Join the discussion: Campus College Fair

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Colleges from all over the country came to FC in hopes to draw students onto their campus. During the fair students talked to college representatives from 27 different schools and received a personal perspective about the programs offered and what it's like to live on campus. Academic advisor Michelle Warkentin organizes these events, which began in 2007. She had colleges from as far as Vancouver, Canada, such as Trinity Western University and Northwestern College in Iowa.

BREAKING: Campus hosts annual college fair, Sept. 19

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Colleges from around the country will be coming to the campus for the annual college fair, Sept. 19. Academic advisor Michelle Warkentin is in charge of this event each year. “I'm excited to see all the colleges come to our campus,” Warkentin said. “It's nice to see all of the colleges that bring their representatives to a private Christian school. This year we're having twice as many schools come to the fair and it's nice to see more and more schools wanting to get involved as each year progresses.

Campus announcements, Sept. 18 – 22, 2017

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The Feather brings its readers weekly FC campus announcements published the first day of each week. This week coverage is from Sept. 18 - 22, 2017. As the sports schedule gets underway, consider supporting JH and HS athletes at our home games. The week's athletic events are listed in the weekly announcements below.

Promo: Monterey Jazz Festival

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The Monterey Jazz Festival is one of the world's largest jazz festivals. Band teacher Lesley Bannister will take high school band students to the festival, Sept. 15. The Monterey Jazz Festival was founded in 1958 by James L. Lyons. He created the festival as a non-profit organization. This year the festival is celebrating its 60th anniversary. There will be 500 artists and over 130 shows over the span of three days, Sept. 15 - 17.  

2017 FC homecoming floats: Freshman

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This year the theme of FC’s homecoming is ‘Homecoming for Humanity,’ Oct. 6. This year floats are focused on nonprofits and the class to raise the most money for their selected organization wins. Leading up to homecoming, The Feather will post updates on the floats from each class. The float themes selected are; freshmen, Miss Winkles, sophomores, Lanna Coffee, juniors, Hume Lake and seniors, Red Cross.

2017 FC homecoming floats: Seniors

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Only four weeks into the school year, students scramble to begin the preparation for one of the most stressful, yet fun weeks in the entire year. It’s homecoming week, and each grade level begins the race to launch preparation of the annual float building contest.  In the end all the development and dedication put into the floats is worth all the madness, and students get to admire the finished product of each others floats. Homecoming this year is scheduled for Oct. 6. Each year a new theme for homecoming is chosen and students are required to build their float according to that particular theme. This year the theme is ‘Homecoming For Humanity.’ Each class picks one non-profit organization to represent with their float. Every year seniors have the luxury of choosing first. They plan on designing a float portraying the American Red Cross.

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