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Jacob Scully leads soccer team at new school

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Moving from Storm Lake, Iowa to Fresno, California, and arriving just before the start of the school year, senior Jacob Scully, captain of the boys soccer team enjoys his last year of playing high school soccer.

COLUMN: Joshua Wilderness Institute

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As second semester starts up, us seniors are constantly thinking about what lies ahead after we graduate. We consider colleges that best fit our interests and intended careers and programs that provide opportunities. Another possibly path to take after high school is a gap year, usually an academic year taken as a break between high school and college. Taking a gap year is another way to provide growth and development to students, and allows them a little more time to figure out what they want to do.

Richie Cortez discusses FC basketball with captain Suky Cheema

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The FC boys varsity basketball team was not off to a hot start at the beginning of the season. Going two for eight in the first part of the season, the varsity team is bouncing back with a nine-game winning streak. Coming off two huge wins against league opponent Laton and non-league opponent Riverdale, the eagles take on another league opponent, Jan. 25.

BREAKING: Winter guard prepares for upcoming show, Jan. 26

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Guard team performs new routine, strives to impress judges Brennen Tozlian, '21, (left to right) Shauna Howard, '20, and Selah Draper, '22, perform last year's Dollhouse winter guard routine at Clovis North, Jan. 28, 2018. As students get back into the groove of the second semester, the campus winter guard prepares [...]

Physical science provides unique outlook on physics 

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Physical science provides a platform for students to learn about physics and chemistry. It gives lessons towards the physical side, allowing high schoolers to participate in experiments and projects. This differs from life sciences such as biology and zoology.

Fikse gears up for final basketball season

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As the court switches from volleyball to basketball, senior Julia Fikse shifts from one sport to the next. Coming out of a 13-2 record on the volleyball team, Fikse stays in the gym to help her basketball team play in the newly joined East Sierra League.

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