HS ensemble, Berean Christian Schools participate in choir exchange

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A choral exchange unites Bellezza ensemble, students of Fresno Christian, and the advanced choir of Berean Christian School, Jan. 16. Gathering together in the music suite, the two choirs learned from each other as they listen to unfamiliar voices and song selections.

Update: ‘Believe More Than Ever’ project

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The Peoples Church (PC) mission statement, “Helping people see God and participate in His redemptive story,” describes why the church decided to begin an extensive building program on the 45-acre campus. The Believe More Than Ever project aims to create a new children's ministry building and relocate the GL Johnson chapel to face N. Cedar Ave.

Local churches, students prepare for winter camp

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Previously a sawmill and logging area, Hume Lake Christian Camps began their journey in 1946 with 670 campers coming up to experience the 320 acre camp for the first time. Over a million young people and adults have experienced the recreation and programming of God through Hume Lake.

Feather continues to compete, looks to engage with community events

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FC progresses into the second semester of the 2018-’19 school year. Students of the journalism program continue to compete in competitions and review judges critiques. The Feather prepares for the annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association and National Scholastic Press Association's conventions that take place March 20-22 and April 25-28, respectively. CSPA judges nominated The Feather Online for a digital crown award. The staff waits to hear from the NSPA association on a potential Pacemaker nomination.  

Recap: Students share Christmas break activities

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On the last day of first semester, students watched the Christmas themed film Elf to celebrate the upcoming break from school. The three week break allows staff and students time to celebrate Christmas and New Years. During break, various teams continued to practice and sharpen skills. Winter athletic teams participated in tournaments including boys and girls soccer and basketball teams.

International students celebrate with Christmas party

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Program coordinator Brooke Stobbe expands student holiday cultural awareness The international students participated in a gift exchange after they finished their meal. In America, once the Christmas season rolls around, people all over the country begin to prepare for the upcoming holiday. At Fresno Christian, when students study abroad in America, [...]

Flu season descends upon the Central Valley

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If you are experiencing a high fever, chills, muscle aches, coughing, congestion, a runny nose, headaches and fatigue, you may have caught the dreaded influenza viral infection. Influenza, the flu, is a contagious respiratory illness. Depending on the year, 5% to 20% of Americans catch the flu each year.

Boys soccer competes in Jim Inglis tournament, Dec. 7-8

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With the soccer season already underway, the FC boys soccer team looks to improve their skills by competing in the Jim Inglis Tournament in Lemoore, Dec. 7-8. The team usually competes in the Bakersfield Garces Memorial Tournament, however, soccer leadership decided to invest in the Jim Inglis Lemoore Tournament. Head of soccer Matt Markarian wanted different types of competition for the team.

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