterns, hot flames, and excited first time hot air balloon riders filled the Old Town Clovis Rodeo Grounds for ClovisFest, Oct. 26-28. The few fortunate onlookers invited for a ride on the huge balloons saw a glimpse of Fresno from a birds eye few. Onlookers stared in awe as the balloons lifted into the chilly morning sky. Written by Annaleise Anderson.

California water restrictions impact Central Valley agriculture pt. 2

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In a current interview with local Valley farmer Mark Hutson, who gets his water from Deep Wells and Chowchilla Water District, he shares his information on future water restrictions. Hutson moves on to his thoughts about how over-pumping groundwater in California is nothing new. He believes there is a middle ground to be found in this situation. Westland's website states, "Water deliveries are metered to ensure maximum efficiency is used for every drop of water." “It was observed as far back as the 1920s,” Hutson said. “As a result, the state and federal water projects were designed and built to bring in surface water for farms and over-drafting stopped. In the late 1990s the water contracts were challenged by environmental groups and large amounts of surface water were diverted back to the rivers for the environment. Not surprisingly, over-drafting began again. This time however, more surface water will not be diverted back to the farms.

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