B’nai B’rith awards ceremony recognizes students’ athletic achievements

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Throughout the year, individual student athletes stand out on the field, court, and track. Through scholarships and ceremonies, the Fresno B’nai B’rith Student Athlete Award Program seeks to honor the accomplishments of outstanding senior athletes. For the 68th annual ceremony, senior Alex Rurik was nominated from Fresno Christian for his athletic skills and academic excellence, May 20. Founded in New York in 1843, B’nai B’rith was originally established to create a society that integrated all Jewish immigrants into American life. Since its origination, B’nai B’rith has spread throughout the world, with representation in over 40 countries. The program works to “unite in the work of promoting the highest interests of humanity and the Jews: of developing and elevating the mental and moral character of our people…”.

BREAKING: Seniors honored during 38th annual graduation

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With the school year wrapping up, faculty and students begin to prepare for FCS’ 38th annual graduation. With students accruing over 2.1 million dollars in scholarships, the graduation will send off 41 seniors and 10 “lifers”. Held on the last day of school, graduation will be in the Peoples Church main auditorium, starting at 7 p.m.

PROMO: End of the year dress-up week

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Dress-up days encourage school spirit Zachary Vanderlinden, '23, and elementary Principal Katie Reneau show their homecoming spirit for 'Merica Monday, Oct. 2. The weather heats up, finals pass by, and students begin to think about what summer vacation holds. As plans are set in place and summer fever kicks in, campus [...]

Breaking: Seniors depart for annual senior trip, May 15

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Spending the next couple of days in Southern California, seniors will be embarking on the annual senior trip, May 14. Visiting theme parks and shopping, seniors will be finishing off the year a week and a half earlier than the rest of the student body. Graduation will take place a week after their return on May 23.

Kamryn Schultz receives athletic scholarship for accomplishments

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As the year winds down, more and more organizations are providing scholarships to young students who show potential in different areas of life. The Junior League of Fresno hosts a Senior Girl Athlete banquet every year, choosing young women from different schools in the area to be honored with a scholarship for their accomplishments in athletics, academics and community service.

BREAKING: Final all-school spring choral concert, May 6

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Choir groups perform competition pieces Alina Ochoa, '19 (let to right), Lindsay Weimer, '20, Max Hinton, '22, Braden Bell, '19 and Blake Deffenbacher, '20, display awards the high school choir department has won this year during an April practice. The Fresno Christian choral department will present their spring concert, May [...]

Promo: National Day of Prayer unites school, connects students through Christ

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With the school year finishing up, grades K-12 unite as one student body to celebrate the 2019 National Day of Prayer, May 2. Officially starting in 1952, the day of prayer was signed into law by Former President Harry S. Truman and has been continued since then. The all-school chapel also serves as the end-of-year convocation before school ends on May 23.

PROMO: High school drama presents The Tempest

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Each elective reaches a climax of performance during the school year and for the FC Drama program that is their spring performance of the Tempest. A play originally written by William Shakespeare the drama group decided to take on this beast and perform. The cast will consist of 15 people acting in different roles. The story of the tempest is about a group of people “stranded” on an island and being manipulated by a certain man.

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